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  1. Just to clarify. The stabilizer brake is actually two independent brake systems to hold the stabilizer in place. Either one can hold the stabilizer in its trimmed position. If they both were to fail without pilot intervention (holding the trim wheel) air loads could drive the stabilizer to its mechanical stops. Main electric trim can resist this motion, but control column opposition (elevator) will make the condition worse. MCAS does not affect this brake system. The MCAS disables the control column actuated cutout switches which stop operation of the main electric and autopilot trim when control column movement opposes trim direction.
  2. - I don't believe the auto pilot could have been engaged with a faulty stall warning -the control column (not the pickle switches) activated stabilizer cutout switches are on the MAX (control column movement opposite of trim direction) and will stop operation of the main electric and autopilot trim but is inhibited during MCAS operation of the trim - the Stab Trim override switch on the centre console when positioned to OVRD overrides the control column activated stabilizer cutout switches - the pickle switches actuate the trim motor through the main elec stab trim circuit - the auto pilot uses the auto pilot stab trim circuit - either of the STAB TRIM PRI and STAB TRIM B/U cutout switches will disconnect both the main and autopilot electric trim inputs to the stabilizer trim motor (different than the NG) - extreme cases of mis-trim may require the efforts of both pilots on the trim wheel and/or aerodynamic unloading to trim manually - last memory item on the Runaway Stabilizer QRC for pretty much all 737's is Grasp and Hold the trim wheel if the runaway continues after the Stab Trim Cutout switches have been positioned to cutout. All the switches just provide electrical commands to the trim motor. The cutout switches just cut these electrical connections off so I'm guessing the last memory item is in the event of the motor somehow being powered even though all switch connections have been terminated but that's just a WAG.
  3. Wonder if in the heat of the moment the guards were flipped without the switches actually being moved
  4. The MCAS trim inputs can be stopped and reversed with the pickle switches but may restart 5 seconds after the switches are released.
  5. Either raw out the dumps or burned out the tailpipe. Either way is an environmental consideration
  6. So sorry to hear of your loss Kip
  7. "WestJet issued an apology to her, and Herrem said the company told her it would do an internal investigation and implement training for the future." Apparently Paul Hogan is coming up to conduct the training