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  1. I will have to agree with you about the FAs. 3 younger good looking gals. As for service, it was basically non existent.
  2. boestar. I also flew on Rouge (1st time) yesterday. I'm curious as to what service you call great. F/A came thru once in 3 hours on my flight!
  3. Great story. Where are all the CBC bashers? Must have been tuned to CNN or FOX!
  4. Now we know why there is a lack of money.
  5. Came from France to YUL to go to St. Johns to get married the next day. Came on the plane carrying her wedding dress and all smiles. Went off the plane crying like hell as her ticket was to St. John.
  6. Maybe if Bruce is ever on this forum he tell the real story.
  7. I always carried one in the good old days. One day I was heading to the Sim in my civies with another one trying to go thru security when they caught me. I told the lady It was a gift and I didn't want to lose it. She sent me upstairs to some store where they keep it for you. Several days later and $1.07 I had my knife back. I don't know if this is still an option.
  8. These premature jokeulations (thanks Deicer) just spoil it for the real April Fools people as now everybody has been pre-warned.
  9. I think Rudder says it better.
  10. I think it was NWT that lost #3 and it took out #4 on their Electra around Thunder Bay.
  11. Kip - My cottage is in the land of Wynne. Not only is electricity expensive, the taxes were going nuts. They increased $1500.00 when the assessment went up $40,000.00. I fought this with expert help from a realtor and got it reduced by $185,000.00. Now my math shows 185,000/40,000 = 4.625 4.625x1500 = $6937.50 Now they owe me money - not to be. I found out it goes up a lot faster than it goes down.
  12. I just paid a 3 month bill for my cottage. $189.15 Pretty expensive considering I have it disconnected for the winter!
  13. aaaahhhhhh..........Memories........flying Alpentours!
  14. More than once I've seen coyotes in YYZ. Then there is the Jazz pilot that called ground in YXU reporting a full grown pig on the taxi way!
  15. So that's why they are all wearing a Niqab.