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  1. Southshore

    Class Action Suit re AIFs at YYC

    Highest AIF ? I stand to be corrected but I believe Sydney has been 30 bucks for years. They have nice trucks. And again, not positive but Bathurst is 50 (!) bucks. Cash cows all.
  2. Southshore

    Have you considered these 5 pilot jobs?

    Banner towing always looked kinda fun. But, I'd sign up for the hurricane stuff in a heartbeat. I did thunderstorm seeding and research in a previous life and it was a blast. Weather stuff is fun.
  3. Southshore

    Lion Air Down

    My version - cleared a visual 33R YYZ, no guidance. Just a nice bright sunny day. Very young FO flying fresh from line indoc. About 10 miles back he says "so is this where I activate the approach?" Caught me off guard for a sec. I said "No. See the runway?" He says "yup". I said "Hit it with the wheels." He said something like "Huh. Really."
  4. Southshore

    747 at YHZ

    You are correct. Slight tailwind. Note to self - do not respond while mostly asleep
  5. Southshore

    747 at YHZ

    I must be missing something here. Wind was M260 16G21. By any measure that is a small headwind on Rw23. Where is this quartering tailwind chit chat coming from? If a light wind (for here) with a massive 5 kt gust is a problem, I have a tip for ya - don't come here...ever. There is another issue at play here which will come to light soon enough.
  6. In 30 years flying for Jazz and it's various iterations, I don't ever remember there being an implication of reprisal over safety issues. That doesn't mean there weren't vigorous discussions about issues. But, end of day, if I said we weren't going till an issue was dealt with, we didn't go. End of story. In fact one time they were going to cancel the flight because of a fuel transfer snag. I said 'Wait a minute. Plan it via another airport for diversion purposes. Legal and safe'. They said 'Ok. Cool! Did not think of that.' I had pretty high confidence in common safety motivations in all the divisions. I would think things would be pretty similar at the mainline.
  7. Southshore

    The New Bearded ones

    The best one I remember back in the day being told that mustache wax would spontaneously combust in the presence of oxygen (not true, of course). I bought some mustache wax once out of curiosity. It is disgusting, icky stuff. If it catches fire, you deserve it. It is an excellent birth control method because no right headed woman would come near you without bursting into laughter.
  8. Southshore

    Different Take on the HFX Crash of the AC 320

    Help me here, Lucy. The wind that miserable night was right down 33. The approach was RNAV 33. 624 couldn't do that app cuz it's an old 320 with no GNS rnav app. So, with a perfect xwind they chose the LOC 05. Wx is going above and below limits for that app. but never goes below limits for the ILS 23. Why, if they were going to live with the big xwind for 05,not take the same xwind for the ils23 with real vertical guidance? 05 can be a real black hole in wx like that. Never have figured that out. L'il help?
  9. Southshore

    Who Would Want This Home Simulator? I would throw up in my mouth in about 10 seconds without the vertical acceleration. Been there, done that. Actually, I think I just did.
  10. Southshore

    Ryanair Emergency Descent

    Ahh jeez you guys are making me all misty eyed. In another life I flew a Grumman (NOT Gulfstream!) G-1. Sim time was hard to come by (but fun). Simulated emerg descents were not at idle - hard on the layshafts of the engine I gather. But even then, we'd go down at better than 7 grand a minute, hangin in our belts. We came into YYC from Inuvik (YEV) and ended up a little high for a visual. Like 5 thousand feet high. Tower guy says "You gonna make it down OK?" "No prob" we says, "no prob". On that airplane the main gear can be extended, leaving the nose gear up, with no restrictions. Fell out of the sky. God, it was fun.
  11. My wife had a brain tumour removed (benign, we hope) about three weeks ago. (Doing fine . Thanks) Caring, great staff. Attached, attentive surgical staff all around. We are not bankrupt. As these things go - not bad. Ooops, oops - thread drift...sorry.
  12. Southshore

    New BA Safety Video

    it says these are the 'directors cut' so I imagine the onboard version would be appropriately shorter.
  13. Southshore

    One Hail of a Storm.

    Years ago, I was on descent into YYC late at night. Big storm NW of the airport. Hook echo, the whole bit. "Rats" I thought, "Probably a red alert, a hold and I'll miss the hotel van". Then the storm splits off, airport in sight, cleared the visual 34. Yay me! And I'm 10 minutes early to boot. Hotel van just rolling up. CAC 727 right behind me. Didn't go so well for him. I come back to work the next day and there sits the 27. Radome, lens' all gone. Life is timing.
  14. Southshore

    Wind at CYYZ yesterday...yikes !

    The follow on video (if you see the same list I did) answers the age old question "when a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound?" The answer is 'yes, yes it does cuz it's right FREAKIN' OVER THERE!!'
  15. Southshore

    Test Pilot

    My experience with a test pilot - Back in the early 80's we were doing an ITRAN to import a modified Grumman G-1. Because of the mods, Transport wanted a flight test of their own. So the TC dude comes for a meeting. Very nice guy, no nonsense but friendly. He had a flip pad of paper with a checklist of the maneuvers he wanted to see. Nothing really crazy but testing performance, stability, the usual stuff. So he briefs us and pushes the pad across the table to us and says "OK. You guys go do all this stuff and if you come back, then I'll go up with you." We kind of looked at each other, "Is he joking?". He was serious. Still makes me laugh tho.