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  1. - Wayne Gretzky's Dad (can't remember where to, really nice guy) - Bobby Hull (to YYZ-ALB to open some arena, biggest hands ever. I kept a photo of my gf (now wife) in my hat and asked him to sign it. So I now have a photo of my wife, signed on the back: "Thanks for the ride, Bobby Hull" - Canadian Brass (chartered for a concert in Burlington Vermont. Landed the C208 in a snowstorm, and the airport went below limits right after that and closed. Tipped me $100US and said, "have a nice night, we won't need you 'til noon, plan your activities accordingly!" ) - took a CRM course at Flight Sa
  2. Never having been hang gliding myself, I am unfamiliar with the harness/restraint system. How does this happen? Tragic.
  3. My mistake. I was thinking of the former CON-MP for Guelph who was not re-elected (poor research on my part, I assumed he won). My bad.
  4. Isn't there an Air Canada pilot who is now a Conservative MP? Wonder what his position is on legislating AC employees back to work, since it would pretty much make ACPA's strike capability null and void...
  5. ...that this article isn't being discussed here. Yeah, yeah, forum rules re: defamation etc, but surely we can have a discussion without name-calling, and referring to the man in question specifically. Personally, I think this article will not garner ANY sympathy from anyone. The agreed upon contract between employer and employee should be honoured, not used when it's convenient to "clear the decks" so to speak so one can advance up the pole, and then changed to suit an individual's needs when it'
  6. More wet-leased 757s, or more pics of this short-term "one-time only fact finding experiment" bird?
  7. YES! I was asked 3-4 times if I was a fireman! And yes, don't preach the parts and switches, but I did point and asked if anyone knew what they were.
  8. I did this last year for my kid's kindergarten class. Grade 6's might be a little different, but I second the visual aids thing. I brought in a large airplane and pointed out all the main parts (you can probably get more advanced than my "wings, tail, fuselage, landing gear". Get them to ask questions, they'll have a bunch. I also brought in my cockpit poster mockups from my sim training that I had kicking around and pointed out some basic things like light switches, fuel pumps etc. A big hit with them was the "build a paper airplane with me" at the end of the session. It was a little adv
  9. So you think suitable consequences of challenging the cops (non-violently, but verbally, while drunk) is to have your wife/partner gang raped by the constables at the station? My point is, Mexico is corrupt, and it's a boring place to go for vacation when all you can pretty much do is sit around on a hot overstuffed beach with pasty white overweight North Americans inside a "safe" compound drinking watered down booze. Not my idea of a fun vacation when you can't feel safe going outside the walls of the resort to explore the place. I'm not much of a "sit around on the beach" kinda guy. W
  10. 1) If this Q was directed at me, yes I did, as well as saw it on The National last night. 2) What's your point?
  11. No thanks. I'll pay more and go to Hawaii. No way in hell I'd ever take my family to Mexico...
  12. If one wants to slow down in cruise, one pulls back the thrust. If one pulls back the thrust too much, one starts to descend (or else wait for the aircraft to MAKE you descend ). Speedbrakes are used pretty much exclusively in descent to either slow down and/or increase descent rate. I highly doubt speedbrakes were intentionally deployed in cruise to slow (normally). Not quite the area for mountain wave, but even when I'm in wave, I'd rather ride 'er into the bricks a little bit (the high speed ones that is!) rather than kill lift with speedbrakes and watch my speed window close. Or wors
  13. Seriously. Is part of the "Noise Trial" a proviso that we buy overpriced gas from the SNA airport?
  14. Wow. Right from rotation you knew that it wouldn't end well. Until I read they were practising for an airshow, I thought the guy(s) had a death wish, but really now it just appears they were in over their heads, and overconfident in a.) the aircraft's abilities, b.) their abilities, to the extreme. Treating a 300,000lb aircraft like an Extra 300 is just plain dumb, imo, especially at those altitudes. I was on the waterfront in Toronto when the Nimrod went in years ago, watching this mirror image manoeuvre brought back bad memories.
  15. Hey, at least there's no flow when it's SKC with winds less than 5 kts... (yyc)