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  1. Looks like anyone evacuating starboard side would get a nice trampoline bounce.
  2. Just got the call-70% off Mexican holiday. Southern US accent. Best I don't print my final words of the conversation!
  3. Severance package? How about a pair of chop sticks? OK only one!
  4. BNN just reported Air Canada has made a 97 Million Dollar investment in Chorus.
  5. "I'm very happy the dash 8 line is still owned by a Canadian company" VP - you might want to look up Longview Aviation Capital Corp. This after a day or two EnCana stated it is moving its headquarters to Denver. "GO Justin-GO"
  6. So... Can the indigenous first nation people ignore these Provincial fire bans?
  7. Since when has a Provincial fire ban become a Federal jurisdiction?
  8. Pilot shortage problem solved. Saudia announced women are now allowed to be trained as pilots!
  9. RE: Malcolm, I start my day reading this forum and if Malcolm didn't take the time and effort to find and post his articles it would become too short and uninteresting!
  10. I think the last sentence explains where the confusion comes into this. Yes they are connected, however, you can still side slip.
  11. nullLooks like BBD will report a profit today!
  12. At least this company provides jobs to people who in turn pay taxes. Would you prefer the money keeps going north?
  13. Besides waiting for ramp crew, in over 30 years of flying into, out of or thru Pearson I never really had any problems.
  14. Received a $50.00 American Express gift card for perfect attendance . 12 months and several days later gave it to the kids to go out for supper. EXPIRERED! Company - too bad. Kids - thanks for nothing dad.
  15. Having done many ( sometimes my whole month schedule ) NHL charters I never had any damage done to the airplane. Lots of debris, however, I've seen worse on sked flights. It was usually a midnight departure after the game, the players were fed and it was goodnight. One Toronto coach even had a "no win-no booze" policy.
  16. "reducing pilot training from eight to six months" Is this a misprint? I thought everyone did six month intervals.
  17. To offset higher fuel prices maybe AC could include pot brownies in the buy on board cart!
  18. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 at Toronto Motor Speed Park. What a blast. (Although not cheap)
  19. Not to worry Seeker, we will now bring these folks over here.
  20. "no commercial passenger JET fatalities "
  21. That's got to be a call to the office!
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