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  1. What I'm puzzled by is the varying rules. In Calgary, bins seemingly have to be metered on to belt, can't be touching, not too close. Other airports, doesn't matter. At some airports, laptop can be in bin with other objects, as long as not covered by anything else. Calgary, laptop has to be in bin, centred perfectly, screen side up, just so (and they'll still feel the need to touch, to rearrange).
  2. Air Transat...Mexican Game

    I would expect that Flair's DFO is intimately familiar with the rules, given his profile on Linked-In lists Transport Canada Civil Aviation as a previous employer.
  3. Laptop ban to expand, perhaps

    Wouldn't trust a rental either. And, I used to put my laptop in my checked bag. Then my screen broke. Hardly surprising, given the level of care give to checked bags on occasion, or, more likely, the weight put on top of it when five other bags are stacked on top. And then a baggage handler showed me how he can get into a locked-shut zipper bag in 2 seconds.
  4. New President for Encore.

    No idea, but perhaps there is a recognition that they can't afford not to pay that well.
  5. I too don't want a gun. What I do envy is how those who do carry are treated at the security checkpoints.
  6. I don't think the WestJet pilot has bitten the hand that feeds him. He is likely entirely uninvolved in the media coverage of this situation and probably has sought no recognition for his "sin"; his only sin being having fed his fellow guests. And while the news coverage of the event makes no mentioned it, he may well have thanked AC for bringing him home. That his gratitude isn't mentioned doesn't mean it doesn't exist or wasn't expressed. I think this is a story because some passengers decided to make it a story, and the media picked it up and ran with it because it's easy journalism to turn a tweet into a story. I'm fairly sure this WestJet pilot had no motive other than to help. To suggest that "free riders" sit on their hands in future IROP events, I don't think would be constructive.
  7. Podesta, a passionate runner, used email, twitter, iCloud password runner4567. This "hack" wasn't a hack--it was a guess. It doesn't take a state actor to phish a fool.
  8. Is it Imminent?

    Perhaps the solution is to give a Nobel Peace Prize to Putin. While the one awarded in '09 was...optimistic in its intent--intentionally optimistic--surely another aspirational prize will bring peace to our troubled world.
  9. If you haven't made your decision yet, here are some more choices:
  10. Hopefully this isn't a result of "chickens coming home to roost." I found the following to be very alarming: In the end, the engineer won a monetary settlement which covered his legal costs, along with a retraction of the letter on his file. I find no mention anywhere as to why he was not represented in the proceedings by his trade union representatives.
  11. Westjet Weather Limits

    Vref speed on the -800 is automatically and artificially set higher than would be strictly necessary for the purpose of tailstrike protection. At high landing weights, Vref can be as high as 148 kts, resulting in a minimum target speed of 153, up to as high as 168 kts in high winds. Max demonstrated x-wind is not a limitation--it can, however, be a company SOP limitation further limited by varying levels of surface contamination. The split scimitar winglet adds a level of complexity in that now you add a wingtip-strike possibility into the mix, which must be managed through the use of a modified crosswind-landing technique.
  12. "Whether or not she was assaulted, I think we can all agree that it is probably true." Captain, you seem to feel that not only was she assaulted, but that an outside spectator to this legal proceedings would agree. "We" do not, we cannot from what "we" know, have read, or have heard. It would be irresponsible for a spectator to stipulate anything. Is your relative certainty due to some inside direct knowledge? Are you or can you be an corroborating witness to the stor[ies] in question? That might explain your certainty. If so, I'm sorry to hear of your involvement, and urge you to follow the appropriate channels to make sure that not only that the FA finds some success in her civil proceeding, but that perhaps the the authorities in any jurisdiction could find legal basis to pursue the matter further. When you mention "harassment training," can you be more specific? What exactly do you have in mind, that would be applicable to all groups, that might prevent this happening again? Thanks.
  13. WestJet News double wammy

    How about expanding on the other reasons you "decided" to "quit" WestJet? Was WestJet not sufficiently interested in accommodating the rigours your apparently higher-priority extra-curricular activities were imposing on your newly-chosen career choice? I suspect your reunions will be awkward, going forward. Sir.
  14. Q400 Single Engine Taxi

    Single Engine Taxi The Q400 average fuel burn for Two Engine Taxi is approximately 12 lb/minute. The Single Engine Taxi Operations – Considerations and Procedures are presented in the Q400 AOM, Section The potential fuel savings (for 1 engine operating, one engine shutdown) are on the order of 40% for the Start and Taxi fuel. For example, a standard departure that includes a two engine start followed by a 15 minute taxi will result in a fuel burn of 92.5 kg (204 lb). A single engine start, followed by a 15 minute taxi and delayed second engine start will consume approximately 54.4 kg (120 lb) of fuel.