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  1. You are correct on a lot of points there rudder, but take in to account that WestJet his bulging on some routes, while skinny on others. AC has the ability to gauge the aircraft to the demand - which I think is some of the methodology to Encore. We've been a one type fleet up unitl next month. For low pricing, every route ever started by WJ has been sale priced. I think the recent history proves that they quickly return to disciplined pricing / yield management. Only time will tell if Encore is a flop, but so far, those appear to be some fairly well thought out routes.
  2. That is pretty much what i've read, and almost verbatim to what my stock guy told me. My only issue is that the fleet has so much flexibility that no one can really figure out if it is status quo or an actual increase in ASM's. It's still just airline stock, so taking the down side is just part of the game.
  3. By 2018 it is min 100 737's, max135.
  4. It is easy to forget how clean our fleet is. I actually had to fly with an MEL yesterday... I even had to pull the big annoying book out.
  5. Dispatchers have it as an annual requirement. Its nuts that a controller with less than 12 years tenure has never had the chance.
  6. You have to love the media making the news. I can't think of a pilot who would ever 'ignore' a clearance. Way too many factors involved to make a judgment, yet the media still does it. They really need a code of ethics.
  7. Little bit more on this, source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/story/2013/03/15/toronto-airport-runway-van.html Story: The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is launching an investigation after an Air Canada flight arriving at Toronto's Pearson International Airport ignored orders to abort its landing as a driverless van rolled onto the runway. The flight from Edmonton was landing shortly before midnight on Monday. Ewan Tasker, one of two investigators who conducted an initial probe, told CBC News that they consider the near-collision "quite serious." Though there are hundreds of so-called runway incursions in Canada each year, Tasker said this one is noteworthy because of the driverless vehicle and the risk of a collision. "That's highly unusual," he said. An initial Transport Canada incident report posted online Tuesday said that Air Canada Flight 178, an Embraer 190 jet, was finishing its flight at 11:39 p.m. ET when ground radar detected an object on the runway. Flight crew thought orders were for othersThe flight crew was told twice to pull up and go around but the plane landed anyway, the report said. "Did you hear my two calls to pull up and go around sir?" air traffic control is heard telling the plane's pilot in an audio recording obtained by CBC News. "I'm sorry, we heard them. We thought they were for somebody else," the pilot said in response. The flight crew again told Transport Canada after landing that they thought the order was for another plane. The object on the runway turned out to be an unoccupied Sunwing Airlines cargo van with keys in the ignition, in gear, with its lights and orange airport beacon on. The Air Canada crew members said they never saw the van. The report said the van's driver was servicing a Sunwing Boeing 737 and "came out of the aircraft to discover the van was missing." Tasker said the van apparently caused minor damage to the Boeing 737 when its mirror made contact with the outside of an engine. The van rolled slowly for about three minutes and crossed the 60-metre wide runway. The board hasn't been able to determine yet how close the Air Canada plane and the van got to each other, but Tasker said if the aircraft was on its proper landing path there was a risk the plane would have hit the van before touching down. He wasn't aware how many people were on the flight, but Air Canada configures the Embraer 190 to hold 97 passengers. Between 10 and 15 people will conduct the investigation. The safety board's reports can take anywhere from six months to more than a year to prepare, Tasker said. The board does not assign blame or suggest punishments. Hundreds of runway incursions yearlyThe board has runway collisions on its safety "watch list," calling it one of the nine transportation safety issues posing the greatest risk to Canadians. In an online video, director of operational services Leo Donati said that from 2001 to 2009 there were 4,100 runway incursions in Canada. Given that there were millions of takeoffs and landings in that time, such incidents are relatively uncommon, he said. However, the board is concerned that the numbers aren't decreasing. In 2010, there were 351 incursions. In 2011, there were another 446. "The TSB is pushing for the advancement of airport procedures and collision defences to reduce these occurrences," he said in the 2012 video. "And until the risk of collisions is sufficiently addressed at Canadian airports, this issue will remain on our safety watch list."
  8. Too funny... I've seen your posts on here for a while and said 'I think I know that guy'. I was your FO at one time, we golfed, and both owned MG's. We're also on Facebook.
  9. Haven't heard or seen anything about Sky Regional. What are they doing wrong? ( other than poaching jets )
  10. Very well done... the 'Peak Frean Shortbread' makes it.
  11. I thought I was crazy that in past few years I wanted to trade the 737 performance (and cramped flight deck) for an A320 that I could stand up in and has a table in front of me... I was just getting older.
  12. Kmart is near Costco for cheap 'leave behind' beach stuff. Often the condos have a collection of chairs, coolers and umbrellas though. For breakfast, Kihei Caffe is a must at least once. You won't eat for the rest of the day. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/37/411158/restaurant/Hawaii/Kihei-Wailea/Kihei-Caffe-Kihei
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