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  1. RE: AC simulators, anyone know if they are being rented out to other airlines?
  2. "Winner of the scheme doesn't have the money to operate the jet." Sounds like he is referring to Canada!
  3. WOLFHUNTER - When I said cheats at golf I was quoting Boestar!
  4. Cheats at golf - well - Putin catches the biggest pike in the lake, and, he got there on horseback!
  5. Rolled and lost. Very tragic and very sad. RIP
  6. I guess if you are willing to roll the dice?
  7. That's what I meant when I included the government.
  8. Why do we have 63 Canadian civilians in Iran while they are launching missiles at a US military base that contains Canadian soldiers? Not to worry - our fearless bearded leader says he will have a thorough investigation!
  9. RE: Walkerton water, the two brothers were not "drunk all the time" It turned out to be a faulty( 1way?) valve close to the well! Lots of blame to go around including the Provincial government.
  10. This takes the all inclusive bs too far in my honest opinion! Then again, they are NDP.
  11. The big question is "where does a French passenger get a France accent?"
  12. Why is WestJet still referred to as "low cost?"
  13. I'll bet Chrystia is glad today that her mother didn't abort her!
  14. The landing in New Mexico now being reported as "Historic". Talk about fake news!
  15. Not surprised about the dividend as ocx only pays 0.05% on their shares.
  16. 600 million- I hope they put a price on which gun gets what, you could make a few bucks dealing.
  17. Any idea which Deluce family he is from?
  18. JD POWER , typical, 6287 are right and 21 million are wrong. They should stick to rating pick up trucks!
  19. Trudeau is now in France putting his foot in his mouth, once again, pis...ing off Trump!
  20. Trudeau says " he doesn't ever see himself returning to 24 Sussex." I really hope that becomes a reality.
  21. Change Trump to Trudeau and Democrate to Liberal and the same applies to Canadians. Julie T. might even go for it!
  22. Can't see it lasting. OK for the 1st time its seen, however, after that way toooo long!
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