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  1. 2% dues vs $20 per pay. Many unions think gaining 2% raise is a win. After first contract, we all get a pay cut. Yes I know, tax deductible, but it’s still more coming out vs $20 that’s not tax deductible. Lol
  2. That’s why they bought into the BS of the disgruntled WPPA boys who wanted control but found another avenue. Will be interested to watch them see hoe ALPA destroy what the wjpa have achieved, even when mistakes were made. The only hope for the future is to decertify ALPA before it’s too late. Now, you who will call me all the various names, how do you reconcile the fact that talks are going nowhere, while with the wjpa, talks did proceed and the pilots always came out ahead. Flame away
  3. Ok autopilot, you have control, I have to go to the bathroom. Not gonna happen.
  4. So, after the announcement I guess you’re saying, because they were blindsided, they didn’t have discussions and plans going forward? Talks were being held with the aim of keeping it in-house. However, alpa went in a different direction and many followed them. There you are. We no longer have a seat and will now be like others saying, “would like to be a fly on the wall”. Sad indeed.
  5. The WJPA had talks to have WJ pilots flying those birds. Similar to AC pilots flying Rouge birds. The majority believed the propaganda of alpa. They made up their minds that separation was the way forward. Time will tell. Aw well. Cheers.
  6. We had talks to prevent exactly that, but we unionized and the door closed in our faces. Warnings of this was put out but many believed that alpa was the answer. So here we are, you have your point and I have mine. Only time will tell. I can’t do anything to change this and I will not entertain any action that would affect our wealth. We all are tied to this ship. The WB and max program will take a few years to see how the plan works out. Then either you or I can say to the other, “I told you so”. Cheers and keep the faith.
  7. I did. But you are being short sighted. Did they layoff as a result of this? Did they reduce your flying? What are they going to replace those tails with? Max, right. What are they going to with them? They announced Paris. What else is to come? Just saying. These guys were ridiculed for years by the “big guns”, alpa, etc, yet they keep proving them wrong. You have lost your way by listening to the nay sayers. Instead, remember why you joined WJ and how they did things differently, and it worked. Yes, hiccup will happen, but you need to have faith. I don’t trust alpa or the nay sayers that have come on to the property as they don’t give a hoot about you except to get your 2%. The key to our future is to remember our past, not theirs. Imho.
  8. Then layoff. Or, embrace the vision as set out by our leaders. The plan calls for 10 787, but could increase to 20. Feed is key to support the WB fleet. If not, then ...... IMHO
  9. By the way, prior to the ALPA vote, I attended a "town hall" meeting in Toronto and the min daily credit was put to Greg. He indicated he will work with whatever you want, but something had to be given up from the contract. He was alluding the guaranteed off days, hinting that instead of 16 days a month for building a schedule, that number could rise to 18 or 19 days to build a monthly schedule. Hence my asking those at other shops if they can enlighten me as to the average off days per month with min daily credit. Note, seniority is not an option at WJ when it comes to building monthly schedules.
  10. And, you are calling for min daily credit. Maybe those that have it can state how many guaranteed days off per month they get. WJ pilots are guaranteed, at the very least, 14 days off per month. If a high credit, min rest, crossing multiple time zones, fatiguing pairing show up, as a result of having to sit on your thumb, you can book off, file a report and get paid. Is that the same at non WJ shops?
  11. Agreed. However, it seems that KSFO have issues over the last few years. Lets hope that the investigation come up with something that we all can learn from. Cheers
  12. Maybe KSFO is the problem, not discounting fatigue. CPDLC could also help as its another backup, like 121.5, in the event atc can't get a hold of you. But, the yanks don't use it. Maybe when ADS-B becomes mandatory in 2020, the US will utilize this technology. Cheers.
  13. If you are not happy where you are, then move on if it's in your best interest. If movement puts a strain to one's previous organisation, then it can improve conditions for those that remain. Good luck on your decision and wish you well. Cheers
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