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  1. Maybe this is WestJet’s strategy. Continually get Swoop into the news for terrible service and nightmare passenger experiences to forever ruin the public’s perception of ULCC’s. If it is it’s masterful and I believe it’s working. Another year or two and nobody but the very bravest of passengers and adrenaline junkies will dare attempt travel via ULCC
  2. People without Gods kill people too. In fact they do it on an historically unprecedented dehumanizing, systematic and industrial level then any religion has yet sunken to: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_killings_under_communist_regimes Perhaps not wise to blame the fear of God for humanity’s capacity for evil
  3. 2. Turkish President Erdogan firmly stated that his military invasion of northeast Syria will continue until his objectives are met. NEWS BRIEF: "Erdogan: Syria offensive to continue until objectives achieved'," Times of Israel, Oct 15, 2019 "Forces aiming to secure the region stretching from Manbij to Iraqi border, enable return of millions of Syria refugees, says Turkish leader." In examining this Syrian Map, you can see that Turkey is being given a green light to attack in a very limited area, from the city of Manbij over to the Iraqi border lying to the East. And, when you check the Pentagon's New Middle East Map printed in June, 2006, in the American Armed Forces Journal, you will discover that the new map of the "Free Kurdistan" nation grants some territory now called "Syrian" to go to Turkey. Syria is one of the nations of the Middle East which is forced to give up some land. Furthermore, when you study this map showing where the Kurds are located, you will see that Northeast Syria currently has 2 million Kurds living there. Turkey is now being allowed to drive them out and shove them further East into the newly created "Free Kurdistan". In fact, the new "Free Kurdistan" is generally covering the same historical pattern of where the Kurds have been located for the past two millennia. The one exception which I can see is that Turkey is going to gain northeastern Syria and is going to be allowed to force the Kurds to relocate into their own new nation! And, what are those "other" objectives? NEWS BRIEF: "Our goal is to clear Syria border of terrorists': Senior Erdogan adviser", France24 News, Oct 14, 2019 "Over the past several days, Turkey's army and its allies have pushed their way into northern Syrian towns and villages, clashing with Kurdish fighters over a stretch of 200 kilometres (125 miles). The offensive has displaced up to 160,000 people ... 'Our goal is to clear the border with Syria of all terrorist elements', Kalin said, describing Syrian Kurdish forces as an offshoot of the PKK militant group that has fought a decades-long insurgency in Turkey." You must understand that the three decades of battling between the Turkish Army against Kurdish insurgence has created the view amongst Turk leaders that ALL Kurds are terrorists. Establishing "Free Kurdistan" To finally give the Kurds their own nation! NEWS BRIEF: "The Kurdish Project" "The modern Kurdistan map includes parts of eastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran. The Kurdish populations are recognized in both Iraq and Iran, as the Kurds in northern Iraq have successfully established their own autonomous government (the Kurdistan Regional Government), and the Kurds in Iran primarily inhabit the Iranian province of Kordestan." When the dust settles, the new nation called "Free Kurdistan" in the Pentagon's New Middle East Map, above, will strongly resemble the current areas inhabited predominately by Kurds today. But, rather than being spread out across many nations, they will have their own independent government.