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  1. You wont get any argument from me on weather GS's time was up and am fully aware ES was earmarked for this role from the start by the BOD however in the coming weeks the details may be shared regarding the quick departure. If it turns out to be true some including me may end up feeling a little insensitive and pulling their foot out of their mouth. His time was up a long time ago but would not want to see anyone go out like that. Hope for his sake the story is not true and he just left for loosing the confidence of his people and his BOD..
  2. Make no mistake this was a long time coming but allowed to drag on 2 long in the opinion of many. Prior to his replacement ES being brought in, two internal EVP's were also auditioning for the GIG but were unsuccessful. I think I called this about 18-20 months ago and was off by about 6-8 months. Expect to see at least 2 EVP changes before the end of the year. At the risk of p$@*ing off a few pilots, you and the ALPA were not the sole reason GS is gone today although it is definitely a contributing factor. You see, GS was successful in delivering on a number of initiatives, but it was how he did it and the fallout from how he did it that cost him his job. He ran out of EVP's and VP's ( I am sure several of them are smiling today as some very good people got ran out)to throw under the bus and at some point when you take on that role the only one left for the mess to stick to is you. Stripping the company of its culture, leaving anyone who has any sense of how it used to be at WS feeling worthless, crappy employee surveys, FA lawsuits, 767, Successful union attempts, Crappy handling of relationships with pilots starting swoop will be the things GS is remembered for (anyone else add to the list?)and Ed Simms will have the opportunity to be the guy that turned WS into an international airline. Jury is still out on ES as much like GS, now that the beauty contest is over and once the honeymoon is over we will see what to truly expect. Can only hope he has learned a little over the last few months about how not to do things at WS so as to get everyone rowing in the same direction again. If he has not WS will continue down the path of no differentiation an looking more just like everyone else.
  3. Always nice to see giving back for the sake of giving back
  4. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/air-canada-boosts-forecast-hits-single-day-passenger-record/article35572847/ Air Canada shares hit 10-year high on bullish Q2 outlook Add to ... Ross Marowits MONTREAL — The Canadian Press Published Thursday, Jul. 06, 2017 10:51AM EDT Last updated Thursday, Jul. 06, 2017 11:27AM EDT Air Canada shares were at their highest in more than 10 years on Thursday after the country’s largest airline said analyst forecasts had significantly underestimated one of its earnings benchmarks. Shares in the Montreal-based airline peaked at $19.06 in morning trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In later trading, they were up 7.38 per cent or $1.28 at $18.62. The last time Air Canada shares were at these levels was in February 2007. The shares surged after Air Canada said its EBITDAR (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, impairment and aircraft rent) will be better than $475-million average forecast by analysts for the three months ended June 30. In last year’s second quarter, Air Canada posted a record $605-million in EBITDAR and $186-million of net income, which includes many items required under general accounting. Chief executive Calin Rovinescu says the results for this year’s second quarter, to be announced Aug. 4, were driven by higher revenue and lower than projected fuel costs. The day's breaking business stories. Sign up for Top Business Headlines newsletter here. Sign Up Now He said in a news release that the quarter was capped by transporting nearly one million customers over the six-day Canada Day-Fourth of July period, including a single-day record of 166,850 passengers on June 29. Walter Spracklin of RBC Capital Markets said the guidance reaffirmed his “bullish view” of the company. He raised his target price for Air Canada to $25 from $21, saying the shares are undervalued. Air Canada was expected to earn $19.5-million of net income in the second quarter on revenues of nearly $3.8-billion, according to analysts polled by Thomson Reuters. Adjusted profits were forecast to be $45.7-million or 19 cents per share, down from $203-million or 72 cents per share a year ago.
  5. I think it is one of the perks we all get working in the industry. Carving the actual vacation out of the discussion would you agree that sometimes the best flights are the one when you are traveling alone?
  6. if you are flying OGG-YYC there should be no need to overnight in YVR. depending on the day you should be able to fly direct on a redeye or at least a quick cnx in YVR. without knowing your travel status. 9 out of 10 times you will find a cheaper fare on united over WS. claims of being the lowfare leader are not always the case. I have had occasions where economy fare to HNL on united is cheaper than the 50% off fare on WS.
  7. Agreed. OGG is heading down the path of overdevelopment but nothing close to a Waikiki/ Ala Moana experience which I personally try to avoid. In the event you are considering other islands LIH is even less developed with Costco/Walmart/Kmart providing you a shopping experience. Some other boutique shops but not what you would be looking for if Ala Moana is your benchmark.
