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  1. I’m genuinely interested to know why you are so against the right deicer? I by nature lean right but am disappointed and disgusted And disillusioned by the rampant and blatant corruption show by leaders on both sides of the political spectrum in North America and abroad. Even more disturbing is the electoral apathy on both sides to hold their own to account. The correct words (despite a clearly opposite And hypocritical track record) are all that seems to matter now while we and our kids are bought and sold and the country goes down the drain. If I could find a single man or women of integrity in politics today they would have my vote. Not long ago the majority of the country felt that way and politicians of all strips were to some degree held accountable. Today character doesn’t seem to matter to supporters and politicians know it and act accordingly. It astounds me that people will rail and cry out loud in indignation about the lies and corruption of one politician and then defend and excuse the same or worse behaviour when it happens on there side of the fence. As long as we as a nation turn a blind eye to corruption, greed, deception and treason we can only ever expect the politics we have asked for and deserve
  2. There are none so blind as those who will not see
  3. You rightful attack Trump but are you willing to admit that Hillary and Biden and Trudeau are just as corrupt and are playing the exact same game?
  4. Of course it is being done and Equally on both sides of the political spectrum.. it concerns me that you and the majority of others can’t see that. We live in the most deceptive time in All of history.
  5. https://amgreatness.com/2020/07/30/gun-control-is-dead/ "This summer has answered the question, “why would somebody ever need an AR-15 or a high-capacity magazine?” As the Left continues to advocate for ending private ownership of military-style rifles, Americans can also see that powerful rifles are turning up in the possession of violent rioters and looters." "Why do these leftist protestors suddenly have access to expensive weapons? One answer may be China. In May, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized approximately 10,000 assault weapons parts in Kentucky. According to the Epoch Times, U.S. customs officials have seized a staggering 5,300 gun parts shipments from China in 2020, up from 31 shipments in 2019. For emphasis, that’s not 5,300 parts that were seized, but 5,300 shipments of parts that federal authorities intercepted." Once again, we see the hand of the Chinese Communists invading our shores by infiltration and by unleashing various diseases upon us. Has the time come for America and Western Europe to cut ties with China altogether? Maybe China should be "dis-invited " from the world community of nations! The world would certainly become a much safer place. Pictures of rampaging mobs surely have persuaded average Americans that they must have guns to protect their lives and their property. "On a bipartisan basis, law-abiding whites, blacks, Democrats, and Republicans see the rising violence as a threat to their families. In deep-blue Minnesota, for example, gun stores are emptying out, particularly of ammunition, as fearful citizens wait as long as four hours to purchase a gun. Across the nation, background checks, which were well on their way to an all-time record earlier this year, have almost doubled when compared to this time last year. " Law-Abiding Americans look at the large numbers of rioters and anarchists at their front door and realize that a gun which can only shoot a few rounds will be totally ineffective in protecting their lives and their property from the myriad mob.
  6. What most people fail to realize is that the democrat party and Republican Party and in Canada the liberals, NPD, conservatives and block are all run and controlled by the same people. The people that really have the power give us the few candidates we are ever allowed to vote for. Before we are ever given the vote between them they are all long since bought and paid for and proven to tow the line.if your hope is in politics you are doomed to failure and disappointment. We have been conditioned into tribes and we all fail to see the hypocrisy in the leader that seems to lean our way. Every Canadian and American leader will and has totally betrayed their supposed promises and values at just the perfect time. We are so caught up in the left vs right narrative that we make excuses and dive deeper into our programmed ideology’s and give a pass to obvious lies and corruption due to the extreme threat of the opposing ideology.The reality is that the plan goes forward regardless. We are being played and it is working
  7. Idiots with chain saws is my new favourite search Thanks for that!!
  8. Maybe this is WestJet’s strategy. Continually get Swoop into the news for terrible service and nightmare passenger experiences to forever ruin the public’s perception of ULCC’s. If it is it’s masterful and I believe it’s working. Another year or two and nobody but the very bravest of passengers and adrenaline junkies will dare attempt travel via ULCC
  9. People without Gods kill people too. In fact they do it on an historically unprecedented dehumanizing, systematic and industrial level then any religion has yet sunken to: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_killings_under_communist_regimes Perhaps not wise to blame the fear of God for humanity’s capacity for evil
  10. 2. Turkish President Erdogan firmly stated that his military invasion of northeast Syria will continue until his objectives are met. NEWS BRIEF: "Erdogan: Syria offensive to continue until objectives achieved'," Times of Israel, Oct 15, 2019 "Forces aiming to secure the region stretching from Manbij to Iraqi border, enable return of millions of Syria refugees, says Turkish leader." In examining this Syrian Map, you can see that Turkey is being given a green light to attack in a very limited area, from the city of Manbij over to the Iraqi border lying to the East. And, when you check the Pentagon's New Middle East Map printed in June, 2006, in the American Armed Forces Journal, you will discover that the new map of the "Free Kurdistan" nation grants some territory now called "Syrian" to go to Turkey. Syria is one of the nations of the Middle East which is forced to give up some land. Furthermore, when you study this map showing where the Kurds are located, you will see that Northeast Syria currently has 2 million Kurds living there. Turkey is now being allowed to drive them out and shove them further East into the newly created "Free Kurdistan". In fact, the new "Free Kurdistan" is generally covering the same historical pattern of where the Kurds have been located for the past two millennia. The one exception which I can see is that Turkey is going to gain northeastern Syria and is going to be allowed to force the Kurds to relocate into their own new nation! And, what are those "other" objectives? NEWS BRIEF: "Our goal is to clear Syria border of terrorists': Senior Erdogan adviser", France24 News, Oct 14, 2019 "Over the past several days, Turkey's army and its allies have pushed their way into northern Syrian towns and villages, clashing with Kurdish fighters over a stretch of 200 kilometres (125 miles). The offensive has displaced up to 160,000 people ... 'Our goal is to clear the border with Syria of all terrorist elements', Kalin said, describing Syrian Kurdish forces as an offshoot of the PKK militant group that has fought a decades-long insurgency in Turkey." You must understand that the three decades of battling between the Turkish Army against Kurdish insurgence has created the view amongst Turk leaders that ALL Kurds are terrorists. Establishing "Free Kurdistan" To finally give the Kurds their own nation! NEWS BRIEF: "The Kurdish Project" "The modern Kurdistan map includes parts of eastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran. The Kurdish populations are recognized in both Iraq and Iran, as the Kurds in northern Iraq have successfully established their own autonomous government (the Kurdistan Regional Government), and the Kurds in Iran primarily inhabit the Iranian province of Kordestan." When the dust settles, the new nation called "Free Kurdistan" in the Pentagon's New Middle East Map, above, will strongly resemble the current areas inhabited predominately by Kurds today. But, rather than being spread out across many nations, they will have their own independent government.
