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  1. Thank you for pointing this out. I also really enjoyed the documentary but the Hurricane was given short shrift.
  2. A quick online trip to Aircraft Spruce will get those puppies fixed up... or is it not that easy?... https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/avpages/garmin_gtx345.php
  3. Getting back to the original topic... The AT-6 and the A-29 are remarkably similar. I find it interesting that the USAF is buying some of each kind. A lot of overlap, no? Can you tell the difference?
  4. I listened to the transcript myself and it sounds more like "Lost number four engine". He made a couple of calls after that on downwind, too. Here's the audio:
  5. My FO snapped this in Gatwick this morning. There are a dozen or more Thomas Cook tails parked like this. I’m presuming that the tractors are strategically parked so as to prevent creditors from seizing the aircraft?... T9
  6. Very sharp Moon! Does the blister canopy on the top really afford a better view than from the flight deck? The two vantage points look pretty close together.
  7. That's exactly me - WJ flight crew with small children - and yes, I'm very interested! This almost feels like a WJ April Fool's post but if it's true AND they can pull it off, I think they'll have something of a hit on their hands.
  8. You haven't felt one of my crunchers. Just call me Tango "Wrong Hands" Niner...
  9. The cutout switches have been on every 737 since the first -100 took to the air in 1967. The location of the switches hasn't moved either.
  10. Boeing introduces 737 Max software overhaul https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/27/economy/boeing-software-fix-737-max/index.html
  11. In Test of Boeing Jet, Pilots Had 40 Seconds to Fix Error https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/25/business/boeing-simulation-error.html?action=click&module=News&pgtype=Homepage
  12. My point was the part about disabling it. As in, knowing, if needed, to hit the stab trim cutout switches- which have been present on the 737 since its mid-60’s inception.
  13. From Malcolm’s post above. 1) Boeing needs to fix this, but ALSO: 2) Pilots need better training on the aircraft. The cutout switches have been present on every B737 since the -100. IMHO T9