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  1. My observation is that non-routine communication between pilots and ATC is often not understood on first transmission. Most aviation communication is routine, which means that despite the narrow-frequency range capability (limitations!) of the amplitude modulation technology of airband VHF comms, when hearing a close approximation of what we are expecting to hear even if the transmission is not entirely audibly clear, our brain can fill in blanks to acceptable accuracy--something that takes a bit of experience. If, however, an unexpected transmission is made, either in content or ti
  2. Alberta. 267 dead of C19. Average age: 83. Average comorbidities: 3. Life has a price tag. We don't like to talk about it. That price tag is a fraction of what we are currently paying. Our children's children's children will be paying for this.
  3. No idea on first question. Can you elaborate? Checklists make no mention of the use of bank angle to prevent or manage nose-high attitude, always good tactic to keep in your toolbag, although AOA would remain the same regardless of bank angle, no? Current FCTM states that "in extreme cases it may be necessary to aerodynamically relieve the airloads to allow manual trimming." There's also mention of changing speed towards the in-trim speed to relieve effort required to trim. In practice, anything more than several seconds of unnoticed runaway stab trim can require significant e
  4. Yes, seen over northern Ontario some time ago, perhaps 2 years. ATC said distance 35 miles, 2 o'clock, Google balloon testing internet access. Had no trouble seeing it at that distance, so must be large.
  5. Lovely. I've seen barrel slinging like this before, but with more finesse.
  6. Summary here: On March 20, 2019, a civilian passenger was accidentally ejected from a twin-seat Rafale B fighter jet as the aircraft was taking off from Saint-Dizier 113 airbase, eastern France. The final report of the French investigation bureau for State aviation safety (BEA-E) on the incident outlines a chain reaction of both human and technical failures, one of which unexpectedly prevented the fighter jet from crashing. The civilian passenger, identified by the
  7. My first thought was, "I'll have what she's having." My second thought was, "I don't think I'm allowed to." Sounds like someone who would vote for someone who knows how "the budget will balance itself." In fact, she might make a fine cabinet minister in said government.
  8. Damage from deadhead (tree) can be seen in video I posted above.
  9. Sounds like the hit a deadhead in the water.
  10. Our family renewed last fall when the window for renewal opened. Uneventful, completely comfortably before expiry.
  11. CADORS 2020O0353 The pilot of a Bearskin Airlines Fairchild SA227-DC (C-GJVB/BLS344) from Dryden, ON (CYHD) to Sioux Lookout, ON (CYXL) reported a loss of control during take-off, resulting in the aircraft sustaining damage. One minor injury was reported