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  1. How are they leveraging for increased wages? Reducing hours is a layoff mitigation measure. The alternative would be to be like CUPE who ate their young. This would likely result in the order of 2000 layoffs instead of 600. The amount of training resulting from a layoff of this magnitude would likely take 2-3 years to complete and cost AC much more than a higher minimum monthly guarantee is costing. Then when things start to pick up again, you get to do a lot of this training over again as postions are re-instated plus train and requalify the 2000 pilots that were layed off. Botto
  2. Kip, that has never happened. A guy put that on his parody website and a lot of people picked it up as a fact. Seems as though you did too.
  3. I don’t think Transat owns any hotels. They have some land in Mexico they want to develop.
  4. https://www-travelpulse-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.travelpulse.com/news/impacting-travel/cdc-quietly-drops-recommendation-for-14-day-quarantine-after-traveling.amp
  5. Its roughly 7-8 per seat for a narrowbody. Widebodies have a higher daily utilization due to the nature of the flying. Add in some augmented routes and 10 per seat or 20 per frame is reasonable.
  6. The airline didn’t incur certain variable costs such as fuel and catering but they certainly incurred a lot of other costs, including labour and lease payments. Fuel, catering, nav charges account for roughly 30% of operating costs. So 70% of the cost of transporting you has already evaporated due in large part to governments preventing airlines from operating their businesses. If airlines had to refund all the non-refundable tickets, then you would see most of the industry under bankruptcy protection at the moment, thus turning those travel credits into creditor claims.
  7. In fairness, a lot of the flights could not operate because governments wouldn’t allow them to. How is that the airlines fault?
  8. Agreed. And he I think he said “might” as well. But a whole bunch of websites and people have interpreted this, incorrectly imo, as a near term “will”.
  9. AC’s 321’s, mainline anyway, barely have the range for YYZ-LAX/SFO. The 321’s being talked about for overseas are a different animal. A quick search indicates the NEO version increases range by 500nm to 3500. The LR gets you 4100-4500nm range and the newest XLR is 4700. Bottom line...I think you would at minimum require an ETOPS equipped 321 NEO for any YYZ/YUL- Western Europe mission.
  10. There aren’t any ETOPS 321’s in the fleet either or any with the range.
  11. It was repaid early. 2011 id I recall.
  12. I have heard this stated many times. But I have read through AT’s financials and I cannot find any evidence of this. They own some undeveloped land in Mexico that they would like to build a resort on but are yet to raise the funding to accomplish this. Do you have any reference? edit: was able to find this: In addition to maintaining strong business relations with thousands of hotels, Transat operates in the accommodations industry. In October 2017, it sold its 35% minority interest in Ocean Hotels to H10 Hotels with the aim of accelerating the development of its own hotel ch
  13. It’s non-stop coming back, SYD-YYZ. About 16:10 air time.
  14. Not true at all. A cursory glance at the AC website indicates this.
  15. I don’t agree. Things have changed from years ago. Historically you had maybe 10-20% of the passengers on a Rapidair or any flight for that matter, connecting from other flights. Nowadays its north of 50%, sometimes as high as 70-80%. So in a snow event you are going to have a very high number of misconnects. There are also a higher percentage of fully flexible tickets on Rapidairs and these passengers will switch flights or cancel instead of dealing with weather issues. I have seen a small airbus oversold by 60 on this route due to snowstorm cancellations etc and gotten a seat on a c2.