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  1. I think it was NWT that lost #3 and it took out #4 on their Electra around Thunder Bay.
  2. Kip - My cottage is in the land of Wynne. Not only is electricity expensive, the taxes were going nuts. They increased $1500.00 when the assessment went up $40,000.00. I fought this with expert help from a realtor and got it reduced by $185,000.00. Now my math shows 185,000/40,000 = 4.625 4.625x1500 = $6937.50 Now they owe me money - not to be. I found out it goes up a lot faster than it goes down.
  3. I just paid a 3 month bill for my cottage. $189.15 Pretty expensive considering I have it disconnected for the winter!
  4. aaaahhhhhh..........Memories........flying Alpentours!
  5. More than once I've seen coyotes in YYZ. Then there is the Jazz pilot that called ground in YXU reporting a full grown pig on the taxi way!
  6. So that's why they are all wearing a Niqab.
  7. Why do they only use female birds?
  8. Speaking of Friedrichschaffen, this is where the Germans were building their early airships. Their test flights would sometimes go south over the Bodensee (Lake Constance). Early one foggy morning my father was standing on the Swiss side of the lake when one of them appeared out of the mist. You can imagine what this looked like to a little boy. Never having seen or even heard of airships he never said anything for a few days fearing people would say he made it all up.
  9. And speaking about closer to home, Wynne has written a love letter to Kevin O'Leary. This just after my latest hydro bill came in. It has a BIG BLACK stamp on the outside giving me an 8% Provincial rebate! On the inside is the HIGHEST hydro bill I have ever received in my life. Go Wynne Go! (Away that is.)
  10. Talk about been awhile. Last time I was there you taxied thru a fixed structure. Is it the same or do they now use trucks?
  11. At the CAW "Training and Family Center" (or whatever it's called), they decided to put up a wind turbine on their property next to the town of Port Elgin. It had two effects. The 1st was it made the town people so mad they had marches down the main street protesting against it. The 2nd was they lost half of their parking lot in the winter due to the blades shedding ice onto the cars below. Even today, several years later, there are still "Shame on you CAW" signs to be seen in Port Elgin.
  12. Kasey, our Conservative Party is looking for a new leader. They could really use someone like you!
  13. There wouldn't be much to discuss on the forum if Malcolm stopped researching and posting them here. The ones I find interesting I read. The ones I don't (very few) I don't.
  14. I noticed 2 of the cities are in Saudi. Instead of importing their oil Trudeau could cancel his carbon tax and maybe use our own.
  15. Today I came out of store and there was a man asking for a hand out. Being it as Christmas I was in the mood. After giving him x # of dollars I asked how he came to this as he looked quite healthy and fit. The story was he had it all - good three meals every day, living in a nice warm place, medical, dentist and doing on line for a degree. I asked " what happened?' He said " I got paroled."