  11. Former CPAIR, you didn't address any of my questions but referenced a past safety record. The safety record you refer to was built on a vast majority of in house and in North America maintenance where while still very present there exist some safeguards against the pressures I mention. Ironically it is partially because of that very confidence in mentioned enviable safety record that these cost cutting measures are being implimented. Unfortunately it can take a lot of time to see the consequences of actions in this industry. If you don't think these things happen close to home then ask conehead who he works for.. Or strike up an honest conversation with any of your line AME's when opportunity permits
  12. I have worked as an AME for nearly 20 years in Canada for many airlines and in general aviation. And I to have seen more then my fair share of intentional shitty maintenance. In my time I have seen many brave AME's fired for refusal to do something illegal and immoral but have yet to see anyone fired for incompetence or for being a total yes man. At any airline/amo in Canada it is essentially a prerequisite to any sort of promotion that one prove willing to turn a blind eye towards some unsafe practices where profits are concerned. Money and statis talk. Unfortunately its human nature 101 at work on both ends.. My question is this, if this is a problem here with some level of oversight and the very real threat of possible repercussions then what can we expect from places where that isn't the case? Who will stand up with zero protection, no chance of having any impact on the situation, and the reality of lifetime poverty if instructions are are even as much as questioned? Airlines like offshore AMO's because the low price targets are met and the airline has deniability if anything ever goes wrong.
  13. A great Frontline report regarding the dangers of outsourcing maintenance. My link Got this from another site and figured it was worth posting.
  14. cnews Go Travel South agency grounded By AEDAN HELMER, QMI Agency Bookmark and Share Snowbirds have been left high and dry with the collapse of Go Travel South on Wednesday. (File photo) OTTAWA - Travellers have been left scrambling by the sudden shutdown of the popular Go Travel South travel agency. In a tersely worded statement posted to its website Wednesday night, the agency cited "economic circumstances" for the decision to cease operations and instructed clients to contact credit card companies for refunds. Attempts to reach Go Travel were unsuccessful, and a recorded message on its 1-800 line directed clients to its website "for a current update on our company status." "We are extremely sorry that you will not be departing on your planned vacations," Go Travel said on its website. Travellers are being warned not to show up at the airport for scheduled flights booked with Flair Air, which was affiliated with Go Travel, "as they will not be departing." Go Travel terminated its contract with carrier Flair Airlines Ltd., which informed travellers it would fulfil obligations to transport passengers scheduled to return to Canada from Thursday to Sunday only, and that it would immediately cease transporting Go Travel clients from Canada to their destinations. Ottawa resident Fouad Nayel, 26, had booked time off work and a vacation package to spend spring break in Cancun with three friends. Now he's left looking for answers. Nayel said he had no luck reaching the agency or his credit card company. "We're in a bit of a predicament," Nayel said. "We're wondering if we're going to get the money back in time to book another ticket, and we've all booked the time off work, so we're not too happy." Kanata resident Brian Beauchamp, 42, had booked a trip to Punta Cana through Go Travel, and was preparing to leave on March 6. "We just booked it last week, kind of last minute, and now this," Beauchamp said of the trip he was taking with three friends. He is optimistic his money will be refunded, but said his credit card company told him it would take 45 to 90 days to credit his account, after he provides an itinerary and e-ticket. Inder Handa, president of local agency Handa Travel, is concerned about travellers who are abroad. "I'm sure there are thousands of people who are unhappy today. I just fear for those people who are stranded," Handa said. Go Travel was not registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, a provincially mandated organization which governs about 3,000 travel retailers and wholesalers, offering consumer protection through a compensation fund. As recently as a Dec. 28 posting on its Facebook page, Go Travel South said "sales are booming," boasting about "good old supply and demand" for winter destinations. The most recent posting, on Feb. 19, urged clients to take advantage of a "buy one get the second 50% off" promotion. The Facebook group was taken down Wednesday night. aedan.helmer@sunmedia.ca