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  1. My guess....nobody north of middle management cared about what the responses were.
  2. In case you haven't seen it yet....A Message of cheer from WestJet: https://youtu.be/ME9PmSZedB4 Merry Christmas! 4S
  3. Cop Stories... Anyone Got A Good One?

    Great stories Mitch!!! I don't think I can beat 'em, but here's a try... The Mrs. (before she was Mrs. 4Stroke) and I were driving south from YYB along Hwy 11, somewhere north of Huntsville. We came over a hill, and down we go, doing about 120k (ish......) in a 90k. I can see the 4 cop cars along the side of the highway pulling people over, and before I can get a "oh F$#^" out of my mouth, I see 1 copper standing in the right hand lane, waving me over to stop. So I do. Car in park, get the license out, fumble with the glove box to get the registration. Mrs 4Stroke turns down the stereo. Gives me a look. Now that I'm married, I see this look often. Window goes down, cop leans in...."Hi there. You know the posted limit is 90 here right? Can I see your license?". Me: "Yes, sir, here you are". Mrs 4Stroke: "Ya, you know I told him he was distracted, we were listening to Jimmy Bufffett way too loud". Cop: "Ha, Buffett eh?". Smirks and disappears with my paperwork. 3 Minutes later, cop comes back, hands me my license and says: "Ok, drive safe you two parrotheads." I kid you not. To this day, my wife reminds me that she got me out of a big speeding ticket. I love her. =) 4S
  4. Seneca College And Jazz

    ....and they are again. At least two of the 'college program' pilots are now at AC. RJ or Dash as a first job, then a couple years later off to AC. Yep, nice career progression! ATPLs were obtained by renting time in singles to build PIC. Not saying its wrong or unsafe, just that this 'model' from Europe is now apparently accepted in Canada.
  5. Why did Air France 447 go down?

    Looks like the BEA has released their prelim FDR and CVR discoveries: BEA AF 447 Update 4S