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  1. First 767 arrived in TLV this morning March 11. C-FPCA. AC2358 YYZ - TLV. Came up from MJZ on Sunday.
  2. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Worlds-largest-cargo-plane-landing-in-Anchorage-570097121.html
  3. Doesn't Lufthansa do all the dedicated cargo from Europe to YYZ? They use a subsidiary flying 777-200s.
  4. I applied in September for renewals of my wife’s and my own Nexus cards. Mine was to expire in December 2019 and my wife’s in early March. I got a new card in a few weeks. My wife is still waiting. Both were approved almost immediately. Who knows how they work. Not going anywhere for awhile, anyway.
  5. This is a picture from 2005 of a 767. I believe it was repaired.
  6. Elsewhere they said that they build 6 A320s a month at Tianjin and are increasing that to 9 a month with this order.
  7. The winds at the time were 230 at 11 G 18. Up on Avherald now and a picture of where the thing ended up indicates they landed on 15. Is 24 closed over night? The landing gear was probably stripped off like the engines as they went down the hill
  8. I was supposed to do a flight that morning but had booked off the night before. Felt bad for "my" flight as they went into YUL and it took the crew days to get home. Watched all day as well.
  9. Are all the 737's fitted for overseas operation or just a few?
  10. So, is Trump planning to do away with US farm subsidies? "The U.S. government presently pays about $25 billion in cash annually to farmers and owners of farmland." That must tip the scales of "fair" competition. There's way too many votes from farm states to ever change all the subsidies.
  11. XA-UHZ was once with Royal and Canada 3000 as C-FRYH In 2000 and 2001
  12. https://flightaware.com/squawks/link/1/recently/popular/65178/PICTURES_Airbus_A321LR_Departs_On_Maiden_Flight Yikes, 240 pax!
  13. That aircraft is WOW's first 321 NEO. Guess it gets better range than the older ones.
  14. Is it the guy who did United Hates Guitars?
  15. Speaking of the Il-76, there was one doing a series of flights from YYB to a gravel strip on Baffin Island. Someone mentioned that there was a film crew doing a TV show or series about that operation. Does anyone know when and where that show or series is to be released?
  16. Didn't Canada exchange CF 101's with some National Guards units? Not much publicity about that.
  17. Air Canada is also operating evac flights. A 777 just landed from MIA and another is scheduled to depart MIA this evening. Together, they have about 900 seats!
  18. I always thought Preclearance was put in to help US carriers. They could take pax from YYZ - ORD (or ATL etc) and the aircraft and some pax would continue to Salt Lake or some other western destination that Canadian carriers couldn’t get approval for. The worst example was Eastern used to fly YYZ - BUF and on to MCO, TPA, FLL, MIA while Air Canada and others couldn’t get any more landing rights. That’s all changed now so they’ve made the fees so high for preclearance that it encourages some price conscious pax to drive to BUF etc. Its not for the convenience of Canadians.
  19. From the Bombardier statement " Bombardier Commercial Aircraft confirmed today that a C Series aircraft with a representative payload successfully flew non-stop from London City Airport (LCY) to John F. Kennedy" No idea what a "representative payload" is, but they are saying it is designed to carry 40 pax out of there direct to North America.
  20. This aircraft was built in 1999 and has been operated by: Azzurra Air Hamburg International AIRES Colombia AIRES Colombia LAN Colombia Europe Airpost Air Transat Europe Airpost Air Transat ASL Airlines France Air Transat
  21. In the case under discussion, the Slovenian Captain was about to fly a Canadian registered aircraft, full of Canadians out of a Canadian airport based on his Slovenian (or where ever license) . He was operating on the FLVC discussed in the article.
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