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  1. As Sting said in his song "All this Time"
  2. How the term "Aviators" came to be .... (The origination of the term "Aviator" has been guarded by a Secret Society that was formed about a thousand years ago. That modern "aviators" are strange is assumed, but why are they're so different goes back to how were they were initially created. This well guarded history is only now becoming known ... the fascinating history is below.) THE ORIGIN OF THE WORD "AVIATOR" In 1169, one of the least known, and certainly the most under-recognized military officer in history, was a General under the command of the infamous Genghis Khan, his
  3. In the '70s in a military Twotter on search near Golden BC. Called the Air Radio station operator to order 6 Teen burgers from the local A & W to be sent by taxi to the airstrip for us. He pulled up while we were refuelling with sixteen hamburgers. The fueler and the air radio operator were thrilled with their free lunch.
  4. There has been a long standing rumour (from six months ago) that up to 6 of the 767-200's were to put into Tango to serve domestic routes in the summer and then Florida and the Carribean in the winter. Perhaps this is the culmination of that concept but using Zip instead.