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  1. Here's a better idea for my carbon tax, stop selling our milk, lumber, oil to the US. Use the carbon tax to support any displaced workers till we find other markets. Push through the kinder Morgan pipeline and forget keystone. Better yet, build refineries in Alberta. May be a pipe dream but I've had it with the garbage that comes out of trump's mouth. Cheers
  2. How did AC work around the contracts when starting Rouge? Maybe, they are taking a page from AC as Rouge is successful.
  3. I tell my F/A's the minute you encounter an idiot like that, write him up to cover ones 6 o'clock.
  4. They keep calling this an oversold situation, when in fact, it was a last minute DH crew that needed to be on board for operational reasons. Usually it's the pax that checked in last that is selected for off loading. The problem is that both the passenger, not wanting to leave, and the cops, believing that force is the answer, contributed to this unfortunate incident. Will be an interesting court case.
  5. I think that dry goods made sense to having your own catering. But now that hot meals will be increasing for the 767, Max and -800, it may make sense to have a provider that deals with this. IMHO
  6. Still awaiting the result from TC, but I still believe that "wind", aka windshear, was a factor.
  7. Good to know. Like I said, I don't know the airbus. Cheers.
  8. Or a US military personnel requested Argentina but ended up in Argentia in New Foundland. Lol
  9. Agreed that the wind was the major factor. Hope the report comes out sooner rather than later so that we can learn from this incident. Cheers.
  10. This is all interesting. What if, and I believe this to be the case, they arrived at the DA correctly and had the runway in sight, thus was now able to continue to land. The wx, especially the wind, at the time of the start of the approach was acceptable, but at the time of the incident, there was a report of the wind gusting up to 50+ knots. Is it possible that they had a sudden increase in wind followed by a sudden drop which caused a drop in airspeed that the onboard computers dropped the nose to prevent a stall? I ask as I've heard that the airbus computers tend to correct attitudes, without consent from the pilots, while in "normal law" to keep pilots honest, thus catching them off guard. I stand corrected as I'm not an Airbus driver. Maybe this could be the reason for the lawsuit.
  11. Then there will be a name change to "the stabbing cabin". Lol.
  12. Also consider increasing the maximum age from 65 to 70. Just a thought
  13. Shoes on the other foot. Instead of working for the "people", politicians are only concerned with their own agenda. No wonder voter turnout is so low.
  14. There was a documentary that showed ice falling from a clear sky. It turned it didn't come from an airplane but it was hail, carried in the jet stream. The chunks of ice did do the same damage like this one.