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  1. Too Fat To Fly?

    (I define customers as those who pay our wages as opposed to guests who should be entertained at our expense…. But I digress.…) should not be embarrassed in front of others if there is an issue I agree. I also think a guest can be someone who signs the "guest registry" after they pay for their hotel room. I have guests that stay in my house and guests that ride in my plane. But I digress..... Dave
  2. New Ife?

    "Who wants to watch Dr. Phil, Oprah and all that garbage?". Well, there is always the NHL playoffs to kill some time on a flight across the Country.
  3. WS and AC jumpseats

    You are right, I wasn't with him at the time of departure. Rest of the circumstances/reasons? Not sure what you mean. There were none. A recip. pilot listed jump. That was about it. Yes, the pilot was aware someone was requesting jump. With NO other jumpseat requests. I did not paint everyone with the same brush. If you read my post you will see that. Mentioning Reno? It does not sensationalize anything.
  4. WS and AC jumpseats

    This is why I was hesitant to post this. Someone will always try to defend the actions of others. The WS pilot flew down on horizon on passes with no issues. And yes, the AC pilot knew he was looking for jump on the way home to YYZ. I also know these passes are not a right but a privilege. It just doesn't seem right that a very small % of people can cause such problems. This guy had witnessed some horrible things and just wanted to get home. Sorry about the second hand info, but he was not going to bring it up on here. It's as close to first hand as you are going to get.
  5. WS and AC jumpseats

    To the Captain of a flight Saturday morning Sept 17, SFO-YYZ, who denied a Westjet pilot a ride in the back of your aircraft, thanks for such a classless act!!!! This pilot had been at the Reno air races the day prior and was witness to the horrible accident. All he wanted to do was get home to his family. By being denied a seat, this pilot had to go through YYC and therefore missed his connection back home. Another night away from his family was required in YYC. All this because of someones dislike for Westjet. I thought this kind of BS was done with, I guess not. And for those wondering, there was lots of space available in the cabin with no other pilots listed standby.
  6. Western Conference Finals

    In terms of "our boys" you realize there are more Canadians playing for Boston then there are for Vancouver.
  7. Expenses: AC vs WS

    Interesting. I always thought Air Canada made the big $$$$ flying International. This in turn covered the cost of the domestic feed. But who knows, maybe I am wrong. I thought Vancouver was going to win in 4 over Nashville.
  8. Expenses: AC vs WS

    I think spinny was being "sarcastic". But who knows.
  9. Go Canucks!

    Yes, but now I can afford to sit in the club seats.
  10. Wasn't it also the A/C that had a "special visitor" in the jumpseat leaving YYJ, pre 9/11?
  11. WJ Profit Continues

    Key word "PROFIT"
  12. LAX whoopsie.

    Just remember Spinny, clear on the LEFT, the LEFT!!! Have fun.
  13. Salary

    Only 4 days???
  14. WJA Announcement

    I sure hope so.