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  1. Hey Rudder, whose loads to LGA are appalling?
  2. I think there are more than that JK. It trickles but it isn't insignificant. It all adds up, and is growing. Now I see Dagger has added to this so....
  3. Your right. I was just thinking about the 757 Hawaii flying for WJ. Not sure how they would be able to fill that lift.
  4. You must be great to fly with. Just ask you. You spend the whole time on a turn focusing on more important issues? Ya didn't think so.
  5. What about servicing Debt and Pension shortfall. That might add to the bottom line/CASM.
  6. You must be drinking the high-octane Kool-Aid ? -MC You must believe everything you read in the papers.
  7. Soutwest had a problem with the "share" in codeshare. Thats why that deal went south, it wasn't a good deal for Westjet.
  8. Please not stirring the pot here, but what happens to the pension benefit/payout when the employee passes away? How much is left for the surviving spouse? Full, half?
  9. The right answer is nobody knows.
  10. Let me guess CE, you're not a leg man.
  11. Ya and people say WJ is looking at buying them? I don't think so.
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