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  1. Why didn't you book with your old employers? I liked it when we didn't take them, they are a liability nightmare. They should be with a family member if possible, but I understand, "it's complicated", lol
  2. Last week I was in the Freshie's lineup at T3, with the crew from Skygreece,whose 767 was parked beside us on our YYZ turnaround. They were pleasant to chat with. Hope all works out for them.
  3. I'm with AC on this one, the land of loopholes has gone too far.
  4. He is actually both a very good guy and quite smart. He did say it was his T4 although he might have been more clear to the media that his T4 amount is based on 5 revenue streams (salary, profit share, stock purchase, stock options and overtime) and is variable. As he said, some of the pilots made much more but of course most made less. Some of course, have the added financial strain of a commute but then that's not restricted to WestJet, a ton of AC guys also are stuck commuting to upgrade. All in all, I wouldn't be talking to the media at a sensitive time like this as far as unions go, but of course he's free to talk to who ever. BTW, top salary for a top scale Captain is around $183k (from our latest agreement)
  5. "In my mind, frustrating a Westjet monopoly, which Bean craves, is a form of success." Both Bean and Dagger know numbers and there's truth in both arguments but Daggers last line just strikes me how much things have changed over the last 15 years.... How much of the market did AC hold when they took over CP (CAIL)?
  6. Bean Thanks for the numbers, when the emotion, rhetoric and nostalgia are pushed aside, the numbers don't lie...
  7. There should be some reports on file from WJA Crews about 'conditions' at the hotel. A lawsuit is a two-sided sword, things might come out in the defence the hotel would prefer stay under wraps
  8. As a true teal die hard WestJetter for over 14 years, I love a lot of things about my company. That doesn't stop me from noticing things about our competitors, good and bad. Today I flew from NRT to YYC on AC010 in J Class. What a great crew and a great product, classy and friendly. Thanks for a wonderful flight guys! For all the abuse AC gets I've got to say I've flown 10 flights on Air Canada in the past few years and they were all great. Sure, some DC-9 & CRJ flights in the past were brutal, but I think things have improved over the past few years although I've always thought AC had a great long haul International product. I think the civil service attitude, or as past CEO Claude Taylor called it, "corporate incest", has left the building. He said, "it will take a generation to leave" and he was right. Unfortunatly, public perception also takes a while to dispel. Comparing WestJet and Air Canada is an apples and oranges thing. Our folksy friendly thing really connects us to our guests in Kelowna and Moncton but would be a disaster with today's crowd in J from Tokyo. Each airline has its challenges but for the most part we are very lucky in this country to have some really great airlines
  9. I remember this as a child. Nice to see the right thing done in terms of a memorial.
  10. had trailer park boys on my flights a lot... not The Trailer Park Boys, just actual trailer park boys
  11. The great thing about focused 'cadet' programs is that they provide intense focused training towards a specific operation like Airline Transport operations. This type of narrow focus allows for safe operations with minimal experience. It will probably become a much bigger part of the pilot world as time goes on. That said, I think we are lucky in North America to, for the most part, have experienced crews piloting our airliners. In my view, experience gives perspective, and perspective and prioritizing are big ingredients in managing a modern transports, especially when things go off the rails. Of course, it's not cut and dried, a few pilots have an amazing ability to manage with few actual hours, while for others the experience never seems to sink in, but those are exceptions. An example was once put to me this way; you've got to have major surgery but you get to choose the surgeon. Dr. X went to John Hopkins Medical and scored highest in his grades throughout medical school, but this will be his first time doing this actual operation. Dr. Y went to the good old U of Alberta and got pretty good grades, he's been in practice 20 years and done this operation over a thousand times. Who do you choose? Not an easy choice, but most will go with Dr. Y
  12. Although I'm a blood teal WestJetter for over a dozen years, I've got to admit that MD2 and Super 80 have valid points. Deluce may be many things, but dummy ain't one of em. Having worked at a Deluce family airline in the (distant) past, I can attest to their business smarts and am pretty sure they've got this thing covered from multiple angles. No matter how it all goes down, I doubt you'll see Mr. Deluce at a food bank any time soon (unless he volunteers a day there).
  13. Would anyone please have the e-mail to get refunds for unused recipe jumpseat tickets from Air Canada? Much appreciated for any info, thanks
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