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  1. Dropzone, I know of one 777 Skip for AC that made 380,000 on the T4....saw it "blink blink" with my own two eyes. Cheers
  2. "Regardless, AC is looking like one of the Big 3 and WJ looks like a Honda plant." Honda? Sorry not quite there yet more like a discount version like Kia or Hyundai. Nothing wrong with that just not the success and class that a Honda has.
  3. Dagger , I feel you should lighten up on these two here. I have noticed the same type of negative slander whenever I am on a YVR layover and visit three buddies from college who are now poster waving, cardholding ,members of the low cost crowd. Something that is common from all three is the letter of rejection from Canada's only major airline. Growing up in Canada many young pilots could only dream of a job as the selection process was tough. Their airline is profitable, healthy and for the time being a media "darling" yet want to spend the night slagging Air Canada rather than talking about how great their job is. Might be something to do with the 24 hour layover in Vancouver after coming home on the triple 7 from Australia.
  4. WestJet stock drops after it says it will feel economy's pinch THE CANADIAN PRESS March 04, 2009 CALGARY - WestJet Airlines Ltd. (TSX:WJA) stock fell Wednesday after the company announced the weak economy and effect of competition on ticket prices will have an impact on it first-quarter results. The company's shares closed down 71 cents or about six per cent Wednesday at $11.24. They had been as low as $10.60 earlier in the session. For the month of February, the airline increased revenue passenger miles 5.5 per cent over February 2008 while available seat miles, a measure of fleet capacity, rose 5.7 per cent. February load factor, a measure of how much of the available capacity was used, dipped slightly to 82.6 per cent from 82.8 per cent, the Calgary-based airline said Wednesday. "Our strong load factor is, in part, a reflection of our strong growth into Mexico and the Caribbean," Sean Durfy, WestJet president and CEO, said in a statement. "Our international expansion and continued focus on transborder routes are key to driving the success of our strategic plan." However, Durfy also said the "pricing environment has not improved" and WestJet expects to see a 10 to 12 per cent decline in revenue per available seat mile in the first quarter. WestJet said its available seat miles in February increased to 1.35 billion from just under 1.27 billion, while revenue per passenger mile increased to 1.116 billion from 1.058 billion. "This decline reflects current economic challenges, the aggressive competitive pricing we have faced and the shift of Easter to the second quarter in 2009. We are seeing cost relief, due primarily to declines in fuel costs, that is helping to partially offset the decline in RASM," Durfy said. Compared with the first quarter of 2008, crude oil prices - which affects the cost of jet fuel - have fallen to about US$44 a barrel currently from about US$102 a year ago. Meanwhile, Air Canada (TSX:AC. reported a February load factor of 80.7 per cent, up from 79.5 per cent a year ago, as the airline cut capacity. Canada's largest airline cut the number of available seat miles by 11.1 per cent compared with a year ago, while traffic dropped 9.8 per cent. "Capacity adjustments are on track and we continue to follow the market closely, fine tuning capacity as required," Air Canada president and chief executive Montie Brewer said. Regional carrier Jazz (TSX:JAZ.UN), from which Air Canada purchases regional capacity, reported a load factor of 69.6 per cent, down from 76.4 per cent. Capacity at the regional carrier was cut 9.7 per cent, while traffic fell 17.7 per cent. Air Canada class B shares closed up nine cents at 90 cents on the Toronto Stock Exchange, while Jazz Air Income Fund units closed up 28 cents at $4.05
  5. "Maybe be the ex-Air Ontario pilots...." When I was at the feeder years ago getting a Captain to pay for a F/O's beer was a miracle.
  6. For the most part I have never seen both airlines staying in the same hotels, I could be wrong but usually AC's choice is not a Best Western. On a side note, in Winnipeg I they built a big new Sandman that Westjet had been inquiring about rooms for crews. Cheers
  7. "I was surprised to find out that both CAE and Bombardier have a no Air Canada policy. Travel is booked on any carrier but AC" Hogwash!!!!! My brother is a design engineer for Bombardier and will almost always fly Air Canada. In Canada you can't beat the service and schedule that AC offers in J-class. Going overseas you might have more of a choice but for someone leaving Montreal and flying to Vancouver it's critical part of your day to get some work done. His other option is the middle seat dodging the toilet paper roll. ( )
  8. I agree with Dagger that the complexities of the operation at Air Canada being a major airline is a little different that a straight up comparison to a low cost carrier.
