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  1. Thank you everybody for your guidance and suggestions. T1guy.
  2. No, not yet. My main focus is to steer these guys away from ADS-B providers which I think are more suited for airborne data analysis than gate.
  3. Hi everybody. My company is looking for an accurate source for block-in times for an airport data product that we're developing. While, in my mind, the most accurate source of ATA's are from the airline itself but that's not technically feasible. I have compared source data from Flightstats.com and data directly from an airline and, obviously, it matches up. My problem is that my company was pitched, as a data source, ADS-B data, which my gut tells me is probably not as accurate as a direct feed from a Flightstats type company but don't have enough knowledge on the topic to say so. Some of my questions are: When does the transponder go on or off at airports? At the gate? Entering or exiting the runway? Any other ways that ADS-B may be faulty in this regard? Regards; T1 guy.
  4. I observed, in the CNN piece, that the bags with the plastic wrap appear to be untouched while others were in the process of being probed. Am I being ignorant or does that extra plastic wrap act as a deterrent or attractor? Oh. I'm a longtime lurker...I think this is my second post!
  5. CanadaEH, still getting the error on most of the images. Lounge looks really nice although the bridge would freak me out! T1guy
  6. My Flight Attendant wife, who's been in the cabin for 20 years, often recounts the poor behaviour of some her pax, but, unfortunately, those people fill the seats and pay the bills...... Early 90's my wife was phyisically assaulted by a male pax ( he was drunk) on board one of her CMM flights. She and the airline ended up going to court as the individual was charged with assault but unfortunately he got off on a technicality. I dare say now that that individual would have been treated very differently in todays climate. The episode hasn't clouded her opinon on people per se but she does tend to be a little more cautious when she has to confront somebody in flight. Me as an "airport" guy I often have first hand knowledge of PRP having to meet flights for one reason or another due to unruly Pax. Usually it's excess alcohol consumption that generates the request for authorities (or smoking in flight) but what really baffles me is that these individuals have no idea that they're jeapardizing their own safety (and those of their fellow pax) by being intoxicated. And my wife would be tasked to get their sorry asses off of the aircraft during an emergency!!! My all time fav was witnessing some moron kids coming off of some flight from Florida, sloshed, in the middle of January, in T-shirts and shorts and wondering how long they'd last out on the wind swept field if the aircraft had to evac.
  7. For Speedbrake and boestar and others who may have an interest in the system at YYZ. The Forewarn system at YYZ is owned and operated by the GTAA. The system is comprised of 3 "field mills" that are strategically located arounf the airfield. One on the south side of RWY 05's threshold, another on hanger 10 off of "kilo" twy, the other on top of the GTAA admin. The system also recieves realtime data from the "National Lightning Detection Network" but it's actually North America wide and run by Vaisala out of Pheonix I believe. The system receives realtime lightning strike data in conjunction will field mill values (which are a measurement of the electrical potential in the surrounding area. I can't remember how large of an area but it is significant) to trip alarm conditions on a remote annuciator box. The parameters are agreed apon by a comittee of airline representatives, (ACA Health and Safety reps are there as well I'm told), which may include how large of a range and what mill values may potentially trip it into red alert. eg 2500 Volts per meter and a strike within 20 km's of airport center, or just a strike within 8 km's of airport center. The system also has a monitor where you can visually watch the strikes. ACA also has a monitor which sits behind the STOC manager (or they did when I was up there last year) that is slaved against the GTAA's system and sensors. Have a look if you can during a boomer, it'll give you a new appreciation of the amount of strikes that can occur. When and only when the system trips into and out of RED will the GTAA AOCC do a voice call out to key agencies on the airport (includes ACA, WJA, NAVCAN, etc) to advise them of the condition as a backup to the annunciator. ACA trips the T2 strobes, the GTAA trips T1 and the IFT, TBI trips T3. The system has the capability of tripping strobes automagically but the will to do that hasn't happened yet. I'm told that ACA have decommissioned the old thorguard but I don't have carnal knowledge of that. For the record I have watched approaching systems on the monitor and witnessed strikes a considerable distance from the approaching cells. Not a lot but enough to make you think the next time you go to your kids soccer game in marginal or weird wx. T1GUY
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