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  1. Also it says "Q400" in the caption under the photo. But no biggie. I've flown the "classic", as it's called now, for 15 years. Not only is it not a Q, it's not even a 300. See the tail bumper? Only on the -100. As far as the mist goes, I'd guess it's just AC condensation. I don't know the Q but on a humid day the Bae-146 would just pour the mist out. FA's always included the fact in their PA's. That being said, a Porter Q did an emerg descent and landing in YQY a while back. Evac'd on the runway. A rampie friend of mine was in the airplane while waiting for it to be recovered. He said it stunk of oil. I understand they changed both engines but stand to be corrected.
  2. In the video the doors aft of the gear leg are definitely open. They should be closed after extension. Gotta be a reason.
  3. And that is not a picture of a Q400.
  4. My kids grew up listening to him. Truly a national treasure. Hopefully for a long time yet. Positive vibes, as we used to say in the 60's.
  5. I went to the liquor store in Halifax before Christmas at the height of all the excitement about the northern harvest rye. They had an entire pallet out on the floor -didn't even bother putting it up on the shelves. I noticed that this had all been redirected from the States. There was no French on the box plus it showed as an imported from Canada liquor. I'm not a real rye fan but it was really good. Good for Gimli.
  6. Yeah, maybe Nope Nope Nope Pshyeah maybe
  7. Glad you liked the story. That Eurail pass trip to Europe changed my life. I had applied to university to be a social worker. Then there was the airshow. It was surreal to wake up in England to hear the craft that I had walked under 48 hours earlier was gone. However at this age I doubt I'll be back but you never know.It was an interesting period for the supersonic interested. The Soviets were desperate. Glad I was young then. Woulda liked to fly the Bear Cat and the Sea Fury. But then, with my skills, there is a good chance I wouldn't be here telling you this.
  8. Not sure what your question is. If it's about hard landings, you've obviously lived thru one of mine. As for the -144, They were a failed attempt to out Concorde the Concorde. But a number of years ago the Americans got the Russians to dig a 144 out of storage. They re-engined it with modern engines and instrumented the airframe for high speed research. That ended years ago. Now, my back story. I went to Europe as a teenager in 1973. I had never been in an aircraft til that trip. Ended up at the Paris airshow for fun. There were 2 Concordes at the airshow - one on flying display, the other static. There was only one -144. which was static til the last day of the airshow if I remember correctly. Rumour was that this really burned the -144 people. Walked around under the Tu-144 (Concordski as it was nicknamed). Line up was too long to go in it so I didn't bother. So, I wake up in England 2 days later to hear on the radio that the -144 had crashed into the town by the airport after pulling off a canard that went back and poked a hole in the fuel tank. Boom. Very grainy video of the accident is on the web somewhere. The -144 was only in service for a short time I came home and started flying lessons. Only 42 or so years ago.
  9. Mmmmyeah, I was wondering about that my self. Rosella was around way back. But like KP said - good on both of them. I knew female pilots back then who didn't get a break for no good reason, one who was one of my instructors.
  10. Doesn't matter much, I don't think. Somebody told me that it the chute is used the airframe is toast. Could be wrong.
  11. Apparently there is a big chunk of a second one in storage that they keep talking about completing. No idea if that's moved ahead at all. The original is getting a bit long in the tooth. It was built for their Buran program that never happened.
  12. So what did you miss when you DIDN'T watch the whole 15 minutes. You might have learned something. Yeah yeah, I know - open minds are a dangerous thing.
  13. It was a 100. I flew it a month ago. I thought they were supposed to be gone with 5000 cycles left. Tick tick.. But the fact of the matter is - they still do the job and there isn't much out there that will replace them. Put a few mill in them and you're good to go for a long while yet without buying new.
  14. Funny. Only one airline fa's wear pillbox hats. Not that I would mind.
  15. The fo probably got a week off for, when he finally got back in, for yelling "What is the matter with you, you #/^&$## idiot! Are you out of your /^&$#@# mind, you crazy @/*/$"@ **bleep**!"