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  1. When I see 666 on the EGT gauge, I too tap the thrust lever to change it. It's quite funny to observe my winger's expression. Lol. Cheers.
  2. Friday the 13 is ok. 666 is the number given to devil. NOPE. Cheers.
  3. Didn't AA lost a 767 after takeoff, ex JFK behind a 747 wake, due to the over controlling of the rudder, which caused the tail empennage to snap off? I'd say that this bird would need to pull data on the g forces and possible an inspection of the tail. Ouch
  4. Monarch (UK) grounded

    Are those parked birds a result of the recent hurricanes? Hmmmm
  5. Right On Matthew. Nicely done. Cheers
  6. Thanks for the link. I've been on AA with their zone boarding, based on your ticket price, where the less you pay the higher the zone number. They are very good at denying boarding to those that try to jump the line. The ones with the lower zone numbers board first and get at the overhead bins for their bags. At wja, we tried that and went back to plus and emergency rows first, then free for all. Those that board last will have trouble finding overhead bins free. It appears to work well and boarding is done within the allotted time but do have to deal with bags that can't fit. There is always the announcement that guests can check their bags free of charge on full flights. Personally, I hate this as it encourages many to not check their bags, paying the fee, arriving at the gate to check it in gratis. They should charge at the gate to avoid this, but it's above my pay grade. Cheers.
  7. Issue the ATIS at the same time every hour, similar to the US, UK, etc., at 56 to the hour. It's quite annoying that the ATIS can be issued at whatever time they get around to it. For me, at all close parallel runways, I brief that we hold short of the other runway. Eg. landing on 24L in CYYZ, hold short of 24R and stay on tower frequency. Cheers.
  8. Maybe they were overweight for landing in CYHZ, thus returning to CYYZ to burn off fuel to get under their max landing weight. Plus, as was indicated in a previous post, crew available in CYYZ vs CYHZ. Cheers.
  9. Fifi and Doc

    Nice. Thanks for posting. Cheers
  10. I hope that I'm able to check in online to a least secure a seat. May still have to go to an agent to retrieve my boarding pass and check my bag. But, if not, and we go back 30 years, then the airlines will win as I'll have to pay extra to secure a seat when doing up my reservation. Of course, the blow back is when the rest of the world do the same. Costs will go up, especially for the ULCC et al, as they will need to hire more people. Maybe this will reregulate the industry in some fashion.
  11. SFO Incident

    From the news report, it appears after the ac crew queried about traffic on 28R. Aircraft on the taxiway indicated that ac was going to land on taxiway C, thus atc ordered the go around. Hope to hear the crews version. At night, lights makes things look a lot closer than actual position. Also, when was the last time this crew flew into sfo, if ever. Is sfo jinx especially when the airport have reduced equipment, be it no ils or closed runways, and foreign crews? Hmmm
  12. SFO Incident

    Being night time and possibly a long day, they may be looking for two runways when in fact there was only one due to the notam. The misidentification of taxiway C is quite understandable, hence the query to atc about traffic on what they thought was an active runway. Once it was recognized, the go around call was made. Long day for that crew. All's well that end's well good job all around. The media blew it out of proportion. Cheers.
  13. SFO Incident

    One of my callouts when landing on close parallel runways, especially in vmc conditions, is to look out the window and ensure we are tracking to the correct runway and call that fact out with my winger. From my armchair, assuming that 28L was notamed closed and all lights turned off, I can see why taxiway C could be confused with RWY 28R, especially giving the above observation. Of course one should have the ILS on 28R up to compare that the picture matches what you are expecting. Good on the crew to query ATC. Fatigue may have been a factor. Will hope we get something on this so that all crews can appreciate that things can go south in a hurry, even in vmc conditions, therefore one must be vigilant. Maybe, when a runway is notamed closed, consideration could be given to having the lights on but with some flashing X, especially with close parallel runways. Cheers.
  14. An interesting CRM senerio. Good job on this crew.
  15. Here's one possible to reduce the cutting down of trees, which help in removing CO2 and give off O2.