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  1. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/immunization/national-advisory-committee-on-immunization-naci/recommendations-use-covid-19-vaccines.html
  2. PMO office denies it? Well that sure settles that doesn’t it lol I’m well aware that this “leaked” email was denied and “debunked” almost immediately after It came out. My only concern at this point is that everything the email claims will happen is happening exactly as predicted and right on schedule. You’ll have to bare with me a bit cause I have this really odd quirk where I believe what I see clearly happening more then statements and denials from the PMO’s office and his globalist friends. I’d have a lot more confidence in your debunk if the content of the email was
  3. https://thecanadianreport.ca/is-this-leaked-memo-really-trudeaus-covid-plan-for-2021-you-decide/
  4. What exactly does this thread have anything whatsoever to do with qanon?? Read the “leaked” email and look at the timeline and how it is playing out exactly. If your not convinced just sit back keep the email in mind and we will watch as the near future unfolds. Believe me I hope far more then you that a year from now we are both laughing and joking about my naivety and how ridiculously wrong this leaked email turned out to be.. Unfortunately in the meantime it continues to be unfolding exactly as the October email forewarned it would: Liberal members approve univers
  5. EXCLUSIVE - Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’ ‘Look out the window, and think, “why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?” Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.’ Wed Apr 7, 2021 - 8:47 am EST Dr. Mike Yeadon Arshad Ebrahim / YouTube By Patrick Delaney FOLLOW PATRICK Lif
  6. Does this sexual harassment scandal remind anyone else of the movie “Wag the Dog”? It has conveniently taken over all the reporting of the elderly deaths at his hand. Wanna bet that the harassment investigation by his buddy’s turns up clean? Makes for an awful good distraction and is much easier for the public to forgive then a detailed look into those deaths
  7. Question # 1. I agree totally. Question # 2. Why is the entire world in lockstep? When has the entire world agreed on anything? Never mind a topic as controversial as this? Are we more free or more enslaved since all this started? Why have MSM and movies and media of all sorts been conditioning us against anything that even hints of conspiracy thoughts and ideas? Is it so wild to think that people of wealth and power work together to keep and increase that wealth and power? What makes more sense when you really think about it without the propaganda influence? The conspira
  8. That was an awesome video seeker. Thank you very much!
  9. Who here feels that our National and provincial governments are genuinely doing their best for our health safety despite a few hiccups? Also, who feels that a real and potentially dangerous to some virus has been blown way out of proportion purposely by government and media Worldwide to provide the excuse to reshape (reset) our civilization, freedoms and economy according to a pre-determined plan?
  10. Falling killed 126 times as many people as rifles in 2018. Seems we are in dire need of tougher falling control laws https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/04/feds-2018-data-falling-killed-126x-more-people-rifles/
  11. Our rights all disappeared last March and the people of this once proud and free society don’t seem to care the slightest so long as we are promised to be kept a little safer from the scary virus. We are all now sick until proven healthy Federal government faces imminent lawsuit over unlawful confinement of returning Canadian travelers Jan 29th, 2021 OTTAWA: The Justice Centre today announced that immediate legal action is being prepared against the Trudeau government over the declaration that Canadian residents will be subjected to mandatory quarantine, at
  12. Looks like the stars are aligning for you Deicer and your life long dreams might soon be realized. Enjoy my friend! I will be disappearing into our beautiful northern wilderness as nothing I think about anything is politically correct anymore and my thoughts and ideas are on the threshold of becoming illegal to your obvious glee. Please post here in 5 years and tell us all about the glories of your long awaited socialist utopia
  13. Excellent movie thanks Seeker! I sent it to everyone I know. I have been trying my best to get people to see what is obviously happening right in front of them. I have to admit I find it very discouraging that most just want to stay firmly in their comfort zone pretending it isn’t happening even while their parents and in some cases even kids die alone with no loving contact. I am disgusted by the distain we obviously as a people have for our freedom and the sacrifices made by our forefathers in the recent past for us to have it. What’s about to happen I am unfortunately starting to feel is th
  14. Ok thank you again for the info Seeker! I have never gotten involved with Facebook or twitter or other such things. I have just changed over my browser and search engine to duck duck go after watching the video you provided. I will try to find an 1phone plus to switch to. This is all great information please keep it coming
  15. This is great information thank you Seeker! I am admittedly not very tech savy with all these newfangled gadgets.i would very much like to figure out how to retain my privacy online. I currently have an iPhone 6. Is there anything I can do with it or do I need to buy a 1phone plus? thanks, Eddy.