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  1. Lol Fido.
  2. Or the love boat. Lol
  3. First off, the crew that flies the -800, also flies the -700 and -600. The wx may have been down at another city and that bird, which was to do the flight out of cyhz, was delayed. They had to send another with another crew to operate that flight using one of the smaller types. It wasn't an overbook condition in the traditional form, but one where there wasn't enough seats, due to it being a smaller bird. Big difference but a problem nonetheless. As to how they choose who gets moved to other flights, maybe they were informed as to why they were chosen vs others. My quarterback armchair opinion without knowing the inside story. Cheers
  4. And LGW
  5. However, the win with the Paris agreement is the fact that China, India, and other major polluters are on board with only two, now three adding the US, not on board. The US has given up being at the table. It will be interesting to see if the US will be invited to other meetings. The fact that many major corporations, including oil companies, distances themselves from Trump's position has nothing to do with the environment but not being at the table to influence their positions. Interesting times ahead.
  6. We are land locked. Either we close the taps and stick our middle finger to the rest, especially BC, QB and the US, OR refine our own oil and produce all the products, not just gas, that come from it. There is still the rail system that can transport these same products. Maybe it about time that Alberta dictate vs going cap in hand. It will require billions to achieve it, but with policies, aka using the tax system, to attract the private sector to get on board. Of course it would require an about change in our government as well as strict environmental policies to ensure these industries be as clean as possible. I'm dreaming, but what the hell. IMHO
  7. It's about time that Alberta realize that its time to refine our own oil. Also, diversify to the clean energy markets. We must control our own destiny and not rely on others. IMHO
  8. Yet they can't even control drones. Look out above.
  9. Sorry, I'm in between sites. What I should have said, I hope we didn't throw them under the bus. cheers.
  10. The contract is frozen for 30 days after the CIRB confirms it. The contract then opens up.
  11. Malcom, the WB is covered by the current contract for mainline. The big question is the one list, where Encore pilots that flow to mainline can carry their original DOH. ALPA's position, when reviewing their other shops, not going to happen. We may have thrown them under the bus. I hope not, but......
  12. Separate.
  13. Correct. Started yesterday, Friday and ends next Friday at noon EST. Cheers
  14. With the proposed reduction of seat pitch, the pax in front reclining will reduce the space for that guest behind. Better to have a few complain vs all. That's the price of buying a ULCC ticket. Imho.
  15. 10 of them are.