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  1. 10 years for me since last flight. Don't miss the airline one bit.
  2. Sounds like my old company AC explaining why they did not make any money, so no raises.
  3. Stayed in the Playgreen Inn and even managed to get barred from pub for being very silly and a tad drunk. Great times up there.
  4. James... Is that you Jack of Norway House fame?
  5. Psst...I have some AC shares to sell...Please don't tell anyone...I got more money from my empty beer bottles... I'll never learn...
  6. Never even heard of the Canadian Federal Pilots Association. Who and what are they? Not a very professional group.
  7. I just flew on West Jet for the first time. Absolutely no different than Air Canada. Same problems....except less leg room on West Jet. F/a's did there job, pilots made to Vegas, although it took him six months of training to learn how to turn on the seat belt sign...not my kind of annoucements.
  8. Amen Don... You hit the nail smack dab on the head...Money, Money,Money.
  9. Heading to PVR on Nov 4 on TS552 and returning Nov 11 on TS 553. My intinerary shows a stop on the way home. Wondering where the stop is. Haven't found any info on their web site. Any Transat people here know where it stops??? Thanks. Also wondering if I can buy an upgrade to Club Class at the airport at check in?
  10. Thanks...does anyone know what shelter number that the bus stops at for T-3?
  11. Can anyone tell me where to catch the bus from the employee parking lot (6B) to Terminal 3? How often does it run? Heading to PVR on Nov 4 on Air Transat. Thanks
  12. Didn't realize the 737 drivers had to "navigate" looking thru the eye brow windows. I guess you could see well if you were inverted...
  13. You get $4.30 paid to go for a medical every 6 months Pilots do NOT get the travel allowance any more ($4.30) for medicals. We lost that in the last contract.
  14. The aircraft got airborne like it's company predecessor, the Norseman... roll along at full power until the earth curves, continue in a straight line. This from Just Curious 2 says it all about the norseman. Never heard it described that way before. Beautiful.
  15. Cheap,Cheap,Cheap...enough said!
  16. Been doing that for several months from Barrie and find it very relaxing and entertaining. You get a great view from the right lane of all the idiots trying to pass and get to work 5 mins early. Who wants to get there too early! Anyway I find I can save about 3 litres each time I drive to work at 100 instead of 120. Getting too old for some of this crap anyway. Glad to see I'm not the only one slowing down... Thanks Mitch.
  17. I did multi-eng training in KMZ in 1975. It was old and well used then. Is it still around?
  18. Learned never fall asleep in the Gold Eagle or else you will look a tad different when you come to...Too many dollar bills on the wall...sure miss it.