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  1. No Mars according to my source. Heli yes. https://www.facebook.com/coulsonflyingtankers/?ref=br_rs
  2. Correct on the double 28.84... my point was simply that this potential error, if it actually occurred, could be easily corroborated at the crash site. Conversely it could be ruled out as well. Condolences to those involved.
  3. Good point DEFCON.... A2884 according to the METAR. I suspect this potential error would be obvious to the investigators at the scene.
  4. March 28, 2014 American Eagle Pilots Reject Concessionary Contract EULESS, TX—American Eagle pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) expressed their collective will and today rejected a concessionary contract proposed by American Airlines Group (AAG). With 92 percent of the eligible pilots casting their ballots, 70 percent voted against ratification of the contract. “The Eagle pilots made a clear choice today, and it was not an easy one,” said Capt. Bill Sprague, chairman of the Eagle ALPA Master Executive Council. “Despite threats from AAG management that they would seek other express carriers to conduct our flying, today’s vote demonstrates that the demands for contract concessions were not acceptable. Today’s vote clearly shows that pilots can, and will, vote against any agreement that is not in their best interests.” The proposed contract changes were a combination of pay freezes, reductions in per diem, and increased health-care costs in exchange for a promise to refleet the airline and enhance the existing agreement to transfer pilots to American Airlines. These concessions were in addition to the $43 million the pilots gave the company during bankruptcy last year. Having previously worked under a 16-year contract that concluded with AMR’s bankruptcy filing, the American Eagle pilots have not seen meaningful contractual gains since 2004. New-hire pilot pay begins at less than $23,000 per year. Had the contract been approved, first officers would have been capped at about $38,000 per year after four years of service. “Management has said many times to us that this agreement is their ‘bottom line’ offer and believe that they will be able to get the same cost savings from another provider,” Sprague said. “We question whether any regional airline is able to attract and retain pilots by offering poverty-level wages. American Eagle already has a career progression arrangement with American, and yet, due to a lack of pilots, it’s unable to perform the regional flying that American Airlines desires. Other airlines are experiencing the same problem.”
  5. Enjoyed that! Amazing just what can be accomplished when people work together.
  6. I'd like to see the chart for this takeoff run... lets see... depth on contaminate... 3 inches give or take... yikes! http://www.liveleak....=5c1_1350976434
  7. Actually I believe its simpler than that... it would probably sit on it's tail without the weights :-)
  8. A good friend sent this to me. Looks very nice. I wish them good luck in this venture.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu5-RjVIDYs or Nice work... hard to make that result any better considering the circumstances.
  10. I suspect a unexpected gear up based on the reaction. Had this been a "planned event" they would have been high fivin... just sayin. Another thought I have had is that perhaps those fancy noise canceling headsets are not wired into the gear horn audio? IE: Horn audio comes from an external source (speaker)and those N/C headsets did a really great job :-) The video guy caught the audio but was obviously unaware of it's importance. Fasten Belt Sign... ON
  11. Got it now... wow can you say "underwear change now!" :-)
  12. That must have been quite the thud when that plane "flew" over the highway. FDR & CVR will be interesting. Glad everyone is relatively ok.
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