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  1. The CEO of Air France/KLM speaks neither French or Dutch.....Quebec, you've repeated demonstrated your ridiculous ideas are outdated and not valid... BTW I'm off to YUL to harass Quebecois public servants wearing necklaces and chains with crucifix's as per Bill 21...
  2. I can't believe I'm saying this but Manitoba was waaaaaayyy ahead of the rest of the country when it came to vaccination passports. I received mine on June 8th. Since then I've has no one kick in my door or tail me. I have had my personal email hacked but that's happened before my vaccinations too. Keep on removing privileges from those that choose not to get vaccinated and adding perks to those that have is fine by me.
  3. AC did this in a A330 in Frankfurt thanks to pilot data entry error ie 126kts instead of 156 kts. On the same short flight they almost stalled it too on approach (27 degrees up and slowing to 145kts). Two high time AC training/ACPs working together..?? https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2002/a02f0069/a02f0069.html I believe they both retired shortly after this event but that's 3rd hand info FWIW.
  4. AC DFO announced recently that they will not be calling back pilots until business returns to 75% of 2019 levels. They anticipate call backs to begin in the Spring of 2023.
  5. The word out there is that Pallister and team were already talking to the other provinces when this was announced but nothing had been finalized at the time f the announcement. With the time it would take to get 12 other provinces and territories to agree on something I can see why they just announced it now. My prediction is that what's considered "acceptable" documentation for MB will be clarified and any provinces (East Coast) that reciprocate will not be required to self isolate.
  6. It's an opening for now for Manitobans. Now only the east coast is "off limits". We are finally getting to where nearly every other Canadian outside of the Eastern bubble and the north have had the ENTIRE pandemic. It worked last summer but hasn't done anything but delay the 2nd and 3rd wave. Vaccinations from other provinces will get recognized once they have some form of "vax passport" or other legitimate documentation. It's pretty tough to say a "blind" yes until other provinces indicate how and if they will do something similar. Manitoba has been the first one to announce this so we will see where it goes. Now that Trudeau and crew have indicated fully vaccinated people will be exempt for international travel we'll see what documentation the Fed's will accept fo rvaccination and likely the provinces will accept something similar. You can be pessimistic but clear "perks" from being fully vaccinated are a positive sign for those of us that made an effort. I personally elected to get my 2nd vaccination with AZ (and it's negative press) even though I probably could have held off and received Pfizer/Modena approx 5 weeks later (in hindsight of course as mixing wasn't yet approved and I had no idea when the province would allow me to book my 2nd shot) Just my thoughs.....
  7. As much as I'm not a huge fan of AC management they did do the right thing and take the pay cuts early on. Calin was in Garneau's and Omar's face for over a year when many other Airline CEOs were pretty quiet. Calin's performed well ( and paid well) as the CEO of AC for quite a long time now. COVID-19 for many, many industries is the equivalent of United in Sioux City, Iowa for a pilot. We are trained to act urgently, decisively, and skillfully too but no one could ever train for something like that. The world has never seen anything like COID since the Spanish flu almost a century ago. AC is still alive and ready to expand when demand increases. I'm sure id anyone knew we'd still e dealing with this 15 months later they'd have done things a little differently ie pilot and aircraft resource management, but we all would have laughed at you if you said the 3rd wave would be the worst and happen 12 months into this..
  8. No real surprise here at all. After what happened to all the long time non-union CSAs (at stations like YWG, etc ) before and early in COVID who were all laid off and replaced with contract employees (ATS) the next day. They're looking for protection for themselves from the same thing happening. This was in the works long before COVID hit and made a nice scapegoat. WJ's "Koolaid" is long gone and management has no one to thank but themselves.
  9. I really dislike JT but it's pretty easy to see that the countries (US & UK as examples) that have recovered the quickest also had the ability to manufacture large quantities of vaccines. The UK avoided a 3rd wave and is opening up now by jabbing everyone with Oxford developed Astra Zeneca despite B117 originating in there. JT inherited that lack of internal capability because various Conservative and Liberal governments in the last 25 years removed the incentives to keep the capabilities here. The stimulus that the aerospace industry receives would be an example of the incentives to stay here. Canada instead is more well known as a manufacturer of generic drugs which isn't helping us right now. PS I dislike JT.
