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  1. I think Canadians who go to Emirates, Etihad, Cathay, etc, is a different matter altogether. None of those countries have the necessary general aviation infrastructure or enough local interest/qualified applicants for those positions, so they are forced to hire from outside. The motive is not making profit or finding cheap labour in these cases. At Transat, we recently hired guys from EU/ME who were highly experienced and looking to return back to Canada. Unfortunately some of them are now facing a layoff. We're still hoping the company can find some sort of solutions (ie. reduced blocks, LOAs, etc). Im sure some pilots will be bailing or looking for work elsewhere, even if they're not one of the 17. This is the first time I've worked at a company that is issuing layoff notices, and I haven't been too impressed with the way it has been dealt with. Im sure it won't be the last time either though.
  2. Thats a shame. Im making the move from T1 to T3, and was hoping Id get a chance to meet some of their FAs
  3. Maybe the GTAA should consider upping the fees of de-ice fluid for them. Or we could just increase the price of visas for UAE tourists too.
  4. I read elsewhere it's wet leased from Finland. Doing flights between YEG/YYC and Hawaii.
  5. Id heard rumours of Voyageur or Skyservice. Everyday there seems to be a new rumour, aviation is sooo exciting
  6. On avcanada, it's been mentioned that LOU18 is no longer in effect; however, nothing has officially been said about it through a memo, leading me to believe that maybe it still applies. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it I guess.
  7. True, but it's different when you're trying to go to a different company because it's unavoidable. Doing an entire initial is not the most pleasant experience, but in a case like this, you don't have a choice. Once within a company, if I could avoid switching from plane-to-plane and going back and forth between training I would, assuming there's no substantial benefits to pay or schedule. At Jazz in our last bid, I could have avoided the dash training and stayed on the RJ by bidding into YYC, but I figured commuting would have been a much bigger pain than going through an initial.
  8. That is good news. Transat is hiring as well, hopefully I can get a call back from either company Jazz is hiring about 50 pilots as well!
  9. Hey guys, Air Transat is looking for pilots, and Im interested in joining the team. But I really don't know much about the job in terms of lifestyle, QOL, work atmosphere, etc. Any current pilots care to comment on the job itself? Good or bad? Feel free to send me a pm if you don't want to respond publicly. Thanks in advance!!
  10. Well, there were a lot of us in YYZ who were on the RJ who got displaced onto the D8 or into a different base in our last bid, so we'll get re-instated if we choose too. We will also be hiring shortly to fill the other vacancies. Our equipment bid just came out a few weeks ago and showed a total of 37 vacancies, so that will be hopefully lead to some hiring very shortly.
  11. For captains, it went mostly senior. I believe the most junior captain who got a '57 spot was #100 or so on the list of yyz rj captains. There was 1 rj captain who bid for an FO spot too. For FO's, it went relatively junior. I think the 3 year seat freeze may have scared some senior FOs from bidding it since they wouldn't want to lose out on an upgrade on either the dash or rj.
  12. Training is beginning this month and there will be classes ongoing through December. Sounds like it will be done with Delta in ATL or MSP, and some guys may get "lucky" and may get sent over to the UK. The bid showed about 70 pilots coming off the RJ in YYZ to go over to the 757. At the moment, the pilots are set to fly the 57 during the fall/winter season, and then come back to the RJ during the off-season; however, there's talk of them being operated year-round. Hopefully it all goes smooth.
  13. "Lack of smiles" is something common in all olden days photos that Ive seen. I guess people didn't have much to smile about back in those days If you look at old photos from the US civil war era you will be hard pressed to find one with someone smiling!
  14. I thought these pictures were really neat. A glimpse into the past...
  15. Ahh, gotta love rumours! Ive heard someone mention Canjet. As with anything else in aviation, I won't believe it until I see it!