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  1. You Have A Need For Speed?

    I find this an interesting site as well. They are getting about 90 g in these gliders. http://rcspeeds.com/pilotslist?t=bd
  2. I hope if any of our regulars are at the commemoration they will post about the ceremony. Some of our retirees are in the replicas flying over the site and I am sure it is going to be very impressive. It has taken a great deal of effort to get them there and I wish we were seeing more about it.
  3. Space Physics Question

    At main engine cut-off the shuttle is on a suborbital trajectory, along with the tank. About 30 minutes later the tank is released and the shuttle orbital maneuvering engines are fired to raise the trajectory of the shuttle. The tank remains on the suborbital trajectory which puts it back into the atmosphere. As the tank heats up the contents cause it to burst which leads to an explosion which reduces the size of the bits. Good question, and thanks to Wiki for the answer!
  4. 47th Anniversary - One small step...

    Last year, my daughter's boy friend, an engineer, saw my whiz wheel. He was really interested in it, found the manual online and quickly learned to use it. So, I pulled out my old slide rules from school days and he was quick to pick up on how they worked as well. Glad to see that not all 'young people' are unable to adapt their knowledge to make use of the tools which we thought were state of the art half a century ago. I still wish I had learned how to use an abacus!
  5. 47th Anniversary - One small step...

    Back in the '90s I visited the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall. A pair of exhibits which impressed me the most were also the most basic. They had the slide rules which Wernher von Braun and his Soviet counterpart had used. The basic calculations for putting the men on the moon and bringing them back was done on the slide rules, the details were then worked out on computers.
  6. Are You This Brave?

    I was told the Canadian crew who armed it won the competition on 'time' or whatever the points criteria were. The local minders did not think the Canucks were capable of doing the job properly and did not bother to put in the slewing factor to create the miss. When the thing was fired the Canadians proved they were sharper than had been thought. Touche.
  7. Along with the 'lawyer' who withheld the hidden tapes.
  8. Mitch, Sorry to hear your life has taken an unexpected turn. I have always enjoyed your posts on here and you have earned my respect over the years. That will not change. I have not always agreed with everything you have said, but you usually bring a refreshing perspective to things. Keep enjoying what you can do and please keep up your presence on the forum. Peter
  9. Personalized Licence Plates

    You Got it Kip. It helps to look in the rear view mirror sometimes! First on I ever saw was in LA: 02BNLUV and cruising down the Santa Monica Blvd. on a sunny day. Regarding CZI, I am not sure if someone gave it to his significant other or the person was doing a self definition.
  10. Personalized Licence Plates

    Try the north central States airways chart for the short one.
  11. Personalized Licence Plates

    Back to vanity plates, I have seen a few good ones. One that I enjoyed out in BC was quite simple: CZI another was: 3M TA3 Have some fun with the last one.