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  1. WestJet to launch ULCC???

    Alpa submitted the cards to the CIRB today. Vote is on the way. CJet
  2. Westjet 767 Operation

    767 is in YYZ for training of ground crew and bridging training for CSA's. First revenue flight is tomorrow.
  3. Only 63 percent pass so still a very divided group. TA is better than last one but not where it needs to be. CJET
  4. Yyz Gong Show

    The issue we had was that there was so much ice on the apron the CSA couldn't bridge the A/C. Took about 45 min with lots of slipping and sliding. The ramp was a real mess. CJET
  5. Yes it was the "Carentee" aircraft Tail 812 CJET
  6. Westjet inbound from Bermuda Cjet
  7. Flew in last night and didn't realize any thing was wrong until we checked in with arrival. His response was you're #1 all star speeds canceled call the field in sight. We were the only one on frequency all the way in. It felt very weird. I'm glad it's back up and running. Cjet
  8. 2011 Summer BBQ thread

    I've had a Big Green Egg for two years and it is simply amazing. It's the only way to BBQ. CJET
  9. Sunwing

    Sorry yul07. I didn't realise that you had clipped that article from somewhere else. CJET
  10. Sunwing

    yul07, I know you are frustrated about your trip but before you start calling people liars make sure you have your facts strait. I know for a fact that the runway was closed for maintenance that night of your flight. Both Skyservice and Sunwing were working very hard to arrange for the airport to be open when you arrived. The Skyservice pilot was assured he would be allowed to land. That is why he boarded everybody and went and got de-iced. It was only then that he was informed by his operations that the rwy would remain closed. I hope the rest of your trip was great. CJET