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  1. Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine The Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, sold under the brand name Comirnaty, is an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine created by the German biotechnology company, BioNTech, and then jointly developed with the American pharmaceutical company, Pfizer. It is authorized for use in people aged 12 years and older in some jurisdictions and for people 1
  2. Yes I believe it was twice a week last year using the 787. Loads were very high with the front end often full.
  3. Rouge 767s. The announcement was made several weeks ago that all Rouge 767s and 319s were to be permanently gone from the fleet. Rouge was to have a total of 14-18 A320s and A321s. Has something changed since that announcement was made?
  4. Wow. I'm surprised at that low number. There are a lot of FAs out there with a lot of seniority. When I left IFS almost 15 years ago, many of my peers had 25 years of service back then and they're still flying.
  5. As opposed to mainline FA's that I know on the ground......
  6. Thanks FA. I'm guessing a lot of FA's I know will be retiring now and several Rouge FA's I've gotten to know (on flights) will be unemployed for quite a while, at least from the airline. A sad situation.
  7. There are no Rouge FA's with that much seniority. Will mainline FA's bid on or be assigned to those few remaining Rouge aircraft? Can Rouge FA's keep working while senior mainline FA's are laid off?
  8. I'm hearing rumours that WS is looking to unload their 787s and withdraw from the international market for the foreseeable future. Anyone else hearing anything?
  9. Does anyone know? Are the Air Canada cargo flights operating to/from Shanghai via Narita operating as revenue flights? Or are they humanitarian flights?
  10. Please, please let that be true. Those 398Y seats are ridiculously close together for anyone over 5'6".
  11. Isn't it more likely that Transat would be merged or integrated into the Rouge operation?
  12. We could use this laugh today. Sorry to steal your thread.
  13. So the news has been reporting layoffs of 5000 AC flight attendants, including ALL Rouge flight attendants. What's happening to pilots? Ramp rats? Customer service staff? No planes to fly, or load, or process boarding.
  14. If they won't give a refund, see if they will provide flight credits for future travel, then use the credits to buy AC gift cards. Gift cards can't expire in Canada.
  15. Well done John. Nice, concise and easy to interpret.
  16. It shows up on the page when I log in to check the status of my renewal.
  17. Due to a significant increase in application volume, we are extending the grace period from 6 months to 1 year for any submitted renewal application. This means you will continue to receive full benefits for 1 year while U.S. Customs and Border Protection is finalizing your renewal application.
  18. I guess it's almost time for me to visit Nexus at Pearson.
  19. When I got my renewal notice in late November, I sent in my request and payment for renewal (my current one expires in May.) My account says it's approved but still in process. There is a notice on the site about a six month extension. They are also hiring staff to deal with the backlog.
  20. Worse than Rouge 767 my friend said.
  21. I know someone who travelled on Air Canada/Omni operation to Hawaii and the aircraft are old and seating is allegedly terrible...no legroom at all.
  22. 680 News reported that it was a busload of reporters that contacted the aircraft. Earlier I heard it was an "airport truck."
  23. Wasn't there something about the pension plan at AC that Onex didn't like/want?
  24. I believe the cancellation has to do with the fact that the UK has shut it's airspace, as well as arrivals and departures, of the 737MAX.
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