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  1. Some Relevant Mid-Weak Humour

    Is it the guy who did United Hates Guitars?
  2. Big Aircraft

    Speaking of the Il-76, there was one doing a series of flights from YYB to a gravel strip on Baffin Island. Someone mentioned that there was a film crew doing a TV show or series about that operation. Does anyone know when and where that show or series is to be released?
  3. Pre-owned F-18’s

    Didn't Canada exchange CF 101's with some National Guards units? Not much publicity about that.
  4. Irma

    Air Canada is also operating evac flights. A 777 just landed from MIA and another is scheduled to depart MIA this evening. Together, they have about 900 seats!
  5. I always thought Preclearance was put in to help US carriers. They could take pax from YYZ - ORD (or ATL etc) and the aircraft and some pax would continue to Salt Lake or some other western destination that Canadian carriers couldn’t get approval for. The worst example was Eastern used to fly YYZ - BUF and on to MCO, TPA, FLL, MIA while Air Canada and others couldn’t get any more landing rights. That’s all changed now so they’ve made the fees so high for preclearance that it encourages some price conscious pax to drive to BUF etc. Its not for the convenience of Canadians.
  6. From the Bombardier statement " Bombardier Commercial Aircraft confirmed today that a C Series aircraft with a representative payload successfully flew non-stop from London City Airport (LCY) to John F. Kennedy" No idea what a "representative payload" is, but they are saying it is designed to carry 40 pax out of there direct to North America.
  7. Transat Winter Lease

    This aircraft was built in 1999 and has been operated by: Azzurra Air Hamburg International AIRES Colombia AIRES Colombia LAN Colombia Europe Airpost Air Transat Europe Airpost Air Transat ASL Airlines France Air Transat
  8. Thread Deletion

    Its only March 1, not April 1
  9. Pilot Charged by Calgary Police

    In the case under discussion, the Slovenian Captain was about to fly a Canadian registered aircraft, full of Canadians out of a Canadian airport based on his Slovenian (or where ever license) . He was operating on the FLVC discussed in the article.
  10. Even a reactionary place like Lee County FL (Fort Myers) has a large energy from waste plant. They even collect aluminum cans out of the ash and make a few million dollars recycling them. They get enough electricity to power the plant, offices and enough left over for a small town. The next county north has a land fill site but because it is Florida, you can't really go down too far, so its just a large, ugly, smelly pile. Just like Ontario used to do until they ran out of sites that would take it. How many tons of hydro carbons do those trucks hauling Toronto and Mississauga garbage emit?
  11. New Engine Tech.

    That aircraft is ex Air Canada C-FTNJ !
  12. EMAS

    Looking at pictures of the 737 that went into the EMAS at LGA made me wonder if "they" ever put that system at the end of 24 in YYZ?
  13. If you like weather maps...

    For those with interests in hurricane territory, a good site is https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/
  14. Missed Turn at YYZ

    LHR has a great light system that seems to work. But it would cost money that should really go to waterfalls and art collections. What am I thinking, YYZ get into the 1990's safety systems.