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  1. Pictues, you are correct in part though I think it was prior to the merger. At the time the Minister summoned both sides to Ottawa, as in the case with Jazz however no statement that I can find indicates that the Minister got up in the House and threatened to use Back to Work Legislation. I certainly recall that it was mentioned, though perhaps it was mentioned (in the Media) in the context of what options were open to the Government. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2000/07/18/pilots000718.html
  2. CR is involved because Jazz operates some 800 flights for AC. Given that a disruption of service at Jazz would cause problems for AC it stands to reason that he has involved himself. Given that Jazz management has not been bargaining in good faith, it is likely that they are counting on CR's involvement to assist in their quest to ensure that the Federal Government will be on side to enact Federal Back to Work legislation against the pilots, and likely the fa's as well. CR's role in this is to state that a disruption of service by Jazz Pilots or FA's will cause a financial hardship to AC. This seems to be the standard play by companies that fall under Federal Labour laws when organized labour is not cooperative - they seek legislation to accomplish their goal of returning everyone back to work and appointing an arbitrator, who will likely impose a less than ideal solution. I am only surmizing all this but I doubt it is far from being the truth and can be taken as a forecast of what is in store when negotiations resume with the various AC unions.
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