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  1. Many years ago I made the announcement about our flight to Luxembourg and was promptly informed by a pax they were going to Klugenfurt. Ramp had mixed up the 2 planes with paxs and bags. No problem- we just called ops and switched the 2 flights! Something I don't think could be done today!
  2. Regarding the time- all valid if you live in Toronto. Not so much if connecting thru the island.
  3. I think that picture of Goodale was taken when all the illegal immigrants were pouring into Canada!
  4. The Robertson screw driver - the best ever invented. Not used in the US as it was a Canadian invention!
  5. I dropped into Goderich one day as I was passing thru and the Columbian Basler was there for some work. Someone told me it had machine guns on board - which I didn't believe. I guess he wasn't kidding!
  6. Little t is short 3 and counting.
  7. Why did she agree to it in the first place. Sounds about the same as "put me on probation and I will be a good boy."
  8. Besides "JODY" Philpott has now resigned. Could not support government regarding SNC. Disregard- Malcolm beat me to it -again!
  9. I once had an Air Canada passenger in the jump seat who said he was responsible for the EnRoute credit card. I asked why they sold it and the answer was "funny you asked, we wondered if we should sell the airline and keep the credit card."
  10. FYI - I'm doing great with both Air Canada and Chorus Aviation stocks and continue to buy Chorus thru the DRIP option.
  11. I saw it once from the side-it was one mean looking machine!
  12. So Blues, which cars have you driven? I took the Lamborghini twice around the track when they were in Toronto-lots of fun, however, a little out of my price range!
  13. Looks like anyone evacuating starboard side would get a nice trampoline bounce.