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  1. Gary Johnson might have been a decent alternative. Too bad the Republicans ran him out.
  2. So brilliantly simple it's almost ridiculous. Two things to consider for YYZ: LFPG has no turboprop traffic (nothing slower than a BA146) and if you look at the opposing "upwind" legs, the ground speeds are identical. That does not happen here making it a little more challenging, tactically anyway.
  3. Inchman: Although every fibre in my being is telling me not to, I'm going to ask this question anyway: Why do you feel the runways and taxiways are not being used optimally?
  4. Rich and J.O.: Had to go back and listen twice, but I'm pretty sure that it's two different ladies that I work with. We don't want to add to the cockpit workload with more frequency changes than necessary, so we're usually shipping other traffic to a different frequency, not the affected aircraft.
  5. Had a seat in the greens. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
  6. The summer of '76 was just before the fall of '76 when this happened:
  7. Not sure if they still are, but loop departures used to be very common in the U.S., particularly at LAX and the NY complex.
  8. Don Hudson: Do you think there could be at least a casual correlation between many points brought up in this thread and the conversation we had via PM last summer?
  9. It goes back to an off topic music related thread a little while back Mitch. I mentioned that I liked/like a lot of punk bands, particularly these guys. Kip didn't agree. BR just released a Christmas album so I thought it would make a good stocking stuffer for Kip.
  10. I've found the perfect gift for you Kip. Merry Christmas!
  11. As an ex-resident and still frequent visitor to the area northwest of Detroit between 12 and 13 Mile Road, Dagger's got it right about the suburbs. DEFCON, you're bang on about Troy and Pontiac, but for every Troy, there's a Beverly Hills (The Michigan one) and for every Pontiac there's a Birmingham or a Franklin or a Bloomfield Hills. Places like Walnut Lake and Bingham Farms are really nice and all within a commuting distance comparable to the drive from Guelph to Pearson. As for Coleman Young being the driving force behind the suburban exodus, I don't think that's entirely accurate. The move started in the mid fifties due to a great interstate system and the highest per capita income in the U.S. The riots of 1967 caused people to leave in droves and it was only stragglers leaving after Young came to office in 1974. What Young and that buffoon Kwame Kilpatrick ensured was that nobody was ever coming back.
  12. You have a very active (and wildly inaccurate) imagination.
  13. I'm still waiting for the Who channel. B.D.V. It's channel 142 on Sirius, channel 43 on XM.
  14. One week until the Pink Floyd channel goes online on Sirius/XM. Pumped?
  15. Check your PM's. If we keep up like this people will start to suspect something.