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  1. A migraine can cause jumbling of the words as well, similar to what you hear on the atc tape.
  2. Homerun

    The New Bearded ones

    True...Milton brought in business casual and the Rovinescu brought in jeans.
  3. Homerun

    The New Bearded ones

    Jeans have been allowed since 2010
  4. Homerun

    Air Canada Buy-Out Pkg

    Of course it cheaper for them, but wait a sec....the retiree will be deceased when the policy pays out so they won’t be a winner of anything. The beneficiary will be. This offer may be worth more consideration than one might think. It all depends on your financial situation, other insurance policies, and wishes upon your death. If you have another policy, and/or aren’t terribly concerned with what you leave to your beneficiaries and want some fun money to enjoy your life now, then it’s worth thinking about.
  5. Homerun

    Air Canada sold the Emb 190 fleet...

    The Max 8 has a very slight cost advantage “per seat” then the NEO but that is attributable to the fact that it has quite a few more seats. From what I have read, it was Boeing agreeing to take 20 EMB’s at book value and not market value that tipped the order in their favour. Was the trashing of 25 years of maintenance, pilot and ground handling knowledge of the Airbus costed in the equation? Likely not IMO.
  6. Homerun

    Capital Airlines hard landing

    Big fine against the safety bonus for that landing.
  7. Homerun

    Where is Bean ?

    He posts occasionally on Flyertalk/Aeroplan under HangTen
  8. Homerun

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Not sure where you are getting your info. Every business I am familiar with has scaled back staff hours to keep costs in line.
  9. Given the massive level of debt being carried by Ontario, not to mention federally as well, the baseline of any party going forward has to be a balanced budget. Continuing to borrow money to pay the bills will ensure that Canada is the next Greece in about 10 years.
  10. Homerun

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    In this case, permission was requested and granted.
  11. Homerun

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Seriously? WJ management has had since last September to negotiate a contract. Instead, they have slow played negotiations and are attempting to continue this strategy so they can get Swoop started up with outside labour. It will be nigh impossible to get Swoop shutdown if it gets started up. Its now or never for the WJA pilots if they want to maintain/improve their WAWCON and stave off 50 years of whipsawing.
  12. Homerun

    WestJet 1st qtr

    Why would the Westjet pilots want to partner with the company to have a portion of their previous flying be operated at reduced pay and working conditions? What would this demonstrate, that they are chumps? This isn’t 1991 any more, its a sellers market for pilots.
  13. Unless the contract changes, it’s 100% the C-series gets operated by AC. (There is flexibility where some could be Rouge)
  14. Homerun

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Ya right. Why don’t the pilots just let WJA management slow play negotiations right through the summer so that they can get Swoop started up with outsourced labour? There is no such thing as a “spirit of negotiating”, thats how chumps get played. Its just business.
  15. ...and in most cases a long sleeved shirt!