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  1. I wonder if it might come to pass where the battery becomes a rapidly rotable item, land at the airport, swap in a fresh battery module, charge the used one offline. Would take some fancy engineering to make sure the contactors didn't break down or a ground handler didn't get toasted. If they can get a full charge in 30 minutes that's probably not necessary, but perhaps a higher capacity/longer range variant would benefit from a longer charging time.
  2. if the two destinations have good roads, the car is handy, but for those who don't use a car, this opens transit to downtown airport options where they can link to a bigger hub. I'm not sure how much quieter a 4 prop aircraft gets on electric power, but the air quality concerns of those near airports would certainly be eased. Now there are a few issues to be addressed in heavy winter weather. I assume the aircraft will need to be towed by a power supplying tug when de-icing or protracted ground holds are expected, or perhaps that's where the generators (I presume fuel burning APU) come in. Then there is the issue of alternates, which might take some of the coastal airports off the game board for a bit. On more than one occasion I've shot a CAT II on a flight that was planned with contact fuel, stuff happens.... Vs
  3. I don't think the architects of this philosophy would even understand the gravity of your question Specs. I doubt they have any experience in either field. Does suggest that Russia is running out of parts and ideas for continued operation of the stolen western equipment though. Vs
  4. I can see this on the YUL-YOW and YVR-YYJ routes. Might make quite a difference on emissions on low altitude short legs where turbine equipment really burns a lot of gas. Vs
  5. That looks like hors d'oeuvres..... only 370 cals, hardly worth the gas to drive over. Let's add 2 all beef patties special sauce....
  6. If I had a nickle for every time crew sked tried me on I could retire. Wait,,,,
  7. All Canadian, eh? Seems to me there was an exemption issued to the 25% foreign ownership limit back in the day. How much is held outside of Canada now? Vs
  8. Two observations about that VP. 1) Holding forth with a question on your bid was an intrusion, no matter his rank. It might have been OK if he prefaced it with, 'mind if I ask you a question about your bid' and then opened his mind, but that clearly was not where he was headed. 2) His comment that it was in the contract was ignorant, as in, clearly too much time as a management pilot picking his pairings and not enough time on the line living with everything that was also 'in the contract'. Any line pilot would have known better than to answer that way. I wonder where this individual is now. Vs
  9. Yeah, being tired was my best excuse for being a barely average driver
  10. And yet I think they would have to look a long way down to find our flight duty and scheduling standard....
  11. I understand reporting these things is down to a science now. passengers are sent a PDF fillable form to describe their experience. So far it appears to have a glitch, all of the drop down choices are 'terrified'.... Vs
  12. Ah yes, the metro. The larval stage of pop cans.
  13. My god, how old is Joe Sparling now. The last time I saw him he was operating some pretty old stuff into some pretty tight strips surrounded by all sorts of evil looking terrain. He must be doing something right to still be upright, let alone in YYZ.
  14. That's worrisome news. Good you can offer support. Hopefully there is a health care provider in the picture there for both your friend and those trying to support him. I recall a briefing about depression and pilots specifically getting a particularly rough ride. Without identifying too much, is there a pilot base you can share? That at least might narrow down what legal community the search should be in. All the best Vs
  15. Is the medical issue affecting your pilot driven by a federal mask or vaccination mandate? If so, it's not going to be the company they are up against, as the mandates are federal, major airlines are subject to federal regulation and suing the crown for termination damages is going to take some niche level skills. Vs
  16. And here I thought in aviation that divorce was a transmissible disease. Or maybe I got the layover safety briefing wrong.
  17. Would this document be related? https://www.navcanada.ca/en/aiceng202125.pdf
  18. There is no holdover time for ice pellets, but in Canada at least you can still operate. It's a different mode of Type III and IV based on 'allowance times' where the fluid can keep the pellets suspended such that they slough when the fluid does.
  19. I'm not sure about the less dramatic part. "according to FDR the roll angles varied between 49.8 degrees and -91.1 degrees, pitch angles from 43.8 to -23.9 degrees. The crew declared Mayday."
  20. I remember the one -300 with the 'pre twist' wings. I recall a few hot days wondering if we were going to fly, or drive, to narita... The -500 on the other hand. A real teacher of rotation discipline.
  21. OK. For those familiar with the type then, does it look like slats are extended? Doesn't seem like much thickness visible on that leading edge from the footage. I presume they would be extended in the takeoff config.
  22. Never flown the type. Is it a hard wing or slatted? Hard to see how much leading or trailing edges are extended. Vs
  23. I wasn't focused on the patent aspect. The poison part and the absence of any controlled studies distracted me. vs
  24. Meanwhile... As a subscriber to Health Canada’s MedEffectTM e-Notice, you are being informed of the latest Advisory. Reports to poison centres concerning ivermectin as a prevention or treatment for COVID-19 have increased over the summer months Health Canada is reminding Canadians not to use ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19. Canadian poison centres have seen an increase in reports concerning ivermectin over the summer. There is no evidence that ivermectin works to prevent or treat COVID-19, and it is not authorized for this use. To date, Health Canada has not received any drug submission or applications for clinical trials for ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.
  25. I am surprised that this is a surprise. The analysis has been out for awhile. All of the alphabet groups were on Ottawa's case and Transport Canada asked for this to be addressed months ago. I think it has nothing to do with Huawei. It affects all 5G equipment. Vs
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