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  1. Please tell that you see that we’ve thrown away our children’s freedom? If we have to obey and inject ourselves to recover a small portion of the freedoms we were once guaranteed then we never really had those freedoms to begin with.. A nation of cowards will get their due at some point very unfortunately. It makes me sick to think about?
  2. Yep. And similar to 911, the fabricated dangerously porous boarder situation here and In the US, Covid and Global warming terror, the solution will appear to almost have been ready before the crisis. Spoiler alert: The solution will entail less rights for us and our children.
  3. I expect no one to reply to this. I’m just doing the best I can to ring the bloody bell. We have become a nation of cowards willing to give away our freedom to any greasy politician that promises possible protection. What happens next is completely on us. Freedom is hard won but easily thrown away
  4. Covid = terrified citizens give away all rights and freedoms for the promise of possible protection. Every soldier ever that was effective realized that there are worse things then dying and that you only get one chance at life.
  5. The “Tickle Me Elmo” sales campaign. There’s a shortage! Everyone fight to get one. Anyone else notice that it’s ok to talk about mismanagement of the rollout but dr’s, nurses, anyone really that has a differing opinion of wether we really should be injecting ourselves with experimental “vaccines” is censored. MSM don't print any articles at all with those questions (zero none at all). Social media of every type censors and cancels accounts of anyone that brooch the topic. Scientists, doctors and nurses that raise any questions are at risk of their jobs and futures. The herd seems to be easily led, but I have the bad habit of questioning and peeking behind the curtain of topics that the powers that be won’t allow discussion on. It raises a huge red flag for me every time I notice it How is it that we are all injecting ourselves with experimental drugs based on experimental science and there is almost zero public discourse on wether or not that’s a good idea? Fwiw.. both our government and all the pharmaceutical company’s involved ?? Have gone to great lengths to protect themselves from any and all liability of any adverse short or long term effects of these experimental injections.
  6. It’s from an old movie named “Star Wars” released way back in 1977 https://www.liquisearch.com/canadian_expeditionary_force/storm_troopers https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/the-forgotten-ferocity-of-canadas-soldiers-in-the-great-war https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Expeditionary_Force
  7. The name originated from the remarkable bravery of Canadian farm boys in WW1. What happened to us to get us to the point where we are terrified by the numbers rich and powerful people put on the telescreen?
  8. I was in a talking with a young man the other day about how we Canadians are pissing on and throwing away every shred of our hard won heritage of freedom and prosperity. I asked him if he figured it was because of ignorance or complacency? He looked me right in the eye threw up his hands and said “To be honest, I don’t know and I don’t care.“ That’s obviously a made up story, but it is unfortunately exactly were we sit. Half the population will gladly give up the last vestiges of freedom we have left for vague promises of protection from the scary numbers on tv. And the other half will ignore the loss of them as long as their portfolio is going up. The majority of the few that remain and can see where we’re headed and don’t like it are terrified to say much about it lest they be labelled as a conspiracy nut by their friends and acquaintances. To many have forgotten or just never learned the very recent history of 20th century atrocities committed by totalitarian governments against their citizens. Far more people were killed by their own government in the last century then by wars and violent crimes added together. It’s happening live time in the country’s that lack the freedoms we are throwing away day by day here. For just a little while longer you can google or YouTube and learn all about those people’s and countries past and present and hear the haunting warning cry’s of what can and historically (every single freaking time) has happened when those freedoms are removed. So here we are, on the edge of the cliff, and going over in the very near future. It makes me sick. It’s like one of those slow motion dreams where you try to scream but no noise comes out
  9. Seems more and more peoples eyes are finally opening as the last vestiges of freedom are taken away from us. The real virus we are fighting is creeping global communism and slavery for the masses. The current excuse of the power holders for the elimination of our personal rights is Covid. The window for any resistance to this tidal wave of freedom removal and suppression is small and closing fast. Despite what the propaganda has convinced deicer and multitudes of others, the answer to a free society for ourselves and our loved ones going forward is not stricter compliance with the barbaric nonsensical and conflicting rules issued by our new completely unaccountable health dictatorship. At some point if free men hope to remain free they must make a line in the sand for themselves and stand. Until and unless we as a people wake up and give a hard NO to those that daily take away our freedoms and rights (Always with the most altruistic cover story of course. It’s for your health comrade!) We are quickly and dangerously barrelling closer to the point of no return. Once they pass this total ban on free speech and collect the last of the “dangerous“ hunting rifles It’s all over. For anyone uncertain what happens next I would recommend reading The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Soizhenitsyn. The time for action is now. We each individually have the choice if we will stick our heads in the sand and pretend what’s obviously going on isn’t happening so that we can get along and not sound like nuts to ours friends and acquaintances. We can choose to quietly be lead like sheep to the slaughter.. Or we can choose to stand and fight for our freedom in any way we can. Resist idiotic laws. Sound the alarm to everyone in your social circle as you find opportunity. Sign the petitions against treasonous laws against our freedom like the one Jaydee posted above. Donate To the grass roots organizations that are trying to fight in the courts against this and other obvious attacks by our goverment on our hard won freedom. I’m sure you can come up with your own ideas that are a lot better and I would love to hear them! If enough people resist they will stop or at least slow down the draconian implementation. The Ontario police unions just proved this with their brave resistance to the enforcement of marshal law.
  10. Yep st27, excellent info that should shock every Canadian citizen to their core?! Unfortunately no one seems to care. Slavery in exchange for vague promises of possible protection from numbers on a tv screen. I’m reminded of the train scene from Dr Zhivago. Not long now till thoughts and ideas like ours are outlawed as crimes against humanity
  11. I’ve had a full and great life and I very much want to preserve what I’ve enjoyed for future generations. I want to be on record that freedom is and always has been bought with the blood of brave men. I’ve never been ashamed of Canada like I am today. People that claim they would never have submitted to the wave of nazism in the time of Hitler have totally submitted under the power of the same false god today. If ever you watched the movies and thought about your personal response during the collective insanity in the late 30’s early 40’s in Nazi Germany than take a hard look look at yourself and your friends now today. This is your day and your time to live and or die for the wrong or right reasons.
  12. No Deicer your freedom is being restricted by mandates from lying and corrupt politicians and your own cowardly compliance to constantly changing and obviously nonsensical rules and regulations. The propaganda will of course tell you that the politicians are hero’s, police harassment and brutality of citizens is for our own good and safety, and that unquestioning compliance is the highest act of bravery and the surest way back to freedom! I mean just take a quick look at history and you can see example after example of people’s And nations that complied their way to glorious freedom!! War is peace! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength!
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