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  1. Geminoid

    Question on new ac employee site

    Thanks. I'll pass along the info and see how he makes out.
  2. Geminoid

    Question on new ac employee site

    Question on AcLife app. Has anyone using an Android device had problems with the latest update to the app. I use iOS on an Apple phone and no problems, however, a friend tried to update on Android and the app doesn't work at all anymore. He tried and deleted the app, hoping a clean download would work, but had no joy. He is able to sign on but then he keeps getting a basically blank screen with "Error, pull to refresh" with an icon of a pointing finger and a downward arrow.
  3. Geminoid

    Question on new ac employee site

    Got black on laptop using Edge, got black on ipad using safari, however, on iPhone the red shows up on those 3 flights.. Magic.
  4. Geminoid

    Question on new ac employee site

    All black and white on my screen display. Tried laptop and ipad. How unusual.
  5. Geminoid

    Question on new ac employee site

    I tried and everything comes up black. Tried several dates and routings. No red.
  6. Geminoid

    Question on new ac employee site

    Can you give an example? I've just tried multiple city pairs and did not get any red.
  7. Geminoid

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Nothing was said in the video, so I'm assuming economy class still does not get food unless they pay for it.
  8. Geminoid

    AC Offers Lie-Flat Seats

    Looking at YVR-YYZ fares in July, it appears that the new service adds more than $300 to the existing top business class fare. That's a hefty premium. I hope it sells or it will be full of standbys.
  9. Geminoid

    United Hands Bumped Passenger Big Reward

    Will the public, knowing that United has paid $10000, demand higher compensation now?
  10. Geminoid

    Saretsky gone!

    Maybe he'll show up at Air Canada soon.
  11. Geminoid

    Why is AC.TO price tanking?

    Jet fuel prices are going up. That's gotta be one of factors.
  12. Geminoid

    Not aviation but funny unless

    OMG. My sides ache from laughing.
  13. Geminoid

    Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    Wasn't there a big deal a few weeks ago when a bunch of employees were flown down to Boeing for a "look-see", wining and dining?
  14. Geminoid

    WestJet 737 Max

    Wasn't the Air Canada delivery today? or was it yesterday? I know one of the employees who was chosen to go down, tour Boeing and fly on the aircraft back.