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  1. I agree with jo. Here I used to work for servisair at the de-icing facility and they are good but everyone has technical issues and yes it sucks to have to cancel flights because of others issues but it DOES happen
  2. Considering the LCC is apparently I only going to be owned 49 percent by Air Canada it shouldn't. Maybe that's why air Canada is only going to own 49 percent so it won't come under the ACPPA?
  3. Just because it is in another forum don't mean it is addressed true or possible
  4. That is 60 passengers just going to Dubai not how many we people fly on the A380 as most are flying go India and other destinations
  5. the thing is Air Canada always said the no service charge for travel is temporary, and never intended for it to become permanent for ANY group, sorry if thats the reason for voting no then it will always be no and the labour minister will probably impose a settlement.. don;t think you can really get mad at something that was told to you at the time to be temporary especially since management was upfront about it, guess Air Canada should never have waived the service charges and the service charge issue would be a non issue. Guess it is human nature to accept something but to grumble when it is reverted to normal when the "deal" has expired, and yes to me the company gave the employees a deal, not a permanent change.
  6. sweeeeeeeeet, although i wouldn't do it
  7. I thought the scope mentioned jet aircraft not turbo prop, but i'm not a pilot so i could be wrong
  8. I can confirm one plane was seized in YVR but it later departed with its passengers after a few hour delay, I guess they paid up their bills or got an injunction or something as they operated their night flight last night (29 jul) with no seizure
  9. Like i said i wasn't 100% sure how it went down, but thankx for finding the link
  10. props2you, if my memory serves me right (I could be wrong) the federal liberals did warn/threaten the Air Canada Pilots to legislate them back to work if they went on strike the last time they were in a position to strike, just after the merger I believe. But as I said I could be wrong.
  11. I agree you cannot just blame the goalie, it is a TEAM sport and if the guys up front are not scoring goals, and are not helping in defence then how can you win the game? even if they are helping in defence but not scoring how do you win the game??????? think about it people. An d AIP as I said to a calgary flames fan at work at least Vancouver got to game 6 of the second round of the playoffs, where did calgary get to? Oh and btw last year they also got beaten by the Blackhawks, in the first round of the playoffs.
  12. I would say most likely Servisair since they currently handle Thomas Cook at all Canadian Bases they fly, but that'll be upto Jazz I guess for this venture
  13. thats why I said if true, wasn't just assuming everything being said was true
  14. looking forward to a day off after working 20 in a row

  15. Or if the pilot did say that, possibly the company should send him/her for a test of some sort or at the very least take the pilot of the line until any issues are addressed?
  16. I think I will be getting this at some point to replace my ipod touch, the Ipod touch is too small for internet browsing, just as long as they supply the full safari version on the Ipad
  17. Air Canada put out a press release but it's normal for AC not to make a big deal in the media about it, they didn't make a big deal when they sent the A340 over for the tsunami relief a few years ago
  18. Air Canada already sent a B767-300ER down there loaded up with supplies, and brought canadians back this previous saturday, I have heard there are plans to send another from YHZ, but that wasn't from an official source
  19. except who was the first to start the route?????? Was seasonal the last time too
  20. I was only talking about YVR but then it could be that the B777's can carry more belly cargo then the B747 passenger planes could which CX used to use on the YVR-HKG-JFK route, which in turn makes the CXF flights not quite as loaded in YVR, but i do retract my statement as the plane is still quite full (90%-100%) leaning more on the 100% full side when including LAX-HKG cargo. My bad and glad to see Air Freight is starting to recover and hope it follows on the passenger side too
  21. hmmm i wonder why CX's freighters aren't that heavy yet out of HKG
  22. And the father in the interview blasted LAN and Rogers for their un movable positions. Good on Air Canada, I bet he will be telling everyone he knows what AC did for them and will never forget what complete strangers did to help his family during this time of distress
  23. Ok so you'd like the ramp crew to risk their life near METAL in a thunder and lightning storm?? really??? Sorry but I don;t think you'd get a ramp crew out during a red alert. Had one in Vancouver here this past summer that lasted 4 hours, felt sorry for the passengers that were unlucky enough to be still on the plane, and also the ones in customs waiting on their bags but i wasn't going out in the storm near the lightning rods called planes.
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