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  1. Interesting article from the land Dununda relating to F35 costs and spin-offs. Wonder how it compares to our 'stop-gap' Super Hornets?
  2. Uuummm...didn't see any link there defcon, however thanks for making the effort. You're not perhaps talking about this story are you? If this is the one you meant, the Fake News People are reporting it as happening in Edmonton, not YYZ. (D*mn FNP'ers, they even lie about the location of their fake events!) But location isn't important, it's "the rest of the story" that counts. (Sorry Paul.) Oddly, the video claims to show that the ass
  3. Defcon, Could you provide a link to this incident/story in Toronto please? Cheers, mic
  4. I probably shouldn't even waste my energy by typing, but sometimes one has way too much time on one's hands, sometimes it's just too hot for the beach or sometimes one likes to imagine life as a schoolteacher. Before I go down this road: a caveat or two. I sincerely (and I sincerely, sincerely mean this) pray that I'm absolutely, totally, bigly wrong with what I'm implying in my words below. I also pray that anyone who reads what I've written won't rat me out to the you-know-who-in-the-chocolate-shirts. If I AM wrong, it'll be the easiest "Aw shucks, I did a boo boo
  5. I don't normally get into these types of discussions mostly because, like so many other topics, there is really no 'correct' solution. One discovers these little truths the older one gets I'm finding. But Kip, how would you address the hypothetical issue of say, a recent immigrant finding him/herself the victim of a vicious assault? Or being diagnosed with a serious disease? Does a family member have to show up at emerg with a recent T4 slip in order to commence treatment? And failing being able to produce said T4, does the hospital say, "Sorry"? Followed by, "Next!" Nothing is
  6. Aaaw geez Moon, now you've gone and opened The Big Can of worms. Next someone will post about how 'twould never have happened on a Boeing and before you can add, "I ain't goin' " someone else will reference AF447 and then someone after that will write about design philosophies, the role of pilots, automation, Alternate Law, Trump and our human selfie-stick leader (oops, that's over in the political section) and sundry other opinions. Following that we'll have to slug through post after post listing Boeing vs Airbus accident stats, AoA indicators, CRM, linked control columns and t
  7. av8tor's 'memory lane' post had me digging into my old high school yearbook in search of a former principal's message. [General Navereau High School, Metz, France, 1963.]
  8. Interesting video featuring Laurie Hawn and his thoughts on the Super Hornet. mic
  9. TOTALLY AWESOME! But do ya think the pre-takeoff briefing (the "I will - you will"s) might've gone something like this: "When I call '80 knots', you will..." "I will freeze up!" "Right. Then I will pretend to take my hands off the controls and we'll see what she does!" "I will then get out the 'Landing on unprepared surface' checklist." mic
  10. Hey Moon, Don't suppose you could've spotted a Nanchang CJ-6 perchance? Everyone and his dog seems to have one stuffed in a hangar these days.... mic
  11. "Disgusting to the Nth degree." I dunno but.... At the worst, it seems a 'fluff piece' on a slow news day. Entertainment. Background. Something of interest - to some perhaps. Certainly nothing to get one's knickers in a knot over. And after all, it's based on at least SOME research by a real historian, rather than a 'tossed-in-the-wind' comment casting doubt on a person's birthplace, true nationality, eligibility, etc. From the bleachers...
  12. The Prez-to-be 'chirps' up: "The Theater must always be a safe and special place". There's gotta be a huge - really, really huge - amount of US Presidential irony in there somewhere!
  13. FWIW, from last night's Colbert show: Colbert then asked Sanders two very important questions: "What is the best case scenario you see going forward.. [and] the worst case scenario" now that Trump is the president-elect. "The best case scenario is that Trump is not an ideologue," Sanders told the host. "His views are all over the place." Because of which, Sanders believes Trump may actually listen to smart people advising him and do the right thing. "What's the worst case scenario," Colbert then asked, warning Sanders to "keep it light." "The worst case, if not Trump
  14. Interesting read from 'Dununda'.... If you think Donald is bad, imagine Donald Trump 2.0 Bob Carr Amid the bleakness of Shakespeare's King Lear one character, Edgar declares: the worst is not/so long as we can say "this is the worst". Just when you think it can't get any worse – Trump as candidate – here comes a more troubling prospect: the Trump next time, four years off, who defeats an unpopular President Clinton. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says he's a "victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the histo
  15. Yes Malcolm, fwiw some of us flew the mighty Clunk. I was on the CF-100 with the EWU (414 Sqn) before moving on to the 104. My father also flew the airplane with NATO in the late '50s; back then it was a front-line interceptor with the RCAF's Air Division, like the ones in your photo. And I see that Kip has resurrected the old, "Whose is, better" debate with comments about climb performance. Here's a link that might shed some light: World records[edit] The F-104 was the first aircraft to simultaneously hold the world speed and altitude records. On 7 May 1958 U