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  1. The answer to Mavericks question is Seekers post.
  2. Just received my Enbrige gas bill- HST on the carbon tax?
  3. Seeing as how Air Canada gave Mitch a pretty nice career with its oil powered planes , tugs, vans etc., I find it a little hypocritical he stayed there after he saw the light.
  4. This would be great for Trudeau as he goes around apologizing for any and everything!
  5. Nope- Quebec would be down their yearly 11 BILLION dollars!
  6. Every country has an army-either their own or someone else.
  7. I just say " Congratulations, you are the20th caller and have just won a free cruise. Give me your credit card number and we will send you the tickets." No takers yet.
  8. How about more referendums on major decisions whereby the people decide.
  9. Talk about "Fake News" this is a prime example!
  10. Common Jadee - we are supposed to be INCLUSIVE . What have you got against black groping PMs?
  11. He's bound to blame it on Harper or Ford.
  12. For me the "real Canadians" are the ones that come here for our way of life and don't try to change it back to what they have left.
  13. There once was a survey conducted on all Jazz flights. If a certain percentage was reached a French speaking F/A was required. It was rumoured that the junior French speaking F/As were filling out a lot of the survey questions themselves on the more desired routes. French on YYZ-ATL, I don't think that percentage would really have been met!
  14. CBC reporting this morning that the liberals are forgiving a multi-million dollar loan to one of the Irvin companies.
  15. For me that's an insult to the Canadian flag!
  16. Now that England has stripped Jihadi Jack of his UK citizenship leaving him with only a Canadian one what will Justin do? Will he allow him back into Canada and be compensated like his buddy Omar? I would ask him ,however, he is busy marching in another on of his pride parades in Montreal.
  17. Its great they are closing them, however, how many new ones will China build at the same time?
  18. I guess that answers my question of where are the indigenous coming up with $6billon dollars. Tax payers money at work!
  19. Curious-where are they using all those Convairs?
  20. I agree - he more than tripled my investment @ $ 13:00. I'm sure a lot of others fared much better than me when they got in earlier.
  21. By the look of the queue line a lot of passengers took the "three or four minutes" it took the cabin crew to open the emergency exits to gather up a few personal items.
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