  8. Regardless, when you stick yourself out there in an add campaign to capitalize on current events, no one will consider the fine print when pointing out you are not as perfect as you think you are. Current adds are an invite for this type of criticism. Would have been better off not pounding the chest on this one. Reminds me of how the Care-antee quietly turned into a Disney Plane. Promises in the WestJet Care-antee include: We will not charge you to change or cancel your flight for 24 hours after you book We will not charge you for call centre bookings We will not overbook your flight We will not charge you for two checked bags We will have the lowest, change, cancel and pre-reserved seating fees in Canada We will accommodate you if your flight is delayed. Even if it’s Mother Nature’s fault We will fly you in the youngest all-jet fleet in North America We will provide live seatback TV on our flights We will give you ample legroom and overhead bin space We will publish our on-time, lost baggage and cancellation rates We will always let you know how we’re doing as a company We will offer free online check-in and seat selection 24 hours before departure We will allow you to transfer your credit files to friends or family for free We will give you free snacks and refreshments on your flight We will always include smiles and thank yous. Always - See more at: https://www.wingsmagazine.com/news/westjets-new-care-antee-2749#sthash.CUZ6dyyi.dpuf
  9. From my perspective the entire thread lends itself to the discussion of airline provided assist vs. common use provider. I am sure there are some on here that can speak to how that exercise went in YYZ. certainly added incremental cost to larger carriers with minimal benefit. Wonder how much of this specific issue could be attributed to the layout of the new terminal noting a TB to Domestic cnx. There has has been no lack of feedback from able-bodied pax on the impact of terminal layout.
  10. Correct. The blogging RP is still blogging. Finance RP made a rather abrupt departure in Sept of 2012.
  11. Anyone Remember this Quote?? What's next for GS? http://calgaryherald.com/business/local-business/westjet-ceo-saretsky-will-go-down-fighting-to-prevent-unionization WestJet CEO Saretsky will 'go down fighting' to prevent unionization Amanda Stephenson, Calgary Herald More from Amanda Stephenson, Calgary Herald Published on: December 22, 2016 | Last Updated: December 22, 2016 5:42 PM MDT WestJet President and CEO, Gregg Saretsky Mike Drew / Mike Drew/Calgary Sun ShareAdjustCommentPrint After soundly rejecting the company’s initial offer, WestJet pilots are voting on a new contract the airline hopes will pave the way for the expansion of its wide-body fleet and help stave off the looming threat of unionization. In an interview, WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky said voting is set to close Friday on the new tentative agreement. The company has said it needs a new deal with its pilots before it can expand its wide-body fleet and start doing more long-haul international flights. However, the company’s first attempt at a contract offer was rejected in November by 80 per cent of pilots who voted. “I’m hoping we’ll have a new Christmas present on the 23rd,” Saretsky said. “A brand-new, five-year deal with our pilots that goes till 2022.” The latest round of pilot negotiations at WestJet takes place against the backdrop of an ongoing unionization campaign. The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the largest pilot union in the world, has been asking pilots at the famously non-union WestJet to sign membership cards, a continuation of the work started by an internal group in 2015. At that time, 55 per cent of WestJet’s pilots said no to unionization in a vote, but ALPA — which represents major carriers such as Delta Air Lines Inc. and United Air Lines — brings significantly greater resources and experience to the campaign. A simultaneous unionization drive led by an internal group and targeting WestJet flight attendants is also underway. Saretsky said as the largest non-union company in Canada, WestJet represents a “big target” to organizations like ALPA. But he said he remains convinced unionization would harm the relationship the airline currently has with its employees, creating a system of “middle men” and “bureaucracy” that would get in the way of direct conversations between management and staff. “This isn’t the first drive, it won’t be the last drive. At some point, will they be successful? They might, but I’m going to go down fighting to prevent the unionization of WestJet,” Saretsky said. Related
  12. I'm sure its just a coincidence but this looks like the same aircraft from a different thread that had to circle and return to YYC twice in 2 days a few weeks ago.
  13. A lot of routes being added that were previously abandoned or never started as deemed uneconomical by WS that are suddenly very attractive again. Is the fact that there is a new entrant on the route just a coincidence? I will concede that with the Alberta slowdown the bar is set lower for justifying the deployment of assets. With all that said my question is 1) when oil is north of $70 and Alberta recovers and or 2) the new entrant is run out of the market how long before these routes disappear leaving airport CEO's crying the blues. Most of the folks in YHM have moved on to new opportunities however between YXX, YWG, and YHM there will be people around that remember the YXX-LAS flight that never got off the ground, the years of begging for additional capacity in YXX falling on def ears, the pulling down of frequency for YWG-YEG and the numerous routes that could not cut it in YHM. Don't blame network planning as it is all about strategy and economics however Enjoy it while it lasts.
  14. Perhaps explains the TRZ stock price this week. Seems the speculators are giving this at least a thought. Most impressive Canadian carrier this week (at least for the time being).
  15. Now being played out as a bit of a fight for market share. Should be interesting to see what RASM looks like for the two carriers over the next 12 months. http://www.theglobeandmail.com//report-on-business/westjet-takes-on-air-canada-on-its-home-turf-by-increasing-service-in-quebec/article33999621/ WestJet takes on Air Canada at its home by expanding Quebec service Add to ... Ross Marowits MONTREAL — The Canadian Press Published Monday, Feb. 13, 2017 2:23PM EST Last updated Monday, Feb. 13, 2017 2:23PM EST 0 Comments Share via email Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on LinkedIn Print WestJet is taking on Air Canada on its home turf, pursuing one of the largest expansions in its history in Quebec. The Calgary-based company has announced 105 more flights per week in the province on top of the 140 it has now. The airline, which has operated in Quebec since 2003, is adding daily flights between Montreal and Quebec City, Halifax and Boston. Bob Cummings, executive vice-president of commercial for WestJet, says there is room in Quebec for two large airlines, which compete fiercely in each other’s territory. Cummings says WestJet’s expansion will also allow more people to connect to its network flying across Canada, to Europe and elsewhere. WestJet says the expansion is possible after it required all flight attendants hired since 2014 to be bilingual.