  10. The Cirrus pilot has some explaining to do but these parallel runways are only 700' apart, centre line to centerline" so it would be very easy to overshoot 700'. Not an excuse but definitely not the standard 5200' separation that IFR parallel runways usually have.
  11. I love how ALPA is chirping but their US Cargo members are already exempted from many of the FAA's flight and Duty Regs. They still take their 1.9% cut though... Maybe DePete should look after his US Cargo members as well. The FRMS Exemption is provide by TC to be used for a reason. It's not a simple process to get the exemption. Most carriers don't bother.
  12. 24% of almost nothing isn't much. With the travel ban on india in effect it is far less. Asking for government action to improve international travel right now makes you a very small "special interest group" as the entire country is more locked down internally than ever. It's special interest groups that have gotten us were we are now. Everyone beats up on Ford for not taking action sooner but they all whine when he did it at Christmas and they whined again when he announced more last week. Maybe if the police actually had some power to enforce the health orders they would get followed but everyone feels they have the right to be an idiot as per the Rights and Freedoms act. Sometimes Israel has it right...
  13. https://www.capebretonpost.com/news/local/newfoundland-based-pal-airlines-to-fly-out-of-sydney-573350/ Newfoundland-based PAL Airlines to fly out of Sydney Premium content Sharon Montgomery (sharon.montgomery@cbpost.com) Published: 16 hours ago Updated: 13 hours ago /media/photologue/photos/cache/prime-minister-trudeau-cape-breton-is-pleading-1_large.jpg The J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport is shown in this file photo. Sharon Montgomery-Dupe/Cape Breton Post A A SYDNEY, N.S. — There is a new airline coming to town. Mike MacKinnon, CEO of the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport, announced in a tweet Wednesday afternoon that PAL Airlines will be flying out of Sydney as of May 31. The regional air carrier will be offering three Sydney-to-Halifax flights a week. A source at the St. John's, N.L.-based airline told the Cape Breton Post it will also be adding air service to Charlottetown, P.E.I., as well as Saint John, Fredericton and Bathurst, N.B. PAL Airlines currently offers flights to Moncton as well as Montreal and several other cities in Quebec. Additional cities in Quebec are also slated to be added to the carrier’s flight service. According to the company's website, the airline made its start in Newfoundland and Labrador 45 years ago. Originally a renowned Atlantic Canadian flight school, it has grown into one of the largest independent airlines operating in Eastern Canada. Their core services now include scheduled flights, air charter and air cargo services. The airline says over the years it has earned a solid reputation for safety and service and has received globally recognized awards for reliability. There have not been any flights operating out of the Sydney airport since WestJet temporarily suspended service in November and Air Canada in January. In March, WestJet announced it would be resuming flights in June and Air Canada is currently taking bookings for flights scheduled to resume at the same time.
