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  1. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 at Toronto Motor Speed Park. What a blast. (Although not cheap)
  2. New Agreements

    Not to worry Seeker, we will now bring these folks over here.
  3. Safest Year On Record

    "no commercial passenger JET fatalities "
  4. Seasonal Whining

    That's got to be a call to the office!
  5. ATR Down

    A Westwind ATR 42 reported down in Northern Saskachewan. OOPS-Too late!
  6. Maybe its the spelling on your application!
  7. OK then- what percentage of Air Canada cargo is flown on Cargojet?
  8. Seattle MOF B52 Repaint

    A lot of planes have been nick named "death tubes", however, I think the B52 actually earned the name. Its a good thing Cruz never got control of them.
  9. However, the greatest danger a dispatcher faces is falling off their chair.
  10. Going above and beyond ?

    This add in Canada would drive the Liberals nuts. Not because these people are almost naked, but, because its an all white male flight crew with an all white female cabin crew. PS: I'm changing my holiday plans!
  11. Clean Air Kathleen sells off our Hydro One. Hydro One goes out and buys Avista in the US. Avista sits on 800 acres of toxic soup at the Colstrip coal plant. Cost could be as high as 100 million to clean up. Colstrip is one of the larger producers of greenhouse gas in the US with no end in sight for shut down. A good south wind and its "back at you Kathy."
  12. I just wish the Liberal governments (Federal & Provincial) would stop selling my assets. Other than Quebec, has anyone ever heard about a referendum to see what the majority of Canadians think about these sales?
  13. Stock went up over 4% yesterday. Must be nice to have the info before the public gets it. It's up $2.19 in the first 25 minutes of trading this morning.
  14. MEH. Not what I expected. They just picked a few bad ones and documented it. This happens in all professions. Sorry to waste your time.
  15. I know its late. In 12 minutes there is a show on CBCNH on lawyers.