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  1. Uncontained Engine Failure An “uncontained” engine failure is a failure where rotating elements of the engine penetrate the case of the engine.
  2. The title of the thread say “uncontained failure”. I don’t see from any of the videos, photos, or information the any blades went through the engine case. Definitely catastrophic failure. Is there any other information on blades existing the engine through the case?
  3. MD2, are you or have you ever been an employee of the CBC?
  4. The ACPPA requires AC to respect the Official Languages Act The same rules do not apply to other Canadian carriers Section 10 of the ACPPA prescribes that Air Canada is subject to the Official Languages Act, or the OLA, and is therefore considered a federal institution pursuant to the OLA. Air Canada is the only Canadian airline that is subject to obligations under the OLA. It has been subject to the OLA since 1969, including part IV, covering the communications with and services to the public; part V, covering th
  5. Bio Jon Turner was appointed President, Rouge Operations in June 2019, where he has oversight for all aspects of leisure carrier Air Canada Rouge, including a focus on its distinct brand and culture. Jon was named Air Canada's Vice President, Maintenance when he re-joined Air Canada in February 2018. In that role, he had direct responsibility for managing and providing strategic direction for Air Canada's global maintenance programs, core engineering, fleet management, control of technical safety and airworthiness standards, maintenance operations control, supply chain, as well as li
  6. Just read this on the AC site Jon Turner was appointed President, Rouge Operations in June 2019, where he has oversight for all aspects of leisure carrier Air Canada Rouge, including a focus on its distinct brand and culture.
  7. I use the ACV site often to compare prices with others and always have detailed pricing available. Resort, room upgrade, flight upgrades and insurance prices.
  8. It seems the capacity and loads always show in red for wide body aircraft 77W 77L 789 788 333 did not find any flights with main line 767
  9. I should have used quote as that’s not his original response
  10. Airframe work moving north of the border
  12. Looks like speed tape that has been left in place too long. Speed tape is in the SRM.
  13. May not be in the specific maintenance manual for that aircraft type but is an approved repair in the SRM for the aircraft. With inspection intervals and permanent repair terminating action limit.
  14. Standard procedure at AC, may not be at other operators like the one in the picture.
  15. I can't believe my eyes CBC reporting a negative story about WestJet mark this day in your calendars
  16. Another CBC hate Air Canada story. What a surprise with already over 1000 comments from the wing nuts. CBC has really become a third rate news agency.
  17. Another interesting topic with lots of discussion If it's not obvious to fellow members that the CBC has a hate on for AC then you're not reading, watching, or listening to the CBC. Seems several "OMG" stories over the last couple of weeks. Capacity planning software at big airlines is a real science that is seldom off the mark in it's assessment of the no show factor and seat spoilage. There will always be passengers that change their plans or cancel them outright, the pay much more for that service. As for cancellation insurance as an alternative, it does not cover such thi
  18. You're kidding? IMO, Mr Kelly is clearly presenting alternative facts to help a non US carrier build their international business connectivity through Canada
  19. Lots of speculation with very few facts. The savings on outsourced maintenance are significant in in labour cost, productivity, and aircraft downtime. AC did the 767 nose drop twice, once in YZ and once in UL.