  9. Simple question, was on the AC travel site and was wondering can I book a trip for my parents on the Air Canada Vacations employee page? Anyone?
  10. I heard from someone who mentioned it's not the number of actual seats but the certified amount i.e. E-190 carries 93 certified to 110. So basically the 190 is in the CRJ 100/200/705 is out. And by the first quarter of 2008 the last of the 190's will be here totalling 45 with 15 E-175 making a grand total of 60.
  11. "Has there ever been a regional carrier that made it "on their own."" "GX" Before I left Jazz for the mainline I attended one of the roadshows the Mr. Randal was giving across the country during the merger. One pilot questioned him about merging two profitable regional's (Nova and Air Ontario ) with two very questionable ones. He mentioned although Air Ontario was showing a profit they were a very centralized regional with one fleet type no expansion plans or new routes and very small compared to the likes of CRA. He also mentioned that AC lost confidence in the airline after the Dryden crash regarding operating any jet equipment. I just remember GX being this little company, so how big were they?
  12. "ALPA has decided to move on after global solution has failed. Perfect timing for "the race to the bottom 2009". Me thinks that the Jazz group will have more to consider come 2009 or maybe even 2015 when then end of the capacity purchase agreement arrives. Jazz flying into headwinds Leonard Zehr, June 7, 2007 at 1:58 PM EDT Jazz Air Income Fund could face headwinds next year when rate negotiations begin with Air Canada to cover the 2009-11 period. An existing capacity purchase agreement (CPA) with Air Canada now transfers a significant amount of operating risk from Jazz to Air Canada, “generating healthy enough margins to support Jazz’s distribution” to unitholders, according to Scotia Capital analyst James David. He figures Jazz’s current distributions are relatively safe for 2007 and 2008. But the “integrity of these distributions could be at risk when rate negotiations with Air Canada get under way next year,” which could render “the investment story unattractive,” he writes. The current CPA was put in place by ACE Aviation Holdings Inc. to maximize the value of the Jazz spinoff, he argues. But with ACE winding down and the federal government’s dismantling of the income trust sector, “Air Canada will have absolutely no incentive to continue rewarding Jazz unitholders with the equivalent of up to 15 per cent of Air Canada’s normalized annual [capital spending].” Mr. David also lowered his estimates for Jazz’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and rent (EBITDAR), reflecting “less aggressive assumptions for Jazz’s margin on scheduled flights revenue,” which reduced his target price to $8.50 from $9. And a lower implied rate of return prompted a Jazz downgrade to “sector underperform” from “sector perform.” The units are trading at $8.57 on the TSX Thursday, down 14 cents or 1.6 per cent
  13. I used to be pretty adamant about having both sides sing the same song but as the years go by it just get's less and less important to me. Maybe because I have been on the "other" side now for a few years. I did keep in touch with a few of my old Jazz cohorts and they kept me abreast of the "Global" talks, but it's been quite some time since anything new or productive has come out. And didn't one of the Jazz CRJ Captains on their global solution committee see the writing on the wall that nothing was going to happen and jumped ship like only five months ago? Anyways, good luck to all involved.
  14. It was told to me by one of my former co-workers at Jazz that the union was 100% against any idea of a cadet training program for it would cause the workload of the Jazz Captains to increase and unless monetary rewards are passed to the pilots then they say no. So my friend mentions that the company throws a figure like 15% increase for Capt/ 1.5 - 3.5% for FO's, if this is true god help us all.
  15. When installing the Air Canada FMGS freeplay cd -rom for the Airbus I get an Error 7. Hardlock not found. Just wondering if anyone came across this as well. And if any computer Wiz's out there could lend a help. I get the same message on both my desktop and laptop. Thanks
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