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  1. HI Mitch: Just took a minute to look at the forum.....saw what you wrote ,and all I can say is I don't think that even a bottle of Appleton's will make CPFA's crow kabob's tasty. But I appreciate the sentiment! Frosty
  2. The whole incident was a case of just another day in the life of the many things that are done everyday on countless flights happened to combine in this incident. LSA called well in advance for his com check......supposedly told Flight Deck we'll be ready to go when the bridge comes off. Tractor was hooked up cock acft was towed onto gate and nose wheels were slightly turned to allow tow crew gate clearence. Doors closed....bridge is in process of being retracted...... Brakes released .......( could be on account of previous communication between Flt ops and LSA) Acft rolls due to grade....and because of wheels slightly turned out to rt side of acft it rolls into the bridge that is in process of being removed. How many times in our daily routine has it been said that we'll be ready to go when the bridge comes off.....I bet if you ask any LSA or any Capt/FO they hear and say this countless time a day. Does it mean that brakes should come off at the same time as the bridge......NO it doesn't that what happened here....only time and the final investigation will tell us the truth in this matter. Complacency and familiarity are breeding grounds for something like this to happen. Frosty
  3. Mitch: All I can say is some of what is known at this point. The incident is still under investigation and eventually the events will unfold themselves. At this point all we can say with regards to all parts is innocent until proven guilty. As for your other statement ...."Don't any SA's ever say "whoops, I f___'d up." there are those that will stand up for themselves and take the honest approach if it is warrented....with any working will always get those that don't . But as I have said this is not just something particular to the S/A group it crosses all work groups at some point or another. Time will tell.
  4. Mitch: First off I can't tell you how I know this ....I just do.....lets call it inside information at this point. Let me ask you a couple of questions First off......How do you know that the paymover could hold the acft.... although our old widebody paymovers are rated for T7 how do we know that there isn't a fault with the brakes ,could it have been an older tug? ( do some digging) Some of the gates although they do not appear to have a grade look at it old gates 104 ,106 they looked level as anything but acft would always roll on those gates if any slack in chocks......or brakes released (check with deicer) I'm sure that you are aware of drainage out on the ramp .....all gates drain away from the building...just take a look when it rains next time. Frosty
  5. The Lead did not ask for the brakes to be released!!!
  6. The lead was still doing his walk around when this happened..... From what I understand of this ......LSA had done his com check and asked if brakes were set and if chocks could be removed well in advance of dept time. One bridge was already off and the other was in the process of being pulled when brakes were released. Acft rolled and it rolled towards the bridge because of the way that the paymover was hooked up......nose wheel was a lil cock eyed . LSA had to jump out of the way as he was walking behind the main gear back towards front of acft...tried to get the paymover stopped but was already in contact with bridge. Brakes were still set on paymover!!!
  7. Deicer: You know what I always say......If I had done it the first time I had thought about it I'd be out by now...... Frosty
  8. Kip: I think your daughters boyfriend just got freaked out with you peeking over the couch all the that why all the guys called you killroy? Frosty
  9. It amazes me that there has been 8 pages of ranting on this topic untill this point.... all about the subject of ( when you really get down to it)who gets to stick their butt's into the big chair's. I sure wouldn't be surprised at the end of the day that AC does a knee jerk reaction to this....and say all employee's including those that are on DH .......back of the bus. Frosty
  10. Mitch: After reading that , you make me glad for what my 9 yr old said to me when I asked if he wanted a snowboard and I quote" are you crazy Dad " ! Frosty
  11. Deicer: We have joked about this many times in the bubble.....remember the story I told you when I was a new L/S/A. I had a gentleman on my crew......a crusty old guy......his favorite saying was " If I was a young man like you , a couple sticks of dynamite would fix this place right up". Frosty
  12. Deicer: We have had this conversation many times......Your post was well written as usual! The fact that this has been going on since before we both started with AC shows how deep the roots have taken. It was said up above "the dog was kicked once too often and bit back". I can't believe that this was the issue that finally sent everyone over the top, there were so many issues that would have played out better. I have said this before I think that WE will see the end of the career Station Attendant , if the beginning of the end doesn't start by the time our contract comes up again .....I'll be pleasently surprised. Frosty
  13. . Now we are getting somewhere.......In YYZ we do airstarts with the airstarter parked by the number 4 engine...we do that in conjunction with a extension cart ,and sometimes it is very hard to see the cart under certain lighting conditions. I think there was an airstart ....and the ramp crew was just so darned good ,that our friend there only saw parts of the engine start sequence. Deicer......Malodorous Pissant on a Hunting Expedition to Ruminate on the Contents of a Kybo..... GOOD ONE Frosty
  14. Dagger: Just a question for you ....was this freeze out at the Turpin Mahal or was it at one of the older terminals? Frosty
  15. Vsplat: I can tell you for a fact that Globe had it's trucks ready to transport our fluid over to the CDF. AS deicer has stated we wanted that fluid to go onto Flt 001 and I believe one other flight (number eludes me at the moment). We were told that it would be dished out on a first come first serve basis..... This does not negate the fact that CDF ran out and that they exaggerated about the fluid that they had on hand the night of the storm, plus the fact that the truck shipments that were on the way were following the same path as the storm. Frosty