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  1. From the latest NTSB communication: "... “crew communications consistent with a loss control of the aircraft” began 18s prior to the end of the cockpit voice recording..." So I'm thinking not a pilot suicide scenario. Also, it would seem a rather odd time to "do the deed", (not that there is any "normal" time to do such a thing); that is, to pull a stunt like that after almost fully completing the flight and while maneuvering in the terminal area...? T9
  2. Evening Don, I'll admit it - I know absolutely nothing about freight flying. So my proposed answer as written above might be a bit naïve. But this stuff happens - remember that 747 pitch-up on takeoff out of Afghanistan in 2013? The only other scenario that fits (at least in my brain) is some kind of mechanical failure involving the stabilizer / elevator. T9
  3. The CVR will certainly help provide some answers. Perhaps the moderate turbulence (as reported in the same area by a different aircraft) was enough to dislodge an improperly secured load. Totally spitballing here, but it's certainly a plausible explanation. Holes lining up on the slices of swiss cheese...
  4. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/buenos-dias-barcelona-699012601.html
  5. Exciting!... and just a teeny bit boring, all at the same time Brand new destinations would have been nice, but it's a smart first step for the 787 deployment.
  6. Out with the old... FWIW I agree, I think with today's equipment it's logical & sensible to do away with magnetic headings.
  7. ....soooo, back to the original post... What about all those magnetic RMI's in GA aircraft? Chuck out & replace?
  8. Why have their own system? Freedom from reliance on the US Air Force, most likely. If the Americans ever decide to pull the plug on GPS, it sure is nice to have a backup. Drastic scenario, I know... but with Trump anything's possible
  9. Ontario Express! I'd totally forgotten about them. Awesome shots. Thanks Blues for the great memories.
  10. They were awarded spots on the WJ pilot dept list based on date of hire at Swoop - which is (almost) BOTL.
  11. Incidentally, C-FWAD is a recycled registration from a 737-700 that we retired some years ago. Speaking of recycled registrations: all of the old registrations from our 24 737-200's have resurfaced on the 737 NG's.
  12. THIS one is now WestJet 767 tail 672, C-FWAD.
  13. Swoop flying will be done by WJ pilots. Confirmed by the ALPA MEC in an email to the WJ pilots.