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  1. What if he/she never showed up for either of the flights at all? Would they sue for that? Ridiculous!
  2. Look like a normal go around to me. The lowest altitude I see is about 500 feet, very conservative.
  3. What about extortion? Could it be someone is causing all this havoc with a hope for a payout? If/when they catch this guy(s) his life will be ruined. Lots of jail time and hundreds of thousands of dollars will be owed by the time the rcmp and lawyers are done with him/her/them.
  4. I was just informed that the vote closed at 9:00am the next morning. Glad to hear that the maintenance wasn't during the last few minutes of the vote.
  5. 15 minutes, ok, good to know. Too bad that's not common knowledge for all the employees because I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will have a field day with it. Also too bad that they couldn't have waited 1/2 an hour to do the maintenance until the vote was over (I'm assuming it closed at midnight).
  6. Apparently the voting website was down for a large amount of time during the last day of voting. I wonder how many votes weren't allowed to try that would have otherwise voted.
  7. WestJet is allowed 3 flight attendants for their 737-600 and 737-700 models which have 4 door exits (and 2 over-wing exits) in the cabin. 119 and 136 passenger seats respectively. I for one would like to see how the lone FA at the back would be able to manage one door while at the same time block off the other exit if it was deemed unavailable for whatever reason (smoke, debris, fire, etc.). All while fighting against the mass of bodies panicking to get out with their carry-on bags in hand.
  8. Are there any airports where people still cross the ramp? Hawaii? The Caribbean?
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't YVR the site where the bomb was loaded onto the Air India flight via the baggage room?
  10. ... Or this view. Normally I don't like giving socialists their box to stand on but if even half of what she says is true then it has my vote. Long but interesting... http://www.robynallan.com/2013/12/09/pipelines-and-oil-tankers/
  11. "dr1, I can't believe a person in your position is on this public forum. Basically calling out the pilots on their collective (democratic) decision to reject this TA. Your arrogance is unmatched. Your actions will only fuel this situation. You should be ashamed, and held accountable for your actions. It won't go unnoticed, I promise." Whoooaaa, easy there parakeet, sounds like you're a little trigger happy. I can tell you that DR1 is anything but an arrogant guy. He's salt of the earth and is one of a handful of pilots that helped build Westjet into what it is today. I doubt youd find a better person to fly with and learn from than him. Isn't sharing opinions on this forum exactly what it's for? I wish there we more guys in his position sharing their ideas on here (this forum has been pretty lame lately).
  12. Mitch, I don't know if I'd say "Very Doomed" but rather "Very Unionized". Same thing!
  13. Personally, I think that the American controllers do a much better job than Canadian ones. They offer much more information (storms, routing, communicating with the next sectors, etc. ) and will even offer direct routes to us without having to ask first. Perhaps the Canadians are more restricted in what they are allowed to do. The yanks must pull their hair out waking for takeoff clearance in places like Calgary.
  14. Oh puuulease! This could also be your child being endangered by some drug crazed psycho. Or even your child on the police force itself! I have no problem giving these "tools" to the people entrusted to keeping the law abiding citizens safe.
  15. Does using a pin to get to a web site automatically mean that you are viewing sensitive data? We all use a pin to access this site, and I would hardly call this secretive (or intelligent) stuff!
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