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  1. Wasn't there something about the pension plan at AC that Onex didn't like/want?
  2. I believe the cancellation has to do with the fact that the UK has shut it's airspace, as well as arrivals and departures, of the 737MAX.
  3. Is this A319 still in the TCA colours? I haven't seen it in a while.
  4. Would these 321s be replacing some 319s? Or expanding the Rouge fleet? I thought that the agreement was that Rouge could grow by 1 aircraft for every 2 that mainline added.
  5. The actual amount of the Basic Group Life coverage varies. For management (and I assume pilots) it's$25000, however, for clerical and some of the other unions, the amount is $10000. There may be other amounts that I'm not aware of.
  6. I thought that the One World Alliance was looking at Aeroplan/Aimia. I wonder what the status of those talks are.
  7. Hmmmmmm. I have to wonder if this may have been the plan all along. When Air Canada announced the end of it's affiliation with Aeroplan last year, the Aimia shares took a major beat down. Now, along comes Air Canada with an offer to buy a significantly devalued operation. Could there be a case for some kind of nefarious economic manipulation in the series of events?
  8. Thanks. I'll pass along the info and see how he makes out.
  9. Question on AcLife app. Has anyone using an Android device had problems with the latest update to the app. I use iOS on an Apple phone and no problems, however, a friend tried to update on Android and the app doesn't work at all anymore. He tried and deleted the app, hoping a clean download would work, but had no joy. He is able to sign on but then he keeps getting a basically blank screen with "Error, pull to refresh" with an icon of a pointing finger and a downward arrow.
  10. Got black on laptop using Edge, got black on ipad using safari, however, on iPhone the red shows up on those 3 flights.. Magic.
  11. All black and white on my screen display. Tried laptop and ipad. How unusual.
  12. I tried and everything comes up black. Tried several dates and routings. No red.
  13. Can you give an example? I've just tried multiple city pairs and did not get any red.