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  1. Quote from Bean "Read the disclaimer at the bottom. Its basically a union advertorial. Most WJ'rs would read this and see the countless inaccuracies verging on lies and would have to ask if that is the direction they want to head in. The author obviously knows a lot about typical union rhetoric, and very little about WestJet. That's pretty much par for the course. Most unions I'm familiar with have one goal: to extract as much cash as they possibly can from as many people as possible, make vague promises, and generally screw the membership of the smaller locals to the benefit of larger memb
  2. I think it's inappropriate for Westjet pilots to be discussing our current difficulties on this public forum. I was going to suggest the WJPA forum is better for some honest dialog but as of this evening all WPPA executive and committee members have been locked out of the WJPA forum . So, for real dialog I suggest going to WPPA.ca and joining the forum there.
  3. Dave, you and I debating each other's perspective on the proposed agreement is likely not going to solve much, and on a public forum, probably not all that appropriate. Personnally, I have no animosity toward our pilots that do not share my views, or corporate management for that matter. They are doing what they are paid to do - increase revenue and reduce costs, and have done some great things for the company. Of the few times I have spoken with Gregg I have found him to be very pleasant and extremely sharp. I agree with you - I hate to see people taking this too personally - this is a d
  4. What DR1 isn't saying is that all the pilots wanted was status quo on the pay, status quo on the days worked, and 2% COLA, and some form of realistic YOS for FOs looking at 10 - 12 years to upgrade. None of that was addressed - we voted no. Very simple.
  5. The membership fee is $60 or $50 if you are with Westjet or AC. ACPA and the WJPA provided seed money to the College a couple of years ago to the tune of about $10 per member.
  6. Hello All, Thought I would share the following information on this organization that was started three years ago by a group of pilots from AC, Jazz, Westjet, Air Transat, Skyservice etc. The College has reached the point where it is accepting membership and after reading and talking with the directors I believe it will be an excellent vehicle to raise the profile of our profession, act as a unified voice for Candian pilots, and indirectly, improve the life of pilots in this country, particularly those working for smaller operators. I encourage you to visit the site and make your own decision
  7. Spin - not sure how you would be covered for cause I dont know what the max is -- as for too much insurance - you know you are over insured when you wife and kids start giving that cold speculative look
  8. Employees receive 1.5 x annual earnings up to a max of 500,000 plus spousal and child coverage of 10,000 and 5000 respectively. There is an option to purchase additional coverage under group rates which are quite reasonable.
  9. Hopefully to put an end to the bickering - I was the guy flying the thing. As I mentioned earlier, the CADORS information is in error - we made no report of turbulence through 390 and had only encountered occasional very light turb in the climb. There was not CAT or wave forecast or reported. As we leveled at 410 the Mach started increasing very rapidly and the recovery was initiated then. I really did try to get this across in the earlier posts - lets close this one out shall we...
  10. Optimum altitude (most fuel efficient) will occur at max certification altitude if the aircraft is light enough. Depending on the aircraft weight, optimum altitude is limited or governed by: a) max certified altitude b aerodynamic limitations - 1.3g buffet boundary c) available thrust In the case of the 600NG, because of the large wing, light weight, and lots of thrust quite often the limiting factor for optimum altitude is max certified altitude
  11. Precisely why I rarely read and more rarely post on forums. In this case I had thought that the relevant questions had been answered. Handyman, given the number of Airbuses one hears daily operating at 390, or Boeing NGs at 410 in other words MAX alitiude, with many airlines across the continent, I wonder what is on your CV??
  12. Seeker - While we don't see 410 too often in the 700, and very rarely in the 800, it is very common in the 600 for the reasons mentioned above - and yes it is quite common to see a 40 or 50 knot window level at 410. Obviously no one would go to 410 even if planned if there was wave/shear/CAT forecast or reported. In this case the entire experience was not accompanied by turbulence (except as the aircraft nibbled at the buffet while climbing through 420). It came on very quickly, with the aircraft into overspeed clacker almost immediately. Kip - my apologies - I'm afraid I am a bit short on
  13. Another armchair expert - FL 410 was the OPTIMUM altitude for that aircraft at that weight. Yes airlines routinely operate at the max altitude of the airframe if weight allows a safe airspeed window and the economics make sense. The 600 has a huge wing in relationship to the weight of the airframe - we roultinely climb direct to 400 or 410 with a 50 KT speed window. The max ceiling of the 737 is no secret - glad you know how to surf
  14. 1) There was no reported wave activity for that region. The winds at lower levels were not strong enough to generate wave. 2) The CADORS got it wrong - there was no turb reported through 390 by the pilots - and only occasional light turb encountered through the climb. 3) Mach increased very rapidly As the A/C leveled at 410 - requiring the climb to get out of clacker and buffet - I suspect shear associated with climbing out of the jet.
  15. Oops... forgot another way that may be cheaper. You may be able to network your to computers through USB.