  14. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/fredericton-airport-flights-palairlines-1.5978535 PAL Airlines to service Fredericton with direct flights to Newfoundland, Ottawa, Halifax The announcement marks the first-ever offering of direct flights from Fredericton to Newfoundland Isabelle Leger · CBC News · Posted: Apr 07, 2021 5:16 PM AT | Last Updated: April 7 PAL Airlines will offer flights from Fredericton to Deer Lake and St. John's Newfoundland, starting May 31. (PAL Airlines) 17 comments A Newfoundland-based airline will service the Fredericton International Airport with direct flights to Deer Lake and St. John's, starting May 31. PAL Airlines announced Wednesday it would offer three weekly flights to both cities, marking the first time Fredericton has ever had direct flights to Newfoundland. "This is a long time coming… we're confident there's a demand for this," said Fredericton Airport CEO Johanne Gallant. "We're really pleased to see that PAL Airlines is willing to take this on." Johanne Gallant is the CEO of the Fredericton International Airport. (Submitted by Fredericton International Airport) The airline will also offer three weekly direct flights from Fredericton to Ottawa and Halifax, beginning Aug. 2. Gallant said the addition of services is a sign of recovery for the aviation industry, which was paralyzed by pandemic restrictions. With plans for the Atlantic Bubble to open on April 19, she said the flights to Newfoundland and Halifax will provide New Brunswickers access to some prime tourist destinations. "We really see, for the summer, great leisure opportunities… people from here wanting to do something different and Newfoundland has such a great tourism product," said Gallant. The Fredericton airport just underwent a major renovation. (JAMES WEST PHOTOGRAPHY) She said the flights to Halifax will fill the demand for corporate flyers and students, which was left unserviced when Air Canada halted all flights from the airport in January. Air Canada to suspend operations in Fredericton Air Canada, Flair planning June 1 restart in Saint John, airport says WestJet expects 'very high demand' for flights coming back in June, may add more No one from PAL Airlines was available for an interview with CBC News on Wednesday, but the company provided an emailed statement. "We understand giving people the ability to get into and out of the region reliably and efficiently is going to be essential to the post-pandemic recovery," said the statement. 'We're ready for these new airlines' The Fredericton airport completed a large terminal expansion this month, which Gallant says made room for more carriers. Fredericton International Airport completed the renovations in early 2021. (Submitted by Fredericton International Airport) "Definitely having a brand-new terminal with lots of space for social distancing, that helps," she said. "With the terminal expansion project, we're ready for these new airlines." Air Canada and WestJet have announced their flights will resume at the airport this summer. Gallant said the airport is still waiting for an official response from Porter Airlines on whether it will restore its services from pre-pandemic. She said it's also hopeful that Sunwing will be able to offer vacation getaway packages from Fredericton by next winter
  15. https://www.flightglobal.com/networks/canadas-pal-airlines-to-expand-to-11-cities-this-summer/143211.article Canada’s PAL Airlines to expand to 11 cities this summer By Jon Hemmerdinger7 April 2021 Save article Canadian regional carrier PAL Airlines will expand its network this summer to include 11 new destinations in eastern Canada. The expansion comes as Canada’s airlines eye a potential summer rebound in air travel demand. PAL, which operates De Havilland Canada Dash 8 turboprops, will this summer add flights to Halifax and Sydney in Nova Scotia, and to Saint John, Fredericton and Bathurst in New Brunswick, the airline tells FlightGlobal. Source: PAL Airlines A PAL Airlines De Havilland Canada Dash 8 turboprop The expansion will also see PAL add service to Ottawa in Ontario and Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. Additionally, it will begin flying to four cities in Quebec: Les Iles de la Madeleine, Gaspe, Baie-Comeau and Val-d’Or. The Fredericton routes will include flights to Deer Lake, and onward to St John’s, and to Ottawa and Halifax, the Fredericton airport says on 7 April. WestJet has also announced a planned expansion. That carrier intends to restore flights to several eastern Canadian cities in late June, meaning it would again serve all the cities it did prior to the pandemic.
  16. WJ ALPA isnt tell the whole story. The Company did make an offer that was slightly better than the one that expired but not as good as AC's in January which was signed before the CX of the Sun destination flights. That offer never made it to the Pilot group to vote on despite it very likely being accepted as it's very clear the Company is still only flying 10% of the block hours from Pre-Covid and it's been semi-retirements for most pilots (0-1 pairing a month). A group of 6 had that power and used it (the vote was 4 nay - 2 yay). All of this was shared to the pilot group by the MEC chair who also got tossed as well. Lots of drama going on internally (looks like ACPA).
  17. If you have worked with or worked for Harvey Friesen of Bearskin AIrlines you may want to consider supporting his nomination to the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. At one time "The Bear" was the largest private regional airline in Canada. Not bad for a C180 operation that started in Big Trout.... Good Afternoon For those of you who worked with or for Mr. Harvey Friesen you may want to consider signing this petition. Dear Industry Colleague, You are invited to read and sign the petition to support the late Harvey Friesen’s induction into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF). the link below will give you access to the petition. https://www.change.org/p/canada-s-aviation-hall-of-fame-induction-of-harvey-friesen-to-canada-s-aviation-hall-of-fame-dba5ff61-3d62-4de3-8ccc-1ce48a0fca43 Please share this petition with people in your network as we hope to get as many signatures as possible. We wish to demonstrate to the CAHF Nominations Review Committee just how much Harvey’s very important contribution to aviation in Canada and in Northern Ontario in particular was appreciated. We believe that Harvey Friesen fully deserves to be inducted in Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. Thank you very much for your support.
