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  1. Isn't this an attempt to emulate the success of Rouge to Air Canada? It will be interesting to see what routes are selected for this "low cost" service. I'm guessing that similar to Rouge it will be seasonal sun destinations including Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas etc.
  2. I'm surprised at the lack of information and speculation as to the real reason for the departure of Goersch. What's the untold story? And who is going to replace him? Is this the beginning of a further senior management shakeup?
  3. Just heard on CTV that they found dummy explosive device.
  4. What happens to the entertainment on Rouge aircraft if this electronics ban is imposed in Canada? Other carriers are also moving to wireless entertainment options that relay on customers using their own notebooks, laptops etc.
  5. I wonder how much impact the irregular operations into Gatwick had on the bottom line.
  6. New uniforms? New paint scheme? New advertising?
  7. Does WestJet not have parts pooling with anyone in their low frequency airports? I suspect that the borrow of a wheel assembly would be somewhat less costly than the fuel burn and associated passenger costs with the returned flight.
  8. Another way to screw CONS from getting into the front cabin. It's tough enough as it is.
  9. Debbie Reynolds just passed away. A stroke just after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed.
  10. The elves spiked the hot chocolate.
  11. Several years ago a 767 dropped on it's nose in YYZ when nose gear pin was not installed. Boeing sent specials from the production line in Seattle to do the repairs. I wonder if Airbus will be sending specials to Singapore.
  12. Better still, how about free checked in bags and $25 for every carryon bag?
  13. So can AC now claim "low cost carrier" status?
  14. So CTV has reporters at Pearson live to report on and interview passengers arriving today from Manchester. Where was the coverage when WS flights from Gatwick were being cancelled and delayed? No one like irrops but a little fairness for coverage in the industry.