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  1. I think it's referring to "ground speed mini" or minimum groundspeed. When programming for landing, one of the parameters you enter is the surface wind. The aircraft is always calculating the current wind affecting it at the current altitude so it knows the difference between current and surface. For example, if you have a 30 kt headwind component at 1000ft above ground, and the surface wind is a 10kt headwind, the airplane knows it will lose 20kts of headwind and will store energy through the use of a minimum groundspeed. Essentially it will automatically increase the final approach speed, Vref, by an amount that will protect the airplanes energy state. It may be a smooth drop off in wind from 1000ft to touchdown but it could be sudden, if its a sudden loss, then the decrease in airpseed will see you round about Vref due to the 'groundspeed mini' bump up.
  2. Great video of the first stage landing back in Florida. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQtNTk4Brqp/
  3. I disagree. Since AC went to off the rack, the majority of pilots have very poor fitting uniforms and that makes them look sloppy. Combine the poor fit with the double breasted cut and big gold buttons and it makes the pilot look unprofessional simply because the outfit is so ridiculous.
  4. Agreed....the gold buttons look ridiculous
  5. Muslim is not a race, it is a religion.
  6. Not this winter. There is 1 or 2 off line at any given time to complete the cabin refit. (Premium economy)
  7. We as a Country have to borrow money to pay our bills. We can't afford luxuries such as the CBC.
  8. If Westjet wanted to give back then why publicize it? I see a publicly traded corporation exploiting a community that has fallen on hard times. WJA is obviously expecting a positive impact on their brand from doing this or they wouldn't have released a video.
  9. Rumour is January release
  10. 18% retro to Jan 1, 2016....3, 3, and 4%. No change to profit share.
  11. Westjet is now competing directly with BA on the Atlantic to YYC and YYZ. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  12. Not neccesarily bust the 12 hr rule. In both cases the pilots were tested well before departure time. In the AT case, it sounds like it was at least 2 hrs before departure. So if one were honoring the 12 hr rule, and their blood alcohol would just reach zero (or less than .01) at departure time, then what is it 2 or 3 hours prior to departure? What if you are made to blow at pick-up time which could be 3 hours prior to departure at a place like LHR? That could potentially be only 9 hrs since your last drink. Do company policies need to change so that the 12 hr abstinence is calculated from pick-up time and not departure?
  13. AC cancelled flight 810 to IST tonight, and the return tomorrow.
  14. How about a title with the words spelt correctly
  15. Boestar, the Rouge 319 and Rouge 767 are very different in Y. The 319 is as you described and I had the same experience but the 767 is significantly better....at least 2 inches more legroom and not much different than the mainline Y product. (VOD obviously much different)