  16. Anyone loose sight of the fact that less than a week ago on a conf call GS blames domestic performance on AC dumping to much domestic long haul domestic capacity into the market? it appears the appropriate response is Tit for tat in AC's backyard?
  17. Same aircraft returned to YYC again today. http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/aircraft-returned-to-calgary-after-smoke-reported-in-cockpit-1.3270062 Published Friday, February 3, 2017 12:12PM MST For the second day in a row, a WestJet plane was forced to return to the Calgary airport after smoke was reported in the cockpit and cabin. Flight 662 took off for Toronto at 10:00 a.m. and was turned around soon after. Officials say there was a maintenance issue that caused the air conditioning system to release smoke into the plane. Related Stories WestJet flight forced to turn back to Calgary after smoke reported in cabin The crew declared an emergency as a precaution and the plane landed safely with 138 people on board at 10:40 a.m. "It is important to remember that just because an emergency is declared does not necessarily mean there is an emergency on board. The declaration is made to ensure priority landing and the presence of emergency vehicles, if required," said a spokesperson for the airline in a statement to CTV News. Jennifer Laliberte was a passenger on the plane and says it was a bit nerve-wracking. “Obviously a little bit nervous and you could see that some of the other passengers sitting around were wondering what was going on and even the flight attendants, they were obviously a little bit concerned. I mean, you just wanted to make sure that you get back safely and as soon as you hit ground you knew that everything was going to be okay,” she said. WestJet officials say it was the same aircraft that had an issue on Thursday and that maintenance was done on the plane overnight before it was returned to service on Friday. They say the plane will be taken out of service again and additional inspections will be conducted before it is returned. WestJet says all the passengers will be rescheduled on other flights to Toronto on Friday. Fire officials say no injuries were reported.
  18. The 767 is having the odd rough day in and out of HNL. Any word on the WS 1860/1861 cancellation JAN 7TH?
  19. Agree there is humor in this story even for westjetters. there was a time when a westjetter was not afraid to laugh at themselves. I am sure there are a few inside the campus that will fail to see the humor but I thought it was well done
  20. If the market beats up the stock upon a successful union entry that may be the start of the answer to the original question on this thread. I suspect you will have your answer by this time next year.
  21. Get the departure schedule from FIDs and aircraft types and the number can be crunched within reason fairly easily (office space excluded). We are a number of years past the point of declaring WS the dominant carrier in YYC. just a matter of quantifying how dominant at this point.
  22. Agree these are legacy discussions dating all the way back to 2007 and that there was minimal effort by YYCAA to mitigate the known impacts to the WS operation. Considering these discussions with the AA dated all the way back to the SD days not sure why GS has waited till the doors were open to start going public with his concerns. A number of missed opportunities to try an influence the outcome over the years. I am sure there are a number of other airport that are not lost on the fact that WS held a beauty contest for the home of Encore and have continued to grow the YYC international/TB operation knowing full well what was coming down the pipe. While I am well aware there is an argument for a bigger network panning and yield discussion there are a few Airport CEO's talking about their offers to accommodate a WS operation to attract capacity. I believe the carrier who lives in the back yard and pays most of the bills should be favorably but fairly accommodated. This clearly demonstrates a disconnect between WS and YYCAA in that regard. I recall a number of circumstance where a similar lack of relationship existed between AC and a few CDN airports. seems like there is always more interest in attracting that next new carrier with 1 or3x/wk seasonal service then there is looking after the mouth that feeds you.
  23. Here are my predictions for 2017. You will see 1 if not 2 unions establish themselves at WS in 2017. For all intensive purposes the culture is gone (Suspect this may spark some debate and I look forward to reading it). Also suspect there are some key positions on the exec team that have a 12-18 month life span. I was not surprised at those who took the bullet for the recent lawsuit but think the culture/union issue will also eventually stick to a few at the sr level. I would love to predict the 767 get their issues sorted out but not that much of a gambling man yet For the record I don't think a union will solve the issues that exist a 22 Aerial Place but to recall a member of the exec team quoted as saying "a company gets the union it deserves". Based on those wise words I only see one of two outcomes 1) a return to the philosophy of looking after your people so they look after the guest (to the extent that there is mass buy in) or 2) Introduction to the new union culture. I have seen both and from my experience I can tell you one keeps you more engaged, wanting to have skin in the game, and feeling like we are all in it together much more than the other. based on some of the Westjetter comments I have seen here and elsewhere we are sadly already halfway to #2. Let the debate begin
  24. Don't forget to deduct the AIF Commission and Airport Rent
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