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  1. https://viewfromthewing.com/british-airways-is-laying-off-all-its-flight-attendants-and-re-hiring-at-half-pay/
  2. WestJet pilots have signed on to a new four-year deal that will place them “among the highest paid in the Canadian industry,” the Calgary-based airline announced Sunday. Full story here: http://calgaryherald.com/business/local-business/westjet-pilots-sign-new-four-year-deal
  3. http://www.collectorcarproductions.com/lot-details.php?RefNum=r149%20&EventID=86
  4. Best advise you will ever get...buy some one else's finished project. I am 11 years into a 1932 Ford roadster and it still has not left the garage drivable. The infamous "Mav" was with me when we retrieved the drivetrain from the wrecker and some of the parts at various swap meets. Meanwhile, I have had two 1955 Chevy pickups, a 1965 Chevy pickup and my present ride, a 02 Corvette convertible, as the Deuce awaits completion.
  5. Maybe with this added income to YVR`s bottom line, they won`t have to pick the pockets of the travelling public for their value added AIF
  6. Interesting article regarding airport taxes in the Wall Street Journal "Our position is blown out of the water by all the taxes and fees," said Gregg Saretsky, chief executive of WestJet Airlines Ltd., Canada's largest discount carrier. If every Canadian who drove to the U.S. for a flight last year instead flew from Canada, Mr. Saretsky said WestJet's $149 million net profit would have increased by roughly half. Full article http://online.wsj.co...3616941712.html
  7. Now that the dollar is at or above par, dealers are headed south to bring the cars back and marking them up for the Canadian market.
  8. The iPod / aux connection is a great idea.
  9. Every unionized worker who refused to support the CAW by crossing their picket lines or by boarding an Air Canada flight has little room to whine about how the Harper Gov doesn't support labour If you aren't willing to stand up for your fellow worker then why would you expect anyone else to?? Well said AME.
  10. I am headed to a small town out of Cancun at the end of the month and this really does not deter me. I suspect that there is more to this story then is written.
  11. This story was on the National last night. http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/923517--canadian-woman-alleges-gang-rape-in-mexico
  12. I will add a couple. Eagles live Hotel California. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFFQCYGU7OU Clocks Coldplay ¨Buena Vista Social Club"
  13. Very interesting video. http://www.wimp.com/breathtakingfootage/
  14. It would be an interesting read, especially for us maintenance types, but seems to be a specific AC thread. Can you enlighten us?
  15. My guess is that those that don`t know are not guessing so no comment is in order.
  16. Listening to 121.7 yesterday between grnd and an AC 777 waiting for a gate. Grnd was apologizing for the delay and that it may be long, reply back..." we appreciate the extra money" No further reply from grnd. Suspect that the hour plus delay was just as profitable for the folks in the back.
  17. Waiting for a reply on these questions... http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/l...d7-f6f260227b95
  18. Also headed down the last 2 weeks of November but biking to Belize...if your really looking for an adventure
  19. Air Ontario Flight 1363 Air Ontario Flight 1363 was an Air Ontario flight of a Fokker F28-1000 Fellowship which crashed near Dryden, Ontario on March 10, 1989 immediately after take-off en route from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg via Dryden. The aircraft crashed after only 15 seconds because it was not able to achieve enough altitude to clear the trees beyond the end of the runway due to ice and snow on the wings, causing the death of 21 of 65 passengers and 3 of 4 crew members. Some of the survivors were able to escape from the plane on their own but the others were carried to safety. Investigation The investigation revealed that an unserviceable auxiliary power unit (APU), and no available external power unit at Dryden Municipal Airport, led to questionable decision-making which were critical factors leading to the crash of Flight 1363. If the engines had been turned off, they could not be restarted again due to the unservicibility of the APU and lack of external power. Therefore, the engines were left running during the stopover in Dryden. Snow was falling gently that afternoon and although a layer of 0.6 to 1.3 centimetres of snow had accumulated on the wings, the Fokker F-28 aircraft is never supposed to be de-iced while the engines are running. The pilot did not request to have the wings de-iced; at the time airline instructions were unclear on this point but the subsequent report was very critical of this decision. Fuel needed to be loaded and was done with the engines running while passengers were on board (known as a hot refuel). Off-loading and reloading passengers would have taken considerable time and the longer the aircraft stayed on the ground the greater was the need for the wings to be sprayed with de-icing fluid. The pilot, Captain George C. Morwood, decided to have the aircraft fuelled while the engines were running and with passengers on board. Although this is a very dubious procedure it was not then, and still isn't prohibited by Transport Canada. Airline instructions were also inconsistent. Result The accident investigation was subsumed into a judicial inquiry under the Honourable Virgil P. Moshansky. His report showed that competitive pressures caused by commercial deregulation cut into safety standards and that many of the industry’s sloppy practices and questionable procedures placed the pilot in a very difficult situation. The report also stated that the aircraft should not have been scheduled to refuel at an airport which did not have proper equipment and that neither training nor manuals had sufficiently warned the pilot of the dangers of ice on the wings. Moshansky blamed Transport Canada for letting Air Ontario expand into operation of bigger, more complicated aircraft without detecting the deficiencies of their existing aircraft. As a result of the crash of Air Ontario Flight 1363, and the resulting investigation, many significant changes were made to the Canadian Air Safety regulations. These included not only new procedures regarding re-fuelling and de-icing but also many new regulations intended to improve the general safety of all future flights in Canada. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors
  20. I worked on C-FONF for its time at AO untill 2 weeks before the accident...left for a stint at Canadian. Thanks for bringing it back in memory. airjetmech
  21. I have a wopping $9.17 in unclaimed money shown . Looks like I will be headed on vacation afterall
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