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  1. Not sure who was meant to receive them - they are the same style as SWISS but not the same colour. Anecdotally, I heard they were meant for Asiana but I can't confirm that. Who ever they were meant for, AC added it's new premium economy seats and economy seats - so they took the time (and cost) to do those. Maybe it was a down time issue or a supplier issue but I'm glad all the 777's are switching over to the new pods which are a very nice seat in terms of length, turning over while sleeping, and shoulder width at sleep (the armrest depresses downwards for additional upper body/shoulder spa
  2. Thankfully the seat change is being made on the HD 777 - it's simply atrocious versus the money charged for it. After 5 years as an AC SE, I will lose my SE status this year because of it - I just don't fit and I've been flying CX to HKG and onward to connections in Asia. Lots of AC frequent flyers to Sout-East Asia will welcome the new 787 J pod seat - which is the same seat used on CX. From my travels alone, AC has lost some $30K in revenue in 2014 because of the poor J seat to HKG. AC has been making a lot of good decisions lately, the current J seat on the HD 777 was not one of them -
  3. I often travel to Asia in business and my preferred carrier is CX. It often costs me close to an extra $1000 to add the YYC-YVR-YYC business class legs on AC to a CX ticket. Is it possible Westjet is doing this to please their code share partners who have a business class or to attract customers traveling on WJA's codeshare partners who would otherwise choose AC for their domestic connections. For selfish reasons, I would hope CX and WJA have an agreement where business class pax's on CX get premium economy on their inter-Canada connections on WJA. It's hard to pay up to $9000 for a busine
  4. I left for the Mayan Riviera with the family on Christmas morning with no issues - just before the attempted terrorist attack on Northwest. On checking in on New Year's day in CUN, I was told I was on a list and that my passport would have to be taken to be verified. The agent came back 5 minutes later and said everything was OK and that my name matched the name of someone on a no-fly list. Evidently, it wasn't me! Does anybody know if it is possible to get your name cleared off one of these lists? Is there an agency to contact.
  5. Some more posts by pilots blindly defending pilots. I think we can all assume he has not yet been found guilty. But to suggest that it might be FA's getting revenge, come on?? Comments like that don't do your profession any good......but it's more of the same on this forum.
  6. Hi Don, It is an opinion. As someone with a libertarian view of the world, I find it offensive that the government, in theory, will not allow me to pay for the health care services I want......especially considering I'm already paying into the socialist system. Good philosophical point re: choice. But health care in Canada is not like education......in fact, I wish it was (and I realize that was not the point you were trying to make). We all pay taxes for public education; however, we have the choice to send our children to private school at a cost above and beyond the public/separate/
  7. Don, how about both a public and a private system? Have all Canadians pay for healthcare through taxes yet allow those who want better service to pay for it above and beyond. In this scenario, you have the same tax base going to the healthcare system but less users clogging the system. It's unethical and immoral to dis-allow somebody to get the best damn medical care they can if they can afford it......especially if they're paying into the regular system and not using it. This is not about public vs. private......I think most of us believe that everybody should have access to healthcare in
  8. SkyBlazer, Have a look at the posts on the Delta/Atlanta thread and the Colgan/Buffalo thread. Maybe I'm reading something different........ I have many friends who are pilots. In fact I travel quite a bit (Elite with Continental, Silver with Cathay, and another long-haul away from being Elite at Air Canada too) and have a lot of faith in pilots as a professional group. I just think many pilots on this board feel the need to defend the indefensible. It amounts to being a homer.
  9. "The FAA reported, that according to post flight interviews the crew had engaged in a heated debate over airline policies and lost situational awareness." Not stirring the pot.....making a point.
  10. Let me guess.........as is usually the case, most of the pilots on this board will jump to their defense. Pilots can do no wrong, it must have been fatigue, problem with the approach lights, etc.
  11. I'm a blackberry guy so I don't do this myself but I have a colleague who I traveled with to Colombia, Manila, and Hong Kong over the last month and he uses an iPhone and makes international calls, unlimited, for $12.95 per month through Skype. You must be a Skype user paying the $12.95 per month for unlimited calls to land lines and/or mobile phones plan. There's an iPhone Skype application available outside of Canada (Rogers does not allow the Apple Store to sell it in Canada.....for obvious reasons!) that allows Skype to be used on iPhones. This application can be purchased once you're o
  12. George Carlin.......a great Libertarian.
  13. Unfortunately it only mentions Canadian online retailer.......because I often find Air Canada business class fares on Orbitz that are up to 30% less than aircanada.com for the same exact itinerary.
  14. Sidestep is indeed a great website. For me, the best deals are found on Priceline. For example, the last 2 hotels I won on Priceline were the Hyatt Regency Vancouver for US $68 and the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto for US $68 as well. The lowest non-refundable rate on the Hyatt website at the time was C$209 and the lowest rate for the Westin Harbour Castltle was C$199. Hotel rooms and car rentals can be had for as much as 50% below the lowest rates advertised on company websites. The catch is that once your bid has been accepted, it is non-refundable. A great resource for help on bidd
  15. I wonder if he took Simon Mann out of Black Beach prison as well.