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  1. I think I was listening to that Twin Otter when he gave a status report on 5281 KHz. I seem to recall a report about the condition of the airframe and the people. This was followed by the "OAT is reading -37 C and the airspeed is reading [ I think it was ] 55 knots, and they are both working!" I was glad I wasn't on board.
  2. Long story short...back in the late '80s we were enroute westbound about 35 east of YQT at night. I spotted a rather bright 'star' at 10 o'clock, low on the horizon. And then another, very close to it. I mentioned it to the rest of the crew. Then we realized it/they were moving. Captain asked ATC if there was any traffic there and we got a negative. By this time we could see there were about a dozen objects from pinpoint lights all the way to some glowing puff balls leaving incandescent trails. They were headed northeast. Empress behind us commented that they had it in view as well and
  3. Don, I think this topic merits it another thread all of its own but I will make an initial, off the cuff comment. I think the first tragedy hinges around corporate values and liability, the image of a company and the damage that image has received. The other works around various facets of a national belief system and the values it places on societal responsibility and a host of other limiting dogmas.
  4. Hi Kip, Took the package they offered 12 years ago this month. It was a good move and I am doing things I never had time for. Glad you are enjoying your retirement.
  5. CF-DQQ....an old Fleet 80 Canuck registration. I wonder what it will end up on next. Hope it is not a MAX.
  6. The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon, MB has a number of Anson trainers and Cranes. One Crane is called 'Stubby', and is for people to climb in and get an onboard experience. The other is partially restored and awaiting funds to complete the job. We have six flying trainers which are available for rides; Harvard MkII, Fairchild (Fleet) Cornell, DH82A and DH82C Tiger Moths and a Stinson HW75. Our extremely rare Fleet Finch I (16R) is near completion of its total rebuild and will be available this summer. We also have the only memorial in Canada to those who went thr
  7. I remember talking to mtc in WG where they did the heavy checks. The initial thoughts were the A320 was 'disposable' as it was built too lightly. When they started doing the H checks, they found less cracking, less corrosion and a much better designed and built airplane. While they have had their issues, they are nothing compared to the lipstick on the pig we are seeing with the '37.
  8. Just in case you would like to see the text exchange... https://www.npr.org/2019/10/18/771451904/boeing-pilots-detected-737-max-flight-control-glitch-two-years-before-deadly-cra
  9. When the DC-10 was being pressure tested a lower cargo door blew open. The floor then collapsed on the flight control cables. This failure chain had been predicted by the subcontractor who was involved in the fuselage build. It was also predicted this would result in the loss of the aircraft. We all know how this ended.
  10. The de-icing inspector should read the "No Step" where he has his right foot!
  11. Regarding the DC-10. There was an excellent book in the '80s called Destination Disaster. Despite the overly dramatic title, I think it was a well researched examination of the development of the DC-10. For example, before the fuselage was built, the subcontractor challenged Douglas on the design of the control runs, predicting that a lower lobe depressurization would jam the flight controls. They were told to build it as drawn. The first test article was pressure tested outside the factory. A lower cargo door blew open and the floor collapsed on the flight controls. It got certified ...
  12. Thanks for posting this Greg, and Kip, thanks for taking your new FOs to the graves. This is how we show respect. My aunt's brother was on that flight and I remember hearing the story when I was growing up. I will pass this on to my cousin. In my memory the crash happened at Christmas, but obviously not. I used to work in the islands and can appreciate the conditions up there. Fortunately we had good equipment and a company which did not push wx.
  13. Regarding the cockpit section. If you go back and have a look at the Comet, they are very similar. Interesting how things can come around again.
  14. I find this an interesting site as well. They are getting about 90 g in these gliders. http://rcspeeds.com/pilotslist?t=bd
  15. I hope if any of our regulars are at the commemoration they will post about the ceremony. Some of our retirees are in the replicas flying over the site and I am sure it is going to be very impressive. It has taken a great deal of effort to get them there and I wish we were seeing more about it.