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  1. I think he was also one of the 1st buyers of the Global 7500. He already had a Global 6000.
  2. QFE


    They also owned and made a nice profit with SKYCHEF.
  3. The age of the aircraft will probably determine whether to fix or write it off.
  4. Bnn reporting WestJet is being bought by ONEX.
  5. CBC reporting it happened on the runway? Heather Hiscott (SP) says its a "real near miss incident".
  6. Still one of the best looking(+ theL1011) and nicest plane to fly.
  7. "new agreement with Chorus Aviation for additional capacity." Any info on this?
  8. Garneau can't apologize - well then how about Justin - he has apologized for just about everything else. (maybe with a few tears it would really make Rita and the rest feel good.) He could even throw in a few million dollars of our money. Why is this airport not named PET? Mohawks? 1760? Like trudeau says about the SNC scandal - its time to move on!
  9. Many years ago I made the announcement about our flight to Luxembourg and was promptly informed by a pax they were going to Klugenfurt. Ramp had mixed up the 2 planes with paxs and bags. No problem- we just called ops and switched the 2 flights! Something I don't think could be done today!
  10. Regarding the time- all valid if you live in Toronto. Not so much if connecting thru the island.
  11. I think that picture of Goodale was taken when all the illegal immigrants were pouring into Canada!
  12. The Robertson screw driver - the best ever invented. Not used in the US as it was a Canadian invention!
  13. I dropped into Goderich one day as I was passing thru and the Columbian Basler was there for some work. Someone told me it had machine guns on board - which I didn't believe. I guess he wasn't kidding!
  14. Little t is short 3 and counting.
  15. Why did she agree to it in the first place. Sounds about the same as "put me on probation and I will be a good boy."
  16. Besides "JODY" Philpott has now resigned. Could not support government regarding SNC. Disregard- Malcolm beat me to it -again!
  17. I once had an Air Canada passenger in the jump seat who said he was responsible for the EnRoute credit card. I asked why they sold it and the answer was "funny you asked, we wondered if we should sell the airline and keep the credit card."
  18. FYI - I'm doing great with both Air Canada and Chorus Aviation stocks and continue to buy Chorus thru the DRIP option.
  19. I saw it once from the side-it was one mean looking machine!
  20. So Blues, which cars have you driven? I took the Lamborghini twice around the track when they were in Toronto-lots of fun, however, a little out of my price range!
  21. Looks like anyone evacuating starboard side would get a nice trampoline bounce.
  22. Just got the call-70% off Mexican holiday. Southern US accent. Best I don't print my final words of the conversation!