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  1. Mitch and I have had our differences but I think it's a shame for him to leave. One thing I do know from experience (on another webboard) is that it is very difficult to be an unbiased moderator and an active member of the same forum. You become a large target for anyone that wants to push the boundaries of the forum rules and disagrees with positions or comments you make in a non-moderator role. I wish you well Mitch, whatever you decide to do.
  2. If I understand it correctly you can do it. You will need to Jailbreak your iPad, this installs a program called Cydia. It is easier if you have an iPhone but can be done with Blackberries. Check this out: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=923503&highlight=blackberry
  3. When Rogers announced it's data plans on Apples site there was a brief period of time when the option to add the iPad to your current data plan was available. Within 24 hours it had been deleted from Apples website and the Rogers people were in full damage control saying it was an error and Apple should not have shown it on their website. There was a lot of initial excitement as this was an option many were looking for, but in typical Rogers fashion it is never about what the customers want. Bell was late with it's offers and just mirrored Rogers plans. There is however a workaround in which you "jailbreak" your iPad (hack Apple's lock on accessing the bootrom) and then you can tether over bluetooth to certain smartphones. It works best with Iphones but there are instructions floating around the interent for using other phones such as Blackberries. I've looked over those instructions and it can get pretty involved. You can find more info here if you want to go that route. http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/ I've heard that the 3g iPads go through data plans much more quickly than smartphones so your 500mb may not go far. Regarding the ibooks question, I've yet to see that option available anywhere. I too would like a hard copy to go along with the digital one.
  4. The IBooks store went live last week, but the first 3 books I searched for weren't available. Hopefully, as you say they get decent content. I've been more successful with Kobo as well.
  5. As far as Travel apps go you might want to check out these. Zagat- for reviews and ratings on places nearby. ICurrencyPad- for currency exchange. ( I prefer it over XE Currency) Kayak- search app for hotels, car rentals, flights. Urbanspoon- for ratings and location of nearby restaurants. Translator- type in sentences and choose the language you want to translate it to. OpenTable- restaurant reservations. Mapstogo- download maps of your destination. (good for wifi only iPad) I have also loaded Air Canada's, Accorhotels, and Hilton and Hampton Inn's a free apps. I haven't been away yet with my iPad but have used all these apps to help with my travel plans for my vacation next month. I've been getting 10+ hours out of my battery consistently since I got it on launch day after the initial drain 100% and charge fully. You also might want to check out these: Beat the Traffic --free Weather HD -- 99cents Weatherbug --free Tunein Radio -- 1.99 NPR, CNN, BBC News, Huffington Post -- all free NFB (National Film Board) -- free News Pro (Thomson Reuters news)-- free Epicurious -- free Skype -- works with the built in mic for cheap voip calls -- free Google Earth -- free IMDb -- movie reviews and trailers -- free Solar Walk and Star Walk are two paid apps well worth it for "cool" factor. As an FYI you can now use Itunes gift cards to purchase apps as well as movies and music. (up until last month you could only buy movies and music with them in Canada) Enjoy your iPad. Make sure you get a good case for it. Do you have the 3g or wifi only?
  6. It is not our business. You do not require our agreement. Next time though don't bother offering explanations for the curious if you don't want to accept any feedback and instead attack the poster ("you may have a problem").
  7. Then I am mistaken, I apologize. I thought that when I signed up for this site I had to enter my name and then choose my login name. I do know that when I donated that info was provided, thank you for clearing that up for me and others. All that being said, if anyone has an issue with something I've said here and wants to know who I am, there is the pm function.
  8. 1. I'm sure a warning was given. 2. Why? Admin knows everyone's real names. They can provide it if needed by outside authorities if the issue requires it. 3. Done. Some people don't want their real names posted on the internet where technologies exist to scan/phish/collect that info so they use a nom de plume. There is a pm function if you really feel the need to ask someone's real name.
  9. So your comment wasn't a shot at zipped? I would say Archie Bunker is generally thought of as a bigot. Here's my opinion Mitch, your full of it. It was a shot. And now some rightie commentary. In my opinion there is a decided "political left leaning" of the majority of members here and anytime someone from the right makes a comment that is at odds with those left leanings they are pounced upon. Just as you did with your Achie Bunker shot. Not everyone wants to move to the Left Coast, buy some Birkenstocks, hug a tree and sit around the campfire every night singing Kumbayah while toking on Kelowna Gold. But those that do are free to express their opinions and hopefully take advantage of the great transportation systems provided in this country to achieve their Nirvana post haste. Enjoy what's left of your weekend folks.
  10. Canadian Newswire June 7 2010 0800edt Newsflash After the recent failed attempt to unload the money-losing airlines stock on an unsuspecting public, Porter Airlines (PAH) is now seeking a partnership with Westjet (WJA) of Calgary by soliciting on internet bulletin boards.
  11. Didn't take long for you Porter folk (please don't insult us anymore with this innocent bystander crap) to start shopping it around looking for a buyer/partner.
  12. The Ipad is sold unlocked everywhere. In Canada, Rogers currently offers no contract monthly data plans and there is nothing from stopping any other provider from doing the same as long as they provide the micro-sim card. The current Canadian marketplace is beginning to open up slightly with Wind and Mobilicity now begging to offer some (slight) competition to Rogers and Bell. I don't see an end to the obscene 3 year locked in cell phone plans for a long time though.
  13. I just found this article and began wondering what the pilot's amongst us think about the Ipad as an electronic flight bag. Are laptops used in this roll anywhere? Seems the Ipad might be an alternative if so. http://www.tuaw.com/2010/05/17/ipads-on-the-virtual-flight-deck/
  14. No that can't be it. No airline would allow one of it's top exec's to come on an aviation forum and spew a stream of caustic remarks, personnel attacks and downright arrogance.
  15. And how are we going to find that out?
  16. I agree, I've been looking for his spin, uh, um, I mean his take on the results myself.
  17. Hey Bean, this clown is starting to sound like you did way back in the good ole days before you were Bean. "Mr. Bean, I like you, you amuse me" No offence meant. This troll isn't going to dispute your numbers, it's just trying to convince some (perhaps itself as well) that the IPO is a good buy and also massage that huge chip on it's shoulder from bygone days about AC ops at YTZ.
  18. It's seems obvious MD2 has some connection with Porter as an employee of some sort. He/she is not able to provide any kind of argument to show that Porter can be profitable going forward given the numbers dissected from the IPO. Heck, maybe it is even Deluce himself as it has been known for airline exec's to frequent the AEF to troll the competition. I guess the world has been put out by head office- "get out there and sell this damn IPO"
  19. This is the only part of your whole rant I agree with. If you are so sure of the IPO being a success dispute the numbers rather than constantly making personnel attacks and dredging up old cliche phrases about other airlines. You haven't given any substantive proof that Porter can operate profitably. All you provide is media hype, personnel views and abusive attacks against others in an attempt to pump up the IPO.
  20. Skyline, thanks for yet another one of your "AC is finished" posts.
  21. Or perhaps it is a Then again perhaps Albertans just prefer to complain that they don't get direct flights overseas rather than take advantage of those direct flights when they are offered. As Spock once said: "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical; but it is often true." (the Spock quote is for the benefit of any of the board members that live in or near Vulcan Alberta, recently visited by Leonerd Nimoy. Live Long and Prosper)
  22. Now look who's drinking the kool-aid. A fool and their money are soon parted.
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