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  1. If you bought the el cheapo eco fare, you aren’t allowed to pick a seat even for a fee. You’re also not allowed to change your itinerary at all. If you miss your originating flight, you lose the return.
  2. Did their check to Travel Service for the wet leases bounce?
  3. A few months ago had the same thing happen to me. Full ground stop no departures or arrivals in VFR WX. The tower had evacuated over a false fire alarm. Maybe the same issue again?
  4. It’s here now. https://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/8lp3qu/westjet_ceos_plea_to_pilots_during_labour_dispute/
  5. Not wrong at all bd. He’s trolling on here just like on Avcanada as NCP.
  6. I believe Swoop was announced a day before union vote started. It took months just to figure out a new perdiem and they were going to sort out a new airline T&C in a week? Lol When Swoop was announced 3G said 40% less labour costs at Swoop. Most everything Swoop is contracted to WJ mainline except flight crew. This is nothing but an attempt to get rid of legacy costs and start WJ 2.0. WJ is making millions and it’s not enough. Simple corporate greed to increase profit on the backs of the employees. Kinda like the forced contract on WR FA’s that didn’t even get a chance to vote on their agreement.
  7. Even though the WJPA had “a seat at the table” they were blindsided by the ULCC announcement. They admitted to this. So how did they have talks about the ULCC? I’m disappointed that we’ve gone from a highly motivated workforce to a union shop. Sadly 3G has changed the game and as such the pilots now have a union. I’m certainly glad we have a union as a opposed to the student’s union council we had before. They would have given away the farm.
  8. Ramp Agent Jasswinder Gill, passed away on the job Sept. 21 in YXE. He leaves behind a wife on mat leave and two young kids. If you're able to help out: https://www.gofundme.com/k34v62zc Thanks
  9. 60N30W, thanks for the reply. I will have to ask around as none of the above apply to me. Cheers edited for spelling
  10. Is there a link available where I can download this infomation so I can carry it with me in my flight bag? Cheers
  11. As far as I know, nobody had to sign a $50,000 bond to get on the 757 at SSV.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good no contract nationwide dial up internet provider for a reasonable price? Looking for a provider in exotic locals such as YXE, YQR & YWG. Thanks in advance
  13. What is a real load of manure is the fact that a noise violation gets you a $20,000 fine while busting minumums (Dec. 2002) only gets a $1250 and $2500 or that flying an aircraft in a reckless manner (Dec.2002) gets a $5000 fine.
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