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  1. Notwithstanding, the views of a single anonymous person posting a diatribe on YouTube does nothing to sway my opinion. Even if he really is an Egyptian, I have as much right to speak for Canada or Protestants as The Pharaoh has for Muslims or Egypt... probably more. At least I don't hide behind a handle that hides my identity. A YouTube video doesn't make someone smart or right.
  2. Found the link on YouTube directly and indicated it above. I was concerned that the original address was a spoof.
  3. Link isn't a link, DEF. But, in addition, it has a funny URL. Instead of, it is Personally, I wouldn't load or click a link a site that appeared to try to spoof a legit site. See my message below before clicking on Kip's embedded link. Not sure why it is showing up as above. The link directly to YouTube is
  4. I still don't understand why news agencies continue to feed the hope of infamy for future terrorists by repeating the names and showing the photos of the cowards who carry out these acts. I can understand it up to the point of capture or death of this scum so that either of those conditions may be effected, but after that, they should be relegated to anonymity, not made heroes of. Much of the inspiration for terrorist acts (whether religious or random) is the desire to become famous. Take that away, and at least some of them would go away. In the case of Germanwings, the copilot even tol
  5. It was GWB's "liberation" of Iraq that gave ISIS the foothold that they needed to get started. ISIS wasn't even on the radar in 2001. As is often the case, "hundreds of millions of dollars worth" of advanced military equipment left behind in the hands of "friendlies" by the US in Iraq came to be used by the enemy (ISIS) as Sunni areas fell to ISIS, supported by Iran due to their forced isolation. The isolation of Iran and Syria that was initiated by the US caused them to have nothing to lose and the hatred of the US that ensued encouraged them to support (or at least not oppose) IS
  6. While I disagree with the concept, if any group should have a modicum of support for it, it should be us .... Think of the potential increase in air traffic if all the rich people gave money to those who could not afford to travel (or had wasted their money on other things). . Think about how it would help our economy if people who wanted something just had someone else who had earned the money pay for it. Oh.... we already have that... it's called the NDP. Nevermind.
  7. DEF, Islamic women in Canada have as much legal control over what they wear as Mennonite or Hutterite women or men wear or what Sikh or Jewish men wear. In all of these religions, there are norms and expectations as to clothing and coverage based on religious and social tradition. It is up to the individual, from a legal perspective, as to what they want to wear and whether they accept their particular slice of society's norms. There are familial consequences for not obeying your spouse or your parents based on their expectations. Some would just rather follow their family's guidanc
  8. Well, Kip, thank you for your service. If you want to call that patronizing, then so be it. Notwithstanding, having been "in" it doesn't mean that your opinion counts any more than mine or that it is right or that you love this country more than me. It also doesn't give any individual the right to define what values the flag stands for. The flag stands for the values contained in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We just can't choose to make up new ones or exceptions to that document. Virtually every modern society stands for the same values contained in it so it can't be that wrong. I
  9. I feel very strongly about our flag, too, Kip, but I feel more strongly about the values that it represents than any physical piece of cloth. If someone desecrates the Canadian flag, I will defend it up to the point of where the values that it represents are not compromised. No further. For if one crosses that line, they, themselves no longer deserve to call it theirs. The Canadian flag stands for many very good things... tolerance, acceptance, freedom from persecution, freedom from prejudice, freedom of religion, fairness, the rule of law... I'm not suggesting that you are doing this bu
  10. In that post, there are examples where maybe a dozen individuals are burning flags (I didn't bother counting). It does not mean that the majority of Muslims hate other countries or the west in general. I would guess that many are standing by, saying nothing, because they are afraid to stand up against what appears to be an overwhelming opinion. The fact is that, if people like me and Boestar didn't speak up against the generalizations presented here that lead to racism, someone reading this board would think that we were ALL a bunch of Muslim haters.
