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  1. Currently flying the 787 once daily YYC-YYZ-YYC YVR-YYZ-YVR and I believe twice weekly YYC-LGW-YYC YYZ-LGW-YYZ Cjet
  2. No we can’t. FMS sequences to the missed after the MAP. F/D guidance is gone as well. Cjet
  3. Only if the MAP is the runway threshold. If the MAP is the threshold we have a VNAV path all the way down. CJET
  4. No Vnav path into TNCM once passed mapon the MAP. At most airports the MAP is the rwy so we have path info right to touch down. MAP TNCM is 2nm from rwy threshold. Lots of opportunity to drift low once vis was restricted.
  5. Yes it does. That would be a 3 day pairing. You could be scheduled to work from Monday morning until 1 am Thursday. That would still be a 3 day pairing.
  6. Currently unpaid. In the past WJ has had 52 hr layovers in Gander and Charlottetown. We might see something similar in Whitehorse. Might also DH in or out on another carrier. We're doing a lot of that this winter. CJET
  7. Alpa submitted the cards to the CIRB today. Vote is on the way. CJet
  8. 767 is in YYZ for training of ground crew and bridging training for CSA's. First revenue flight is tomorrow.
  9. Only 63 percent pass so still a very divided group. TA is better than last one but not where it needs to be. CJET
  10. The issue we had was that there was so much ice on the apron the CSA couldn't bridge the A/C. Took about 45 min with lots of slipping and sliding. The ramp was a real mess. CJET
  11. Yes it was the "Carentee" aircraft Tail 812 CJET
  12. Flew in last night and didn't realize any thing was wrong until we checked in with arrival. His response was you're #1 all star speeds canceled call the field in sight. We were the only one on frequency all the way in. It felt very weird. I'm glad it's back up and running. Cjet
  13. I've had a Big Green Egg for two years and it is simply amazing. It's the only way to BBQ. CJET
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