  18. What makes you think the flood gates will open in June? With a 3rd wave predicted and parts of Ontario already going back into lock down I'm not confident the quarantine requirement will be removed or the land border will open by June. Hindsight is 20/20 but the Company should hare never signed the previous MOA's and should just laid more off initially and recalled as needed. Recurrent training doesn't take that long and they own the Sims. I have a number of friends getting paid 12,800K/month, top rate 737 captain (11 year scale) x 59 hrs, that have only flown one pairing (3 revenue legs in 3 days) this year plus a quick trip to MIA for Max training. That's 38K for very little work in 3 months) Why AC signed the last MOA with an increase in MPG from 59 to 63 and other improvements is beyond me now. I don't know what was on the table last friday because none of the line pilots know either. A sper usual MECs/NCs hold their cards very close to their chest.
  19. WJ MEC rejected another company offer yesterday. It’s the 13th and sked build is normally in progress. The only small positive (maybe) is that the ALPA constitution allows the MEC to ratify an agreement without a membership vote so a very last minute deal can be approved by the MEC. In such instances the deal is usually short so the MEC doesn’t get hung by the membership if it’s not a great deal and in this case saves job.
  20. Letter to the pilots from WJ MEC and the Company to the pilot group on Friday March 8th have stated that the Company made its final offer on Wednesday, March 3rd and the MEC rejected it on Friday March 5th. DFO and Ed Sims sent out messages later in the day that the 415 layoff notices issued on March 1st, effective April 1st will not be retracted. One wonders how long they can play chicken before the April crew schedule has to be issued.
  21. Unfortunately most of the tourism industry pays poorly to ensure it is competitive with other destinations worldwide. Of course there are exceptions to this but minimum wage and tourism are often tightly knit.
  22. Excellent, fines should have been enforced long ago instead of just warnings for all of these violations. By late last year there many rules that had been place for quite some time and people were still just getting warnings. I understand giving warnings for all the rules that seem to change constantly but some have been in place fo rmany, many months. From the reaction to quarantine costs it's clear $$$ catches people's attention.
  23. There might be a slight delay but the industry will respond and a free market will determine who is successful and who isn’t. There’s a **bleep** load of aircraft on the market these days. If there’s a buck to be made someone will fill the hole. This pandemic has shown just how much air travel is “non-essential”. The world didn’t grind to a stop and we saw just how much business travel can be replaced with technology and we’d all survive without vacations without aircraft. It would be unpleasant but give me access to my close family and friends that I can drive to and I’d survive. Lots of people do not fly because they can’t afford it. My niece is 15 and hasn’t been on a plane yet, and neither have her younger siblings. They drive and all their extended family is within 800km. For several years the biggest plane I’d ever been on was the one I flew (Twin Otter). For a family of 6 growing up an airplane vacation wasn’t in the budget... Still lots of great road trip vacation memories stuffed in the station wagon. It’s hardly the end of the world but right now it really sucks but I’m happy to have a job too.
  24. They gladly will. They already are for other parts of the country ie the North, that have similar requirements. Close contacts and COVID positive people not requiring healthcare are brought down south and placed in hotels because communities don’t have the space to self isolate everyone.
  25. The parts are way cheaper too and way easier to source. There are dozens of tractor dealers in Ontario alone vs a couple of suppliers at most in Canada for aircraft specific equipment. I've spent many very long days in a farm tractor (no duty days) but I couldn't imagine spending that much time in a tug. PS I've never heard of a tug being called "sexy" but I've definitely heard that about tractors. I'll take the farm girls over the ramp girls (in general but there are exceptions) any day;
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