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  1. You are correct on a lot of points there rudder, but take in to account that WestJet his bulging on some routes, while skinny on others. AC has the ability to gauge the aircraft to the demand - which I think is some of the methodology to Encore. We've been a one type fleet up unitl next month. For low pricing, every route ever started by WJ has been sale priced. I think the recent history proves that they quickly return to disciplined pricing / yield management. Only time will tell if Encore is a flop, but so far, those appear to be some fairly well thought out routes.
  2. That is pretty much what i've read, and almost verbatim to what my stock guy told me. My only issue is that the fleet has so much flexibility that no one can really figure out if it is status quo or an actual increase in ASM's. It's still just airline stock, so taking the down side is just part of the game.
  3. By 2018 it is min 100 737's, max135.
  4. It is easy to forget how clean our fleet is. I actually had to fly with an MEL yesterday... I even had to pull the big annoying book out.
  5. Dispatchers have it as an annual requirement. Its nuts that a controller with less than 12 years tenure has never had the chance.
  6. You have to love the media making the news. I can't think of a pilot who would ever 'ignore' a clearance. Way too many factors involved to make a judgment, yet the media still does it. They really need a code of ethics.
  7. Little bit more on this, source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/story/2013/03/15/toronto-airport-runway-van.html Story: The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is launching an investigation after an Air Canada flight arriving at Toronto's Pearson International Airport ignored orders to abort its landing as a driverless van rolled onto the runway. The flight from Edmonton was landing shortly before midnight on Monday. Ewan Tasker, one of two investigators who conducted an initial probe, told CBC News that they consider the near-collision "quite serious." Though there are hundreds of s
  8. Too funny... I've seen your posts on here for a while and said 'I think I know that guy'. I was your FO at one time, we golfed, and both owned MG's. We're also on Facebook.
  9. Haven't heard or seen anything about Sky Regional. What are they doing wrong? ( other than poaching jets )
  10. Very well done... the 'Peak Frean Shortbread' makes it.
  11. I thought I was crazy that in past few years I wanted to trade the 737 performance (and cramped flight deck) for an A320 that I could stand up in and has a table in front of me... I was just getting older.
  12. Kmart is near Costco for cheap 'leave behind' beach stuff. Often the condos have a collection of chairs, coolers and umbrellas though. For breakfast, Kihei Caffe is a must at least once. You won't eat for the rest of the day. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/37/411158/restaurant/Hawaii/Kihei-Wailea/Kihei-Caffe-Kihei
  13. The problem is what is referred to as a 'qualified pilot'. The loop hole being exploited is the requirement to have a 737NG type rating. There are many Canadian pilots here, in Canada, who have been putting their time in and dreaming about a jet job. Now they can't because a Canadian airline won't pay to train them on the type they operate, as they had in the past. Add to this that we've had numerous bankruptcies, leaving previously employed pilots out of the industry, like Wolfhunter states above. In the wisdom of the HRDC, we can't find a qualified pilot for these airlines in Canada. I have
  14. That's a tough one, none of us really know the nuance of the situation (since this is the media and we are well aware that they create news to sell papers). I would personally have a hard time going against an FA who was dealing with an unruly passenger. As someone mentioned, we manage risk but that flightdeck door creates a lot of communication problems and I'd rather be wrong on the ground instead of wrong in the air.
  15. That is a solution but not a legal one. Try and find something that can fix this type of problem within the laws and resources available. It quickly becomes a reality that the problem is huge. The downtown east side of Vancouver is one of the biggest elephants in the room (country). The crime feeds the drugs, the drugs feed the crimes, it will get worse.
  16. I don't know the solution. Only a few facts from some education on the subject. If it is jail then hopefully they have a good recovery program for when he gets out. As much sense as it makes to lock someone up to protect others, we all know they will not give life for the offence in Canada. So yes... He will get out, he will drive without a license and he will get caught again.
  17. When there is 19 DUI's it isn't just a mistake any more. When it comes to an addiction, you can ban anything you want, suspend anything you want and even throw them in jail... nothing is more important that the drug. When they get out of jail, repeat... You're dealing with a diseased brain that needs a treatment. Most addictions come from the same place and depending on what the drug is, dictates the correct treatment to a strong enough recovery that will prevent relapse. It gets more complicated when you look at the individual and where they are in life to know if they will ever take the help
  18. Good point seeker. It has taken a long time to get reporting levels up. If this is allowed to happen we'll see reporting drop off a cliff.
  19. You'd think Canadian airlines would be experts at getting temporary foreign workers in the air...
  20. Terrible news. I flew in to Sanikiluaq years ago and it can have some challenging weather with fog and winds. I wonder how the lap held infant rule will hold up after this.
  21. http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20121108-716601.html "We are in discussions with the federal government, where we would like to extend the moratorium, where we have a cap for the next 'x' number of years, hopefully 10, that would take away that risk of interest rates being low for that period of time," said Mr. Rousseau. Hopefully he is right.
  22. So the minister of Finance, the Governor for the BOC, even the IMF spend their last few years touting the fortitude of Canada's fiscal policy, but you feel we need to 'update' to be like other countries? Sorry... how did the gun thing creep in here?