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  1. This would be great for Trudeau as he goes around apologizing for any and everything!
  2. God help us if Mitzie Hunter ever becomes Premier with her illusion!
  3. Nope- Quebec would be down their yearly 11 BILLION dollars!
  4. Every country has an army-either their own or someone else.
  5. Its better to have 250,000 people working part time rather than 250,000 on unemployment benefits. Sorry that's PC correct employment benefits.
  6. I just say " Congratulations, you are the20th caller and have just won a free cruise. Give me your credit card number and we will send you the tickets." No takers yet.
  7. How about more referendums on major decisions whereby the people decide.
  8. Talk about "Fake News" this is a prime example!
  9. Common Jadee - we are supposed to be INCLUSIVE . What have you got against black groping PMs?
  10. He's bound to blame it on Harper or Ford.
  11. For me the "real Canadians" are the ones that come here for our way of life and don't try to change it back to what they have left.