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  1. 54% of forum members are pilots................... now i would think that will decrease dramatically given their spending habits
  2. Obviously passengers love the dash They'll line up outside 40 deep in -30 blowing snow weather... Just to get on one
  3. if you could clarify is that 40k after 1 year or is that the wage for your first year
  4. It looks like the release of the AC numbers came out after the close of trading so any reaction to that news won't show up til monday morn
  5. ROBtv reporting caw has settled..........
  6. if a flight attendant wants pay equity with pilots why not just go get a license and apply for the job
  7. hmmmm????? now the interesting part of the new investor scenario perhaps mr milton will not be part of the new new new air canada ya i'ld be dismissing these new investors too......... no 20 million...no job....... after all he doesn't have a billion $$ to give to shareholders this time to keep his job
  8. i surrender just one last comment if you put a zip f/a into an rj at 22k a year is this not more cost effective than a jazz f/a at 40k and using your logic what about how about 1/37 (-8 100) or 2/74 (the new rj's) or 2/55 (the old fokkers) or how bout the 146...... better yet based on your logic let's make zip more cost effective and put jazz f/a's in them at 40k
  9. well fran i took a little time to make the comparison of wages i don't know who makes exactly how much ...so i used defcon's numbers from above 55k 40k 22k now please explain to me the fault in my logic here cuzz i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed if u pay an f/a 55k to work a 1/50 seat aircraft or 40k or 22k would the cost not be 55k or 40k or 22k????? i'm also not privy to the balance sheets of jazz or zip i did not know that jazz is extremely profitable where as zip is losing so much my point to eights was that there will always be someone who will do the work cheaper and it's really a moot point because isn't jazz getting all the rj's anyway thanks for the other enlightening comments i never realised that teamsters were responsible for your pension is this a no cost item to the company? it is regrettable that anyone has to take a pay cut or lose their job but do you really think it is only the jazz f/a's ????? where do you think $800,000,000 in cost savings came from Jazz???????????
  10. so 8's how much would the company save if all the rj flying was done by zip f/a's so rocks and glass houses.......... 8's
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