  11. I wouldn't have to be an apologist if there wasn't those who want to incite hate and fear and promote bigotry by presenting rhetoric and selective evidence to bring a bad light against a largely peaceful and law abiding people. I don't defend the individuals who perpetrate crimes and use a radical interpretation of a religion as an excuse to do so. But neither do I suffer those who would use people's religion to incite hate in the hopes that I might prevent others from falling into the trap. Generally, moderate people try to avoid the confrontation so it appears on the surface that they a
  12. Ok, I was wrong. There have been some beheadings in the west. There have been some by non-muslims, too. We could go back and forth on this forever. Many of the people in these examples are native born in the country of commission so are not part of the feared cohort of immigrants. Most of them would be considered mentally deficient or insane and clearly misinterpreted the intent of Islam or there would be thousands of these killings by the faithful followers of Muhammed. How do we explain the low numbers if it is every Muslim's requirement to kill the infidels? This is a list of 11 c
  13. Maverick, None of those atrocities that you point out can be singled out as belonging to Muslims alone. Gang rapes have occurred in every war. I don't know of any Muslim gang rapes in any western nation other than the groping that occurred in Germany. Gang rapes have occurred in recent years in India and lots occur every year in the US perpetrated by 'educated' college males. In 2010, there was almost 200,000 rapes in the US. Over 50% of gang rapes in the US are perpetrated by groups within fraternities. Many ethnic groups exercise their own "laws". I grew up in Hamilton and there w
  14. I'm starting to see your point of view, DEFCON. I found the following passages that show the violence of the Quran. I shall terrorize the [heathens]. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them, because they oppose Muhammed and his apostle. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. Who so fighteth in the way of Muhammed, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward. I decided to order a man to lead the prayer and then take a flame to burn all those, who had no
  15. After his flight (al-hijra) from Mecca in 622 Mohammad with his followers settled in Yathrib, subsequently renamed Medina al-Nabi ('City of the Prophet') where he managed to draw up a 'social contract',[18] widely referred to as the 'Constitution of Medina'.[19] This contract, known as the Leaf (ṣaḥīfa) upheld the peaceful coexistence between Muslims, Jews and Christians, defining them all, under given conditions, as constituting the umma, or community of that city, and granting the latter freedom of religious thought and practice.[20] Yathrib/Medina was not homogeneous. Alongside the 200 odd
  16. Clearly, banks like to make money, not lose it; and they seem to be doing very well at it. If they are scattering credit cards around and putting up with some people not paying off their big screen TV purchases, then they must have data that shows that that strategy makes a profit. For every guy that defaults, they probably only need 10 that carry a small balance every month and pay the ransom in interest charges to offset him. At the 25%+ interest that they charge, they only need 4 to carry the equivalent balance of a TV for a year to pay off the loss from a default. In addition, th
  17. Who says that you have to have political/economic credentials to be a good leader? Donald Trump proves every day that all you have to do is surround yourself with bright, motivated people who act rationally and respect the power of free speech and democracy. NOT!
  18. Without drawing any conclusions one way or the other, it would seem to make sense for a group so highly set on the rights of the individual to wait until the allegations are proven before demanding that other individuals pay consequences.
  19. It would be interesting to determine how many actual dollars in Canada the 40 Porter orders are worth. I would suggest that, due to the manufacturing processes involved, most of the parts would be made in other countries with final assembly and whatever profit is generated occurring in Canada. Of course, at least some of BBD is held out of the country, so that money is exported as well. So, the question is, is there enough dollars generated by the Porter order to justify the cost of expansion of the runway and loss of value of local real estate (whether the noise issue ... in terms of vol
  20. This has been suggested (by me) to Nav Canada, the Minister of Transport and TC for all 4 quadrants. Nav Canada holds all the cards and refuses to look at it. The savings would be in excess of $40 million per year as, not only would it reduce track miles by 7, it would also allow departures enough room to climb directly to altitude rather than having arrivals level at 8 and departures level at 7 for 12 miles. In addition, this would increase safety by removing the potential of altitude overshoots causing loss of separation. YYZ is one of 3 airports in the top 25 airports in the world th
  21. Missing DH's valuable input. We seemed to lose him a couple of months ago.
  22. There is no doubt there is fraternization and even some aggressive behaviour occurs between employees at any company, airline or not. The issue in this case is how the employer handled it when it was reported. It would appear, in this case, that the young lady decided to press the issue with the company only after finding out that the company was covering up her case and others, then decided to go to a lawyer after she was fired with little cause. I would suggest that she didn't react as you characterize it at all.
  23. According to the Huffington Post, Canada's rich are paying less than the US's rich. I found the following interesting. It's for higher earners, but remember that higher income Canadians pay a higher proportion than lower income. It is probably close to that in other countries. For the $400,000 example here, Canadians would now pay an additional net 2% and be slightly more taxed than the UK (assuming that the UK hasn't raised any taxes in the last couple of years). Bottom line... Canadians are within about 4% of the average of most of the G7 (at least at this tax bracket). And remem
  24. Agreed. People and businesses even give currency status to BitCoin, not issued by any government, having no inherent value and "mined" by people with nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer. Beyond its manufacturing and jewelry value, most gold is held as an investment. In 1999 the price of gold was under C$400. in recent years, it has been as high as almost C$1900 and is currently trading at about $1700. The combination of the price of gold and the US exchange makes it a very good sell in Canada right now... even better back in 2011-2012. I don't know about you guys, but I l
  25. It would appear that the US carriers are planning more for Cuban-American customers than they are for traditional sun-seekers .