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  1. Over 129,000 hours....

    I once stopped in at MZJ to take some pictures. Saw a bunch of tails on the horizon. Anyway, the reception at the gate was...unfriendly. I was unaware of the variety of tenants and their sensitivity to photography.
  2. WestJet 737 Max

    FMAX is a DHC-3T GMAX is a C152 First WS Maxs will be FRAX GRAX FNAX GXAX. FQAX, FTAX, GKAX, GQAX, GTAX aren't currently registered to anyone, but GGAX is the only one available in the registry.
  3. Swoop??

    Like a fox.
  4. Near Miss for UAL

    Likely explanation is that this is sourced from a Canadian news site. News sites frequently have hyperlinks to other similar stories embedded within or beside the story, because the reader of the story may be interested in other, similar, stories. Which helps ad revenue for the news site.
  5. Sunwing Incident
  6. What I'm puzzled by is the varying rules. In Calgary, bins seemingly have to be metered on to belt, can't be touching, not too close. Other airports, doesn't matter. At some airports, laptop can be in bin with other objects, as long as not covered by anything else. Calgary, laptop has to be in bin, centred perfectly, screen side up, just so (and they'll still feel the need to touch, to rearrange).
  7. Air Transat...Mexican Game

    I would expect that Flair's DFO is intimately familiar with the rules, given his profile on Linked-In lists Transport Canada Civil Aviation as a previous employer.
  8. Laptop ban to expand, perhaps

    Wouldn't trust a rental either. And, I used to put my laptop in my checked bag. Then my screen broke. Hardly surprising, given the level of care give to checked bags on occasion, or, more likely, the weight put on top of it when five other bags are stacked on top. And then a baggage handler showed me how he can get into a locked-shut zipper bag in 2 seconds.
  9. New President for Encore.

    No idea, but perhaps there is a recognition that they can't afford not to pay that well.
  10. I too don't want a gun. What I do envy is how those who do carry are treated at the security checkpoints.
  11. I don't think the WestJet pilot has bitten the hand that feeds him. He is likely entirely uninvolved in the media coverage of this situation and probably has sought no recognition for his "sin"; his only sin being having fed his fellow guests. And while the news coverage of the event makes no mentioned it, he may well have thanked AC for bringing him home. That his gratitude isn't mentioned doesn't mean it doesn't exist or wasn't expressed. I think this is a story because some passengers decided to make it a story, and the media picked it up and ran with it because it's easy journalism to turn a tweet into a story. I'm fairly sure this WestJet pilot had no motive other than to help. To suggest that "free riders" sit on their hands in future IROP events, I don't think would be constructive.
  12. Podesta, a passionate runner, used email, twitter, iCloud password runner4567. This "hack" wasn't a hack--it was a guess. It doesn't take a state actor to phish a fool.
  13. Is it Imminent?

    Perhaps the solution is to give a Nobel Peace Prize to Putin. While the one awarded in '09 was...optimistic in its intent--intentionally optimistic--surely another aspirational prize will bring peace to our troubled world.