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  1. If the THOR GUARD system was actually reliable I would agree but it is notorious for being WRONG. B
  2. Nope...Consistently profitable for 30 years. The ONLY airline to be able to make that claim. The business model works....Like it or not. B
  3. B727 Advanced. G-GLSJ. Nice Plane...They have another one they use for Sports Charter stuff. i know they carry the Jays but not sure if they carry anyone else. Really nice on the interior tough. B
  4. Starjet is at the north end (Aerocentre) all painted up for Paul Martin. Nice plane with the exec interior. B
  5. Can we screw with THEIR pension????
  6. Saw a Canada 3000 Van at YYZ today...Not an old one either...Different font on the logo. WWW.FLYCANADA3000.COM. Wonder if the phoenix will rise from the flames. B
  7. Enjoy your $10,00.00 pay cut....Thats what it will come to. B
  8. Problem there is they can be flush and NOT latched. This is why there is a requirement for the TACTILE check. Airbus has more incidents due to the cowl design on the aircraft. Some airlines even require Two mechanics to check the latches. B
  9. Not offended...Not a pilot either.
  10. Coke: I am not sure what you do for the airline but you should know that we already receive dozens of resumes a week from very experienced people. There are few jobs out there right now. The competition will be alot worse if, god forbid, the worst case scenario happens. You may think you are "all that" but it won't matter a lick when you are up against thousands of others. Good luck B
  11. Coke is just stirring the pot. Don't encourage him. We all know that changes are comming regardless of the outcome tonight. Good Luck to all B
  12. Both...The unions fail to give a little and the financial situation worsens. The company takes too much and causes dissent in the ranks and brings the airline down. Greed is a strange thing everyone suffers from it to some extent. I left AC years ago after the recovery from the last big cuts. I realized that there is a real world out there where I don't have to work nights for the rest of my life. I may not get paid as much as AC but the conditions are better and I have more control of my direction in the company. Management works with us and not against us. There are no unions and if there were the doors would be locked the next day. We Acheive 97% or better ontime performance EVERY month. Can AC say that? AC has always had the employee attitude that is not conducive to productivity, another reason I left. I am better off for it. B
  13. WOW....History repeating itself.... If you have been in the business for so long, Why do you not learn from history? How many airlines have failed do to shortsightedness and stubborness? If everyone had that attitude you would have been bankrupt years ago. I have been in the business for 16 years and have learned that AIRLINES FAIL due to GREED. Good Luck to you B
  14. Does it really matter as long as we get the meaning?
  15. I suppose everyone is waiting to hear the news. Anyone hear anything yet? B
  16. Wouldn't it be nice if we could make a difference in the outcome. B
  17. I can get you as far as YHM... B
  18. My post was a cut and paste from Dictionary.com.
  19. The forum is what the people make it. The format has nothing to do with it. It is just easier to follow now. Granted there are some horrible posts, but that goes with anything "internet". Make the best of it. B
  20. irregardless adv : in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks; "he carried on regardless of the difficulties" [syn: regardless, irrespective, disregardless, no matter, disregarding] B
  21. I made the sarcastic comment to make the point that their are alot more things to worry about right now than who speaks what. The deadline looms in 3 hrs. Is there an agreement yet? NO. Are the unions being over cocky? YES. You guys need to realize that you are not dealing with Air Canada now. You are dealing with international investors. These guys are not afraid to walk in order to cut their losses. I may not work for AC (anymore) but we in the industry will suffer for a long time if AC liquidates. Your world extends beyond the Maple leaf. We are all worried. B
  22. In a few hours it won't matter all the airlines WILL be on a level field....There will be no AIR CANADA. B
  23. No one wants you....or anyone who thinks they are worth more than they are. Enjoy your wait in the line. Get a new attitude (that goes for more than just you). This attitude is hours away from destroying the industry in CAnada. Thanks B
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