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  1. There was a documentary that showed ice falling from a clear sky. It turned it didn't come from an airplane but it was hail, carried in the jet stream. The chunks of ice did do the same damage like this one.
  2. Just heard that it's possible it came off a Q400 on landing. Investigation is being done.
  3. If it was ice off an airplane, it could have come from any airplane that departed around the time of the incident at the home. Not enough time for the lav to create a block. Only other source, deice fluid. Interesting.
  4. Touche. But, that's Santa Clause. lol
  5. Only problem I see, landing a medium behind a heavy at such close proximity. IMHO.
  6. There are times when the news media piss me off with incorrect information. If the media is making false claims, by all means, bring it to light. However, when a president starts denouncing all of them, as Trump is doing, it only makes me think of dictators who need to stifle the news media so they can do their "deeds". IMHO
  7. If there ever a need for a "black list", this is one example. Next time these people want to fly, they should be refused as they do not wish to follow safety instructions. Cheers
  8. You know, it's really not you I'm thinking about anymore, since you know it all, but I'm concerned about our remaining guests that will be hurt when you become a projectile. I hope your fellow passengers are listening to this so that they can sue you for being such an a$$. That is what I'll like to say. Lol.
  9. Is it possible that he did this act for his fellow travellers, while at the same time acknowledging his company, without looking for publicity, even though it backfired on his intention? Cheers
  10. Agreed Defcon. To land on a taxiway, intentional or otherwise, is one thing. To overfly the B737, as you stated, does question his "airmanship". This usually could result is one's loss of license till one gets some "retraining". Cheers
  11. We pay a high rate of taxes. It is suppose to run the country. Things like health care, maintanance of our roads and highways, electricity, water, and other necessities for living in this beautiful country. However, I'm against user fees for medical care, tolls, etc, as our taxes are suppose to cover these items. Our government uses our taxes to fund other pet projects, thus not doing what needs to be done. This is my beef with the federal, provincial and local government officials. I make it my business to vote to keep them honest. It's our right that keeps us "free". Cheers.
  12. Agreed. It start off small to see how far he can get away with his dictatorial manner. If he's not stopped or forced to change by the will of his people, he'll get worse. Good on those folks for standing up and peacefully protesting. Cheers.
  13. Actually, we have seen this before in recent history. Germany in the thirties when hitler came into power where he targeted the Jews. Not uncharted, dangerous.