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  1. When did AC recently cancel most of its flights? I don’t recall hearing about it as it would have shut the Country down. There are roughly 1600 per day including affiliates.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/seref737/status/1139239759434407941
  3. From Airbus The A321LR – a new variant of Airbus’ A321neo, deliveries of which began in 2018 – has the longest range of any single-aisle jetliner, able to fly routes of up to 4,000 nm with 206 passengers while utilising extra fuel stored in three Additional Centre Tanks (ACTs). Ideally-suited to transatlantic routes, the A321LR allows airlines to tap into new long-haul markets that were not previously accessible with current single-aisle aircraft. Operators can outfit it in state-of-the-art two-class configurations with full-flat seats for true long-haul comfort, or in a single-class layout.
  4. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/air-canada-enters-into-exclusive-agreement-with-transat-a-t-inc-to-pursue-a-combination-of-the-two-companies-889924857.html
  5. CADORS link https://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/saf-sec-sur/2/cadors-screaq/rd.aspx?cno%3D%26dtef%3D2019-03-04%26dtet%3D2019-03-04%26otp%3D-1%26ftop%3D%3e%3d%26ftno%3D0%26ijop%3D%3e%3d%26ijno%3D0%26olc%3D%26prv%3D-1%26rgn%3D-1%26tsbno%3D%26tsbi%3D-1%26arno%3D%26ocatno%3D%26ocatop%3D1%26oevtno%3D%26oevtop%3D1%26evtacoc%3D3%26fltno%3D%26fltr%3D-1%26cars%3D-1%26acat%3D-1%26nar%3D%26aiddl%3D-1%26aidxt%3D%26optdl%3D-1%26optcomt%3D%26optseq%3D%26optxt%3D%26opdlxt%3DResults%2Bwill%2Bappear%2Bin%2Bthis%2Blist%26mkdl%3D-1%26mkxt%3D%26mdldl%3D-1%26mdlxt%3D%26cmkdl%3DC%26cmkxt%3D%26rt%3DQR%26hypl%3Dy%26cnum%3D2019A0219
  6. My understanding that while the airplane was still on the runway, it weathervaned on the 100% ice covered runway. They hadn’t reached the turnoff yet. The pilots were along for the ride.
  7. I could never see the goose. My eyes always focus on the white rabbit head.
  8. The only time Porter has revealed their finances was during the IPO attempt. They showed a money losing operation with the exception of the last reported quarter which showed a couple hundred thousand dollar profit. Probability is they are surviving on the furniture they sold. (Terminal)
  9. Food, water and bathrooms are the same on the ground and on flight. Maybe I msread the article but the gist of the complaints are about not being let off the plane for 13 hours. If they were held onboard for that length of time, then re-departed for a 15 hour flight making it a 30 hour endurance test, then I agree with you. But I don’t think that was the case.
  10. They were 3 hours into a 15 hour flight. If the APU was serviceable then they would be able to keep the cabin at a comfortable temperature. So what is the difference between sitting in your seat on the ground or in flight for another 12 hours?
  11. I think the demeaning part of it is that they are expected to do it for free.
  12. They did. Nothing new, just a statement of facts. Aircraft Accident Preliminary Report 1-2019e.pdf
  13. The 9/11 terrorists didn’t take anything through security that wasn’t allowed.
  14. With prevailing winds, it was likely faster to turn back then continue from the geographic halfway point. They would have had the “equal time point” on their flight plan. All hydraulic systems must be operating normally to enter the Etops area, once there, its the PIC’s call to remain there if you encounter a problem. Losing 1 of 2 hydraulic systems would be a good reason to not fly longer than necessary imo.
  15. ....and rumour is that it is not good.??