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  1. Presumeably hotel customers are called "guests" because they aren`t passengers while staying at the hotel, except of course, when they are riding the elevator or taking the shuttle.
  2. How about slush built up in the gear well on the take-off roll ? Calgary was plus 3 yesterday, it could have dislodged with the increase in temperature and fell when the gear doors opened on final.
  3. There was a Howard 500 on a bag run that crashed at CYYZ in the summer of `81 that was attributed to an aft CofG. The Howard 500 was sometimes mistaken for a Lodestar.
  4. Several years ago, after completing two missed approaches at High Level due to weather, the F/A came up to tell us about a gentleman in the back that was quite vocal about his displeasure with the airline in having to proceed to our alternate. I sent her back to advise him that he had the captain`s permission to use his cell phone "to make a couple of calls to get the weather changed and we`d go back and land". Apparently he didn`t have much to say after that.
  5. I believe you meant 75 seats on the 705. (10J and 65Y)
  6. It sounds like Ricky and Julian have comandeered a trainer, perhaps a sequel to the TPB movie?
  7. I have to agree PROB 30, as a commuter and frequent middle seat passenger, a little "middle seat etiquette" would go a long way. Of course occasionally sheer displacement will command both armrests regardless of the aisle and window seat occupant`s consideration for etiquette.
  8. Well done video, kudos to West Jet.
  9. I had the same problem with a passport renewel last year. With a short letter from the company stating the urgency with which I required it, the Quebec Gov. was able to issue a birth certificate within 24 hrs. Of course there was an additional fee as well.
  10. Why would the ACPA MEC include this condition for an agreement when it knows full well that ALPA has no say in the A.O. suit?. Call me a cynic but could it be that building in an impossible condition was a way of saying "no thanks" to the G.S. that may even cause further dissention among the the Jazz pilots? Naa, probably not.
  11. The only problem with a profitless Westjet is that a percentage of the profit is what is keeping the employees happy, hence keeping the "guests" happy etc. etc.
  12. Glad to hear it Chico, I too do the same from the "other side of the fence", with the same result, and it tells me there are the same types on both sides of the issue. Cheers Kid
  13. The Jazz pilots already work for Air Canada and are no less qualified than main line pilots. The difference is that they belong to a separate seniority list and are therefor covered by a different collective agreement.
  14. In that case it must be a peanut!
  15. It is a pretty long stretch to compare this bimbo with Sir Winston Churchill.
  16. I could be mistaken but I don`t think that there is any Canada Customs pre-clearance available in The States. I vaguely recall that pre-clearance was initially a bi-lateral agreement between Canada and US Customs with Canadian pre-clearance to have been available at US departure points, however Canada didn`t fulfill there end of the agreement for some reason.
  17. I realised that it had gone right over my head right after I finished my second coffee.
  18. Perhaps its time to re-examine some form of re-regulation of the industry. I`m certainly not a proponent of further government intervention in the private sector, but the stability of this industry, with the occasional exception, appears to have been in steady decline post regulation, at least from the perspective of the majority of the employees.
  19. Gee, all these mean nasty people here that don`t agree with poor Sammy, the only thing to do must be to take your ball and go home... See Ya
  20. At Jazz you can also go to 65 but will be restricted to domestic flying.
  21. Stop bragging, I`m jealous already! Sorry no pics but I would sure love to be going along.
  22. Very good example Mitch. I think what our flight attendant colleagues are missing here is that unlike our European counterparts, or pilots from other jurisdictions, most North American pilots didn`t transition directly from flight school to a computerised airliner after 500 hours of experience. Most of us come from other relatively higher risk backgrounds such as float flying, remote Arctic and bush flying, off-strip or the military where the mere fact that we are still alive, or relatively unscathed at this point, is testimony to our decision making skills and perhaps our "worth". Generally, as long as the flight was smooth and the landing was un-remarkable, the GIBs wouldn`t have a clue as to how close they may or may not have come to near catastrophe if not for the skill of the pilots. Most F/As have not been on the flight deck and observed an abnormal situation or been in a simulator during a re-currancy check or have landed on anything other than asphalt, pehaps if moeman and YYC/IC had they would offer a slightly less biased opinion.
  23. Huge and not to pretty either. Probably has a good personality though.
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