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  1. I think the 'orphan' 400/500 37's have the same lap joint problems as the classics. With a low cost, high cycle operation in a salt corrosive region, the Hawaii 'convertible' leaps to mind.
  2. I read a different analysis that said the very small number of hours that the BUFF operates per year especially compared to civilian machines makes the cost and technical challenges are wildly disproportionate to the benefits that are, in the cold light of day, not needed. It would make it a cool toy though.
  3. Best line I saw on another website was "you picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel." Made me laff out loud. ?
  4. aka 'the Bamboo Bomber'. Quite incendiary I gather.
  5. I enjoyed the documentary as well. The title is a bit of an overstatement (P51 and P47 chaps might quarrel a bit) but it was the right plane at the right time for Britain. But I was puzzled about a couple of things. 1- The Hurricane was, as usual, under represented in any discussion of the Battle of Britain. They were in greater numbers and did a lot of the heavy lifting in spite of being seriously out performed. 2- A lot of the photos in the documentary that were supposed to be of the Spit were actually of the Hurricane. You can tell by the exhaust and gear geometry. Early Spits did look som
  6. for awhile, AC used to powerback the DC9 in YHZ. My god, the noise. Brutal.
  7. Depends on the application. eg. WM on the G1 only restored power to ISA values whereas on the CV 640 WM added power, about 600 hp I think. I don't know about the Hawker. And I'm about out of info now.
  8. My outfit had an office the the Field hangar. Never saw soooo many rivet heads in my life as on that airplane. ? Our G1 showed some metal being made in the oil. I called RR in YUL to ask if we had a serious problem. A Scotsman asked me "Does it have a part number on it?" I asked back "Does what have a part number?" He said "The metal in the oil". I said, confused, "No". He said "@#*$ing call me back when it does" and hung up on me. Gotta love the Darts.
  9. Just a small correction, I think. I remember being told they used what was supposed to be water meth but it was waste fuel stored in a WM barrel. When the WM kicked in - end of story. They hauled it off the ice, ferried it to Field Av in Yyc and rebuilt it. HS748 are some tough, tell ya wut.
  10. Ahh, you noticed my little 'frustration' thing there, didja? Sorry about that. Well, for a pretty smart bunch around here, some things tend to get missed. Like how far away and how different Gander and Goose Bay are from each other are. My ire stems from the endless number of comments are directed at Goose Bay (with which I have no connection except having been there a few dozen times years ago.) One is not even connected to the continent! But, thru this whole event, all the commentary was "how did this go so wrong?? What about 911?" Not even remotely connected. If Goose managed 7 large machin
  11. Oh for god's sake, you sure that's not GANDER you're thinking of? Kind of a big difference. Goose is a military airport with a terminal the size of a large bus. Lovely people tho. But you can't dump a load of folks there. The airplane was bigger and has WAY more washrooms. Sheesh.
  12. Highest AIF ? I stand to be corrected but I believe Sydney has been 30 bucks for years. They have nice trucks. And again, not positive but Bathurst is 50 (!) bucks. Cash cows all.
  13. Banner towing always looked kinda fun. But, I'd sign up for the hurricane stuff in a heartbeat. I did thunderstorm seeding and research in a previous life and it was a blast. Weather stuff is fun.