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  1. From photo by
  2. The issue was with CRT (not LCD) screens and Wi-Fi frequencies (not cell). The screen-blanking effect could be reliably replicated under certain conditions and thus the flight deck ban on Wi-Fi until all CRTs had been replaced with LCDs. The cellular frequencies don't interfere with any of the screen types--although I can hear the interference in my Bose A20 headset when they ring. I can also hear the sweep of the SSR in YWG and YOW.
  3. Great video. In 25 years of flying, I've never experienced severe turbulence, and I hope I never do. I've gone down to 25 to get below SIGMETed areas of forecasted SVR TBC. Sometimes that's not an option.
  4. The Tech Keeping Planes in the Sky
  5. Curious four other snags on same tail during a span of seven days in December: The report states that maintenance action was performed and no reoccurance of same faults. Maintenance action consisted of BITE checks with no faults founds and thereafter ground-tested serviceable.
  6. Further down:
  7. Which battle is that, specifically? Do you have an interest in a particular outcome?
  8. Sooo...weigh-in at check-in? Is the M/F not primarily for being able to arrive at standard weights?
  10. Now rated by TSB as an accident due hard landing according to AvHerald.
  11. I'm curious about why the rudder pedal travel appears to be different between the MAX and NG. Or is it just me?
  12. Concur. Resigning wouldn't make it a safer operation. From a certain perspective, it would